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Construction Offer @ 750 per Sft.

Contact for house construction as per following plan @ 750 per sft only.Quality of work with timely completion is
Agreed Details
Excavation 2 deep from natural ground level
Antitermite spray in excavated trenches
Brick ballast 6 thick in footings
Using (1: 6) cement mortar in brickwork with first class bricks in foundations
Using (1:2:4) cement sand crush (Margalla) ratio in DPC 1.5 thick 2 above road level
Earth filling with kasoo
Super Structure:
Using (1:6) mortar in brickwork of 9 thick walls, and (1:4) in 4.5 thick walls using first class bricks
Ceiling height 11 from floor level
Using (1:2:4) cement sand crush ratio in lintels and beams
Door frames of steel 16 SWG
RB slab 6 thick with (1:2:4) cement sand and crush ratio on first floor and second floor
PVC conduits of Popular brand
Main gate up to RS, 15,000.00 and designed gate pillars
Wall plaster using (1:4) cement sand ratio inside the premises
Ceiling plaster using (1:3) cement sand
Windows of aluminum section 1.2 mm with safety grill
Light Green glass (Indonesia) of 5mm will be used in windows
Marble (China Varoona) 12X12 with chemical polish in entrance lobby & TV lounge. 12X12 mat tiles in kitchen.
Marble sunny grey 12X12 with chemical polish in bed rooms.
Stairs with China Varoona marble on threads and rises plus wooden railing
Bath Rooms:
Plain glazed tiles upto 6 height plus border tile on all four sides
Western WC in one bath room upto 2500
Wash basin in each bath room up to Rs 800
Bath set up to Rs 4000.00
Bath accessory set of 6 pieces in each bath room up to Rs 1600
Basin counter bath rooms.
Roof Treatment:
Two coats of bitumen emulsion, layers of polethene sheet, 4 thick soil filling and 1.5 thick grouted brick tiles on top
roof with (1:3) cement sand ratio.
Parapet Wall :
Parapet Wall of 4.5 duly plasted from inside premises of 3 height.
Steel grill on the front parapet wall.
All doors of MDF malysian ply except main door.
Main door will be of wood (deodar)
Door lock up to Rs 400.00
Main door lock upto Rs 1500.00
Marble ( China Varoona) on kitchen counter
Steel sink single bowl upto Rs 1600 and water mixture upto Rs 1500
Ward Robe And Kitchen Cabinets:
Win board ward robe uptill 7 height with lamination sheet cover in bed rooms.
Complete kitchen cabinets base unit and wall unit with win board and lamination sheet
laminated hood over the gas oven.
Front Elevation:
Graphiato on front
Cable GM brand
Switch sockets & switch board sheet etc. PPI
Conduits Popular brand
Earth system with 3 phase wiring
Speical AC plugs in bed rooms,drawing & TV longe.
Glass distribution board with circuit breakers of terasaki
Sanitary and Plumbing:
Using GI pipe of IIL-M
Specials of China
Water tank of fiber 200 gallons
Using PVC pipe up to 4 dia for internal sewerage
Rain water pipe of PVC
Using 6 dia RCC pipe for main sewer.
Paint and Polish:
All steel work painted with enamel paint in colour of clients choice
All woodwork spirit polish
Commercial distemper after applying sand paper inside house only