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January 2017

Gina Ishida-Raybourn,
Acting Utilities Engineering Manager
Chandler, Arizona

A single manhole failure inspires
Arizona utility to upgrade its
manhole inspection protocol and
lower infrastructure life cycle costs

February 22-25, 2017
Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, Indiana

Vactor 2100 Plus combination sewer cleaner. Now available with water recycling.
Great for the environment and for the bottom line. The Vactor 2100 Plus recycling system
saves thousands of gallons of water in every shift and increases productivity by up to 100%.
By reusing water already in the sewers during line cleaning, it eliminates the need for crews
to break down and refill. Thats performance and sustainability all in one system.

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2016 Vactor Manufacturing 5050
12 SEWER: Building a Better Baton Rouge
Utilitys ambitious SSO program goes beyond buried infrastructure
and helps build the local economy.
By Luke Laggis

SEWER: Pre-Emptive Strike

A single manhole failure inspires Arizona utility to upgrade its
PIPELINE REHABILITATION & RELINING manhole inspection protocol and lower infrastructure life cycle costs.
By Peter Kenter

30 30 OPERATOR: One-Man Show

Dustan Russum has built an award-winning career managing water
and multiple public works jobs in tiny Frederica, Delaware.
By Jack Powell

8 FROM THE EDITOR: Learn From Your Peers
12 Theres so much to be learned in the stories of other utilities failures and successes.
By Luke Laggis

10 @
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18 TECH CLOSE-UP: Going Deep

Portable and submersible battery-operated camera system
tackles tough inspections.
60 18 By Luke Laggis

28 WWETT SPOTLIGHT: Protection From Above

LifeGuard system from T.A. Pelsue helps prevent manhole work injuries.
By Craig Mandli


ON THE COVER: Acting utilities engineering

40 HUMAN SIDE: Future-Proof Your Career
Taking charge of your own professional development is the key
manager Gina Ishida-Raybourn on a work site to becoming an invaluable employee.
in Chandler, Arizona. (Photography by Mark By Ken Wysocky
42 NASSCO CORNER: For the Love of Sewers
Scholarship opportunities help foster an appreciation
for careers in underground infrastructure.
By Ted DeBoda


56 PRODUCT FOCUS: Pipeline Rehabilitation and Relining
By Craig Mandli

60 CASE STUDIES: Pipeline Rehabilitation and Relining

By Craig Mandli


Product Spotlight: CLADLINER combines cementitious
and high-build epoxy characteristics
By Craig Mandli



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WWETT Show Issue, Pipeline & Infrastructure, Hydrants
F TECH CLOSE-UP: RapidView makes lateral mapping easy
F BETTER MOUSETRAPS: St. Louis ups its manhole game
F STORM: Maryland utility focuses on watershed protection JANUARY 2017

4 January 2017

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6 January 2017

Theres so much to be learned in the stories
of other utilities failures and successes Luke Laggis

Y ou can read about something. You can watch someone else do

it. But until youve really done the work yourself, you can only
understand so much of it.
Ive never lined a pipe, run a jetter or inspected a sewer main. I cant
edge. Im not teaching him anything new about the work hes been doing
for 40 years, but I can give him access to stories and new ideas that might
help him continue to grow.
It was good to hear his perspective. It was also really nice to hear that
share any technical wisdom. But I talk to you and your peers regularly. hes a regular reader and values my viewpoint. He referred to it as an
I hear your stories. I go to trade shows. I read about the industry. I cer- outside perspective, and that was pretty interesting to hear a useful
tainly know far more about the work you do than your customers you reminder that no matter how much I write about the industry, Im not
dont need to explain to me the value of a CCTV inspection or the ben- out there doing the work.
efits of pipe bursting. Still, Ive never done the work, and thats where So maybe I cant teach you how to wet-out a felt liner or safely hydro-
the real knowledge comes from. excavate a utility line in a congested area. I cant tell you which nozzle
I got a call the other day from a reader in Colorado. Hes been in is best for the work you do and I cant provide any tips on coding inspec-
the industry since the 1970s. Hes seen the evolution. He has the knowl- tion video. But I can put the industrys best and brightest in front of you
every month. I can tell their stories. And I can give you the opportunity
to learn from them.
Theres so much to be learned from the experiences of your peers.
The people whose stories fill this magazine every month, and the vast
breadth of knowledge and information they hold, is the real value for you.
Next months Water & Wastewater Equipment Treatment & Trans-
port Show is another great opportunity to talk to your peers and get a
look at whats happening around the industry.
Nozzles The 2017 WWETT Show is slated for Feb. 22-25 at the Indiana Con-
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Is Actively
in these pages is there, from the trucks and tools to the people and
perspectives. Youll find countless ways to improve your utility.

Seeking Dealers
Im always impressed by the people I meet at the show, and thats
what continues to make it most interesting to me. Its fun to hear your
stories. It provides insight on how the industry is progressing and gives
In Prime Geographies me a glimpse of what future issues of Municipal Sewer & Water will hold.
The WWETT Show is also full of opportunities for your utility. If you
Contact us havent registered or begun planning your time in Indy, visit wwettshow.
com for all the information youll need.

Featuring the industry leading And while youre at the show, feel free to track me down. Id like
Near Diamond Hard (NDH) to hear about the work youre doing and how youre moving your
Conical Ceramic Jets utility forward.
In the meantime, enjoy this months issue. F
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8 January 2017

CAMEL 1200



Clean 2,500 feet of pipe a day; save 50,000 gallons of water a week.
Good for productivity. Good for the environment.
Longer on-site performance. Clean 78% more pipe a day.
Thats like adding two more days to the five day work week.
Saving water, saving time: Saves money.
Double your profits. Pay your unit off in months.

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Years of City Water Protect
and Sewer Upgrades on Machine Exteriors
Rhinelander Project From Harsh
Engineers Resume Working Conditions
Frank Brey was recently laid off when he got a call Keeping your utilitys trucks and power equip-
from Town & Country Engineering asking if ment clean can extend their life. But how far do
he was interested in coming to Rhinelander, you need to go? With todays high-tech finishes,
Wisconsin, to help with the construction of a is a weekly washdown enough to protect your
new wastewater treatment plant. That was six utilitys investment, or will you still benefit
years ago. Since then, Brey has been at the from getting out the wax or polish and giving it
center of all the citys major water and sewer a little elbow grease? Some operators and manu-
projects, including the Rhinelander Downtown facturers provide their thoughts.
Streetscape Project completed this past year and
featured both in the magazine and online. He
shares his perspective on all the work hes been
involved with.


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Its not about just showing up with one piece of equipment and
doing the locate. Its about investigating the area and solving a Join the Discussion
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problem with a variety of methods. The more information you
have about the utilities in an area beforehand, the better.

Solving the Soil Challenges of Utility Locating

10 January 2017

Because you
never want to
be left hanging...
The stakes are high
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866.998.0808 BOOTH 6301

Utilitys ambitious SSO program goes beyond buried infrastructure and helps build the local economy
By Luke Laggis

B urying $1.5 billion is a tough sell. But in

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, its forming the
foundation for growth and improvement.
The money is being used to address the citys
sanitary sewer overflow problem, but its also mak-
in various subdivisions, and then in the 80s we
converted over to a consolidated sewer system,
says Adam Smith, interim director of the citys
Department of Environmental Services. Going
from the package plants to the consolidated sys-
city relies on roughly 500 pump stations to con-
vey wastewater from an equal number of sepa-
rate basins. But as subdivisions grew, volume in
many areas grew beyond what the pump stations
could handle. As that repeated from one basin
ing an impact on broader revitalization efforts. Baton tem with the three treatment plants, we still had to the next, the SSO problem multiplied.
Rouge has grown significantly over the past decade, a lot of SSOs. Those SSO problems led to a consent decree
but its SSO problems stretch back almost to the Undersized mains and I&I were equal con- with the EPA and Department of Justice in 2002.
beginning of its municipal collections system. tributors to the citys significant SSO problem.
We started out with a bunch of package plants Baton Rouge is very flat geographically, so the (continued)

Wherever we saw SSOs or huge capacity problems

in the model, we compared it to real-world data and developed
projects based on that hydraulic model. So we ended up
with about 110 projects as part of the program.
Adam Smith

The Baton Rouge Department of Environmental Services team includes (from

left) sanitary sewer overflow manager Joseph Young, deputy program man-
ager Obie Watts, interim director of environmental services Adam Smith, City of
Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden, wastewater treatment plant engineering
manager Justin Sharper, South Wastewater Treatment Plant manager Walter
Brock, maintenance manager Gregory Lewis, and engineering intern Matthew
Bizot. (Photography by Megan Haller)
ISO 9001:2008
FM 56735
FM 588513
Identifying and prioritizing
In 2005, the city brought on CH2M as the program manager. They
developed a plan around rehabilitating and upgrading the citys exist-
ing infrastructure.
Under a previous administration we were looking into a different
type of system, says Smith, a native of Baton Rouge who worked on
the SSO program for six years in a consulting role before joining DES
in 2014. They were going to create a deep tunnel system with all flow
entering one gravity network to the south treatment plant. But due to
constructability issues stemming from high groundwater tables, they
determined that wasnt the way to go.
Construction of various projects started in 2009. While CH2M put
the overall SSO program together, the EPA dictated the initial focus
with a set of immediate action plans. We addressed those as soon as
we could, and we also developed a hydraulic model of the entire sys-
tem and fine-tuned it based on population projections, Smith says.
The hydraulic model was made more important by hurricanes Rita
and Katrina, but not in the way you might expect. The city saw a huge
influx of people from New Orleans and the surrounding area, and
almost overnight the city had somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000
additional residents. The instant growth, and the potential for more,
prompted planners to base the hydraulic model around the projected
population in 2032 to ensure adequate capacity.
The hydraulic model was fine-tuned based on those projections,
Smith says. Wherever we saw SSOs or huge capacity problems in the
model, we compared it to real-world data and developed projects based
on that hydraulic model. So we ended up with about 110 projects as
part of the program.
Population growth led to similar issues on the streets side. When cur-
rent mayor Kip Holden came into office in 2005, he focused on two initia-
tives: the SSO program and a $750 million street improvement program.
The two programs have been coordinated where possible. The
SSO program is also aligned as much as possible with the general


road rehab program to take advantage of opportunities to save time,
money and hassle.
That has been a huge coordination effort that has gone real well,
says John Snow, vice president
of Emergent Method, a Louisi-
ana-based management consult-
ing firm working with DES on a
number of outreach and engage- PROFILE:
ment initiatives. In a lot of cases
we have installed force mains as
Baton Rouge
part of the Green Light Program, Department of
so that the area was only dis- Environmental Services
turbed once instead of twice.
CH2M is managing the SSO FOUNDED:
program, and local engineering 2014
firm CSRS is managing the Green POPULATION SERVED:
Light Program. They are respon- 440,171
sible for coordinating with each AREA SERVED:
other to make everything as effi- 470 square miles
cient as possible. EMPLOYEES:
For the most part, the city 282 wastewater employees
has been able to stick to the orig- INFRASTRUCTURE:
inal Program Delivery Plan. Approximately 1,800 miles
Treatment plant projects of pipe, 500 pump stations
changed to some extent due to WEBSITE:
cost and a lack of competition Baton Rouges SSO program includes about 110 individual projects totaling $1.6 billion. Approximately 75 percent of the work is complete,
(continued) with the remainder expected to be finished by the end of 2018.

14 January 2017

enz golden jet


beat even the toughest challenges!
These tools are a radical innovation for milling-off deposits in pipes. The enz golden jet
impact drilling cutters are designed to remove the most stubborn deposits like concrete,
injection cement, calcareous layers, etc. Provided with carbide-tipped teeth, the beating
cutter head mills off everything with a cadence between 600-3000 impacts per minute.

Higher capacity than all marketable cutters

All impact drilling cutters Long edge life
can be operated without Easy handling
Very low maintenance cost
Rugged construction
Range of application: 4"- 24"

Max. Working BOOTHS 1585 Beverly Ct., Unit 115 Aurora, IL 60502
Pressure: 2200 psi.
1062, 1068 Tel. (630) 692-7880 Fax (630) 692-7885

der Pressu
Well Un

Hot and Cold Trailer Models

Up to 7000 psi
Flows up to 40 gpm
Powered Reels
Diesel Powered Models

6004 Skid and truck mount
models up to 7000 psi

Portable Hot
2501 and Cold Water
Diesel Powered Models

We will custom build to your specifications 800-648-5011 January 2017 15
Lenora Williams, senior clerical specialist for the Baton Rouge Department of Environmental
Services, and Justin Sharper, wastewater treatment plant engineering manager, speak about
recycling to students at Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy in Baton Rouge.

among contractors for that specific project, with Small-business engagement has been a big
only two bidders seeking the $50 million project. focus of the program, and Smith says CH2M has Environmental Services crew members check
on a Rockwell Automation programmable
In response, the city broke it into smaller proj- done a good job of letting people know about logic controller at Baton Rouges South
ects to stimulate interest and give more contrac- upcoming projects, and encouraging local con- Wastewater Treatment Plant.
tors an opportunity. tractors and suppliers.
We were rather fortunate in that early on when I think having that be a strong point of has been very intentional about trying to engage
the program first started, especially from around emphasis with our mayor and the metro council local contractors and local firms whenever
2009 to 2011, we had a lot of out-of-state contrac- all the way down to project teams has really helped possible. I think both the SSO program and the
tors coming in, says Smith. Weve also got a pretty the economy, Snow adds. You have two of the transportation program have done a very good
good group of local contractors who have contin- largest capital improvement programs that have job with that.
ued to bid on our work. While some of the out-of- ever been undertaken at the local level here going
state contractors have gone back to their hometowns, on along parallel tracks. Youre going to need a Footing the bill
the local guys have remained here and remained lot of capabilities and expertise, and the leader- Engaging a large pool of contractors has
competitive. ship here and frankly everyone at the city helped with competitive bidding, but funding a
$1.6 billion program is still a challenge.
Weve got various bonds, Smith says.
Weve got some EPA monies, and then weve
got a half-cent sales tax thats for sewer as well,
PUMPING THROUGH THE STORM and then we have user fees. So we have various
forms of funding.
A four-year extension on the consent decree
Baton Rouge wasnt affected greatly by going to put backup generators at every pump
was also beneficial in stretching out payments
hurricanes Katrina and Rita, at least from a station.
and allowing the utility to generate more of its
storm damage perspective. Hurricane Gustav in In August 2016, historic flooding caused an
own funding rather than bonding for everything.
2009 was a different story. estimated at $8.7 billion in damage across the
The original deadline set in the consent decree
At one point during the storm the entire state. Some areas around Baton Rouge received was Dec. 31, 2014, but that was extended to
parish was out of power. That significantly over 2 feet of rain. December 2018.
affected our system, says Adam Smith, interim Ninety of the citys pump stations were Smith says everything is on track to complete
director of the citys Department of Environ- damaged. Some had 4 to 6 feet of water in the SSO program on time. Approximately 75 per-
mental Services. Another thing that this them, which damaged electrical components. cent of the SSO program work is already com-
administration did that has proved to be one of Damage totaled about $5 million, but through it plete. The last capacity jobs were bid out in
the best decisions ever in my opinion was, all, the citys collections system kept October, and all the remaining projects under
following that, the mayor said we are going to functioning. the program were bid out by the end of 2016.
have backup generators at every pump station With the flood that we just had, that
in the parish. We were in the process of decision proved to be very wise and helped us
negotiating a time extension with the EPA. So tremendously, Smith says. I dont want to
we said were going to ask for this time think about trying to make it through a CH2M Rockwell Automation
888/242-6445 414/382-2000
extension, but were also going to add to the hurricane without all those generators. www.rockwellautomation.
work that were going to commit to, and were com/industries/water

16 January 2017

An investment like this is made to ensure a sustainable foundation from
which you can both grow and sustain yourself as a community.
John Snow

the same time, its critical that planners and offi- doing everything you can to ensure that youre
cials make sure those initiatives are supporting keeping pace with that growth. I think through
one another. this program and others, weve done that. F
We certainly want investments like these to
continue catalyzing growth in areas that are rife
for it or are currently undergoing revitalization,
Visit for more
Snow says. First and foremost you dont want to
hinder that growth, but if youre investing in infra- on the Baton Rouge DES.
structure like this, you want to make sure youre

Seeing results
Smith says that while the impact of the SSO
program is obvious, inaccuracies with historic SSO
data make it difficult to provide exact numbers
on how much SSOs have been reduced.
We werent recording SSOs the way we should
have been, Smith says. A lot of them werent
being captured by the guys in the field, so unfor-
tunately right now, were only comfortable with
a little over a years worth of data.
I cant sit here and say we reduced our SSOs
by X percent, but what I can tell you is, there are
areas where we knowingly had SSOs every time
it rained, but once we put those projects online
those SSOs went away. I think thats been the
most telling for us, that as we see projects come
online we see those wet weather SSOs go away.
On a project-specific basis, we can show drastic
The results of the program are being felt in
other ways, too.
When you look at the dollars that went
back into the engineering and construction
community, I think it has had a huge impact
on the local economy, Smith says.
In addition to both the direct and indirect eco-
nomic impact, Snow says there are obvious health,
environmental and quality-of-life improvements.
Its pretty straightforward when you look at
it, he says. An investment like this is made to
ensure a sustainable foundation from which you
can both grow and sustain yourself as a commu-
nity. So investments like these in such an inten-
tional and programmatic way are essentially how
communities continue to thrive and grow.
Baton Rouge has seen tremendous growth in
the downtown area over the past 10-plus years.
Snow points out that with a major capital improve-
ment project like the SSO program going on at January 2017 17




Deep Trekker Inc.
Inspecting pipes with remote
Portable and submersible battery-operated camera system or submerged access points
tackles tough inspections BENEFITS:
Portable and submersible
By Luke Laggis

A good inspection program can form a

solid foundation for collections system
cleaning, maintenance, repair, reha-
bilitation and replacement work. Thoroughly
understanding the condition of your pipes is
can navigate laterals, larger crawler setups can
take on your mains, and pole cameras can give
you a look inside manholes and provide zoom
assessment. If you need to inspect pipes with
remote or submerged access points, the porta-
companies, municipalities and commercial divers
since 2010, providing mini remotely operated
vehicles that are used to perform underwater
inspections. Infrastructure is aging, especially
in North America, so its important that it be
the key to addressing any potential issues, and ble and submersible Deep Trekker DT340 may inspected regularly, which made our ROVs the
the right camera system can make you more be worth considering. go-to tool because of their simple platform and
effective and efficient. Deep Trekkers Kiara Vallier took the time immediate deployment time.
Choosing the right camera, however, isnt to discuss some of the units features with MSW. As our company grew, our customers were
always easy. Your collections systems include pipes looking for a similar solution that could crawl
of all different types, sizes, ages and conditions, What was the idea behind the DT340? through pipelines. Thats when we took our inno-
and cameras arent one size fits all. Push cameras Vallier: We have been working with service vative ROV technology and used it to build a
highly capable, portable and sub-
mersible pipe crawler system. We
made the system affordable for
small municipalities and businesses,
removed the requirement to have a
dedicated truck, included batteries
inside the crawler, and provided live
controls and video to a hand-held

Deep Trekkers DT340 Pipe Crawler System is the

only portable pipe crawler system that is submersible
up to 50 meters deep.

18 January 2017

What distinguishes this system from other Is this designed to be an all-in-one system for and tanks. The DT340 Crawler System is used
portable inspection systems? everything a utility might need to inspect? to check for any abrasions, leaks, dents, cracks,
Vallier: All other pipe crawlers in the mar- Vallier: The system is designed to help oper- sediment build up, blockages, etc.
ket require topside power. So even when they ators inspect various pipe systems. Paired with What pipe sizes can the system effectively inspect?
are said to be portable with a hand-held con- our mini ROV systems, users have a complete Vallier: The standard system comes with
troller, they do require a topside connection. inspection package capable of handling all wheels that allow it to inspect 8-inch pipes.
The DT340 Pipe Crawler System is 100 percent underwater inspections on site, including pipes
portable. It features internal lithium-ion batter-
ies that last from four to eight hours on a 1.5-
hour charge. This means that when operators
have a hard-to-reach access point (for example
in a remote area or from within a room where
a door needs to remain shut) they can deploy
the DT340 Crawler System within five minutes,
with no additional logistics to worry about.
Deep Trekkers pipe crawler is also the only
portable pipe crawler system that is submers-
ible up to 50 meters deep. This means that
underwater pipelines with submerged access
points are no problem for the DT340 Pipe

The fully portable DT340 features

internal lithium-ion batteries that
last from four to eight hours on a
1.5-hour charge. January 2017 19

Inside TheThe
The Pipe

The DT340 system comes standard with everything needed for

pipe inspection, including the pipe crawler with a static or pan/
tilt/zoom camera head, 492 feet of tether on a reel, and an
easy-to-use hand-held controller with a viewing screen.

To Use
To Use
Use Pneumatic
Pneumatic Tool
Grabbing Objects
in Sewers
in Sewers
Sewers &
& Ventilation
& Ventilation
Ventilation systems
Makes Makes
90 Bend
4 Pipe
in 4 Pipe
Pipe Easy
Easy In/Out
Easy using
In/Out In/OutFiberglass
using using Fiberglass
Push Rods,
Rods, Rods,or
Cable Cable
or Sectional
or Sectional
Air Powered
Air Powered
(15psi) (15psi)
up to
Air Powered (15psi) Operation up to 82 82
up to 82
Rods Rods
or Longer
or Longer
Standard or Longer Distances Possible (Option) (Option)
2.16 dia.
dia. xx 9.45
dia. xlength
9.45 9.45 --length -
Fast &
& Simple
Fast & Simple
Simple Maintenance
Maintenance Weight
Weight Weight
10# 10#
No detection
No detection
No detection
with Grabbers
Pliers Grabbers
Optional Optional
Camera Camera
Hook Up Hook
Up Optional
Up Optional

Cost $2400.00
$2400.00 + Freight
+ Freight
+ Freight

at Affordable
at Affordable
Prices Prices
P. O.Quality
Box Products
P. 110757
O. Box at Affordable
Bradenton, FloridaPrices
Bradenton, 34211
34211 USA
P. O. Box 110757 Bradenton, Florida 34211 USA
BOOTH Toll Free:
Toll Toll Free:
Free: 800-365-6583
Tel: 941-739-0707
Tel: 941-739-0707
Fax: 941-739-0001
Fax: 941-739-0001
Tel: 941-739-0707 Fax:
email: email:
With larger wheels, the camera head can be positioned in the center
of 10- and 12-inch pipes as well. Beyond this, our elevating arm can posi-
tion that camera head in the center of a 36-inch pipe. All of the wheels are
steerable for easy maneuvering around obstacles and turns within the pipe.

TECHNOLOGY Whats included with the DT340?
Vallier: Everything you need to complete your pipeline inspection

ON comes in two carry cases. With the DT340 Pipe Crawler System you receive
the pipe crawler with a static or pan/tilt/zoom camera head, 492 feet of

tether on a reel, tether length counter, two carry cases and an easy-to-use
hand-held controller with a viewing screen. In addition, tether lengths
can be customized up to 1,300 feet.
How is video recorded and shared?
Vallier: Using a composite RCA out the back of the controller, a DVR is
Active used to record what the crawler sees right to an SD card. Alternatively, with
Acoustics one data cable, the feed can be brought into any recording device or laptop
forfor to record the information through inspection software such as WinCan.
blockage How many feet of pipe can the system cover on a single charge?
nono Vallier: The batteries last from four to eight hours on a single 1.5-hour
contact charge, so operators find they complete a full day of inspections with the
system. The exact number of feet the DT340 crawler can cover depends
on the driving conditions (speed, current, blockages, etc.) System inspec-
2+ miles
2+ miles
per day
per day tions would range from 9,000 to 33,000 feet on a single charge.
Low Low
5 to5
to per
per foot
GIS GIS How does underwater operation affect video quality?
Vallier: Before venturing into the world of pipe crawlers, we established
and easy
and easy
to operate
to operate
ourselves by making robust and capable ROV systems meant for under-
water viewing. A lot of the ROV features such as a low-light HD camera
designed for underwater viewing, and strong lighting, translated very well
BOOTH to the pipe crawler systems. Anytime something is being inspected under-
2103 water there is a slightly lower video quality compared to dry inspections,
but the DT340 crawler is a very capable underwater inspection tool. F

20 January 2017


A single manhole failure inspires Arizona utility to upgrade
its manhole inspection protocol and lower infrastructure life cycle costs

By Peter Kenter
lvin Robertson recalls his first look at a deteriorating
manhole, which inspired a new program to
systematically map, inspect and rehabilitate
his citys sewer manhole network.
It was 2003, and we were working on a lift station that
was pumping into a manhole located in an intersection
nearby, says Robertson, sewer collections superintendent
with the Municipal Utilities Department of Chandler, Ari-
zona. We decided to pop the frame and cover for a visual
inspection and we couldnt even see the manhole. All we
could see was dirt and then everything started break-
ing loose. We blocked off traffic and got the contractors
in here to make a repair. That was an eye-opener for us.
We brought in a CCTV camera and the 33-inch sewer was
so full of dirt we could barely get it through. The man-
hole was precast, uncoated and unlined concrete, and the
H2S had gotten happy and corroded away not only the
manhole but the concrete sewer line too.

That first manhole was a wake-up call to

the city, she says. Chandler took a
stand to head off the problem.
Gina Ishida-Raybourn

The length of sewer pipe was sliplined with an Insitu-

form product. Due to the severity of the deterioration,
the manhole was replaced with a cast-in-place concrete
insert. The utility could have treated the problem as a one-
off, but the fact that the manhole was less than 20 years
old set off alarm bells for Robertson, who realized that
the surrounding road might have eventually collapsed.
That manhole was our poster child for deteriora-
tion, says Robert Buss, P.E., associate vice president with
Carollo Engineers in Phoenix. It was located at the end
of a force main that discharges into it. Force main dis-
charge is very turbulent and releases a lot of H2S, which
eats away at cement and concrete.

Acting utilities engineering manager Gina Wake-up call

Ishida-Raybourn in her office at Chandler
Municipal Utilities in Chandler, Arizona.
Gina Ishida-Raybourn, P.E., is the acting utilities engi-
(Photography by Mark Henle) neering manager with Chandlers Municipal Utilities
Department, but was working for Carollo at the time,
22 January 2017
Building Innovative Tools for Municipalities


Ne w I t e m

Manhole Tools Debris Baskets Vac-Traps Root Saws Calcium Cutters Sewer Rods Handy Clams
Nozzle Extensions Deep Vac Tube Holder Grabbers Claws and Hooks Diamond Tap Cutters
Fiberglass Poles Hydraulic Cutters Top Manhole Rollers Sewer Spoons Continuous Rod Carbide Saws

1430 N. Hundley St ph: 714.632.8198
3001 Anaheim, CA 92806 fax: 714.632.8228
giving her extensive firsthand perspective from We could have taken a shotgun
two vantage points. approach and inspected manholes
That first manhole was a wake-up call to the all over town, but decided to be
PROFILE: city, she says. Chandler took a stand to head off
the problem.
more methodical. We didnt look
Municipal Carollo was contracted to establish a waste-
at geographical areas as much
Utilities Department, water master plan and a Capacity, Management, as the material that made
Operations and Maintenance program, which up the manhole.
Chandler, Arizona inspired Chandlers multiyear sewer assessment Gina Ishida-Raybourn
program, beginning in 2005.
1929 (Water Department) Sewer pipes in the system run from 6 to 66 nary inspection showed us that even uncoated
inches in diameter. Theyre made from a range concrete manholes on 8-inch pipe were perform-
261,000; 89,000 metered connections of materials, including vitrified clay and PVC, with ing well.
clay being the oldest, dating back to about 1950. The city counted just shy of 20,000 sewer man-
Some of the larger-diameter concrete pipes are holes, which are mapped using ArcGIS by Esri.
65 square miles
lined with PVC T-Lock liners by Ameron Inter- The goal of the Phase I inspection/assessment
national. Sewer force mains are constructed of program was to inspect, assess and rehabilitate
both ductile iron and HDPE. all interceptors 15 inches in diameter and greater
INFRASTRUCTURE: Overall, our pipes are in good condition, and their associated manholes approximately
1,194 miles; reclaimed water
says Ishida-Raybourn. The manholes were our 105 miles of pipeline and 1,400 manholes.
122 miles; sewer 915 miles
immediate concern. We could have taken a shot-
gun approach and inspected manholes all over Launching a pilot
(SEWER AND WATER 2016-17): town, but decided to be more methodical. We Typical sewer construction, repair and rehabil-
$347 million didnt look at geographical areas as much as the itation are handled by outside contractors, so a con-
ASSOCIATIONS: material that made up the manhole. Brick was tractor was hired to inspect manholes and adjoining
American Public Works Association generally structurally fine after exposure to H2S, pipes to identify urgent problems. Initial inspec-
WEBSITE: although the mortar might be affected. We looked tions of 100 manholes revealed more issues. primarily at concrete manholes that were most We noticed that the first manholes off a trunk
likely to be corroded by sewer gas, and prelimi- line were also in bad shape, because that manhole

Ed Rosales feeds jetter hose from a

Super Products Camel 1200 into a
sewer line hes flushing near Arizona
Avenue and Fairview Street in
Chandler, Arizona.

Make a positive impact on your bottom line with PRO-RING, the

most advanced concrete-alternative manhole grade adjustment
system available today. Installed on tens of thousands of
manholes and catch basins throughout the U.S. and Canada,
these lightweight rings are renowned for their exceptional
strength-to-weight ratio, durability, chemical resistance and long
service life under the most demanding conditions. January 2017 25

CRTX Muni water and sew ad(4x10).indd 1 1/27/16 11:02 AM
a new approach to rehabilitating corroded man-
holes, which considered overall life cycle costs.
On a 5-foot-diameter manhole, the cost of fiber-
reinforced plastic liner inserts had narrowed to
just about one-third above the cost of epoxy coat-
ing. However, with a 40-year life span, the pro-
jected life cycle costs of FRP falls to less than one
quarter of epoxy.
We now rehab with FRP rather than coat
with epoxy products, says Ishida-Raybourn. FRP
inserts were also becoming a better economical
choice over coatings because of the higher num-
ber of contractors certified to perform the work
that were flooding the Arizona market.
To install the FRP liners, the cone is removed
and the bench is cleaned up, rebuilt and coated
with epoxy, then the FRP insert is installed within
the existing manhole. Flowable grout is poured
into the annular space and slurry is poured around
the cone of the insert. The pavement section is
then replaced, along with the frame, cover and
concrete collar.
Specific geographical areas requiring FRP lin-
ers are bundled into bid packages along traffic
arteries to ensure economical bids. Contractors
choose their own liner product for installation,
although theyve primarily been supplied with
products from Containment Solutions Inc. and
LF Manufacturing.

Camera speeds inspections

Historically, manhole inspections were car-
ried out by workers lowered on straps to perform
both visual and CCTV inspections with hand-
held cameras.
In order to speed inspections, Carollo rec-
ommended the use of the 360-degree Digital Imag-
ing IBAK Panoramo CCTV system, in which a
camera is lowered into the manhole from the sur-
face. The camera and software were purchased
in 2015 by the Arizona branch of Pro-Pipe to work
on the Chandler contracts. Since then, the IBAK
has cut per-manhole inspection costs in half while
more than doubling inspection efficiency to 25
to 30 manholes per day. Up to 400 manholes are
Ed Rosales operates the jet/vac now inspected each year.
controls while cleaning a sewer line. The current approach is to use the IBAK on
a bulk number of manholes as a first pass, says
Ishida-Raybourn. Upon review of the camera
record, if we have questions about the data, a
acted as a vent for the force main, says Robertson. and the epoxy coating. This approach required manned-entry inspection is performed. The only
Photos of the corrosion were used to success- ventilation and confined-space entry and typically thing we wish the camera could do is physically
fully convince City Council that a larger multi- the coating only lasted for about 10 years. Also, probe the concrete. When its mushy it can often
year rehabilitation budget was necessary. for any manhole located within 100 feet of an look fine, but will start to come apart when you
Historically, the city responded to deteriorated intersection with a light, we had to set up traffic stick a screwdriver into it.
manholes by cleaning the surface and applying control using a police officer. Much of the cost Another challenge to manhole integrity is the
an epoxy coating. of the work was going to traffic control. widening of roads. Some manholes that might
It was labor intensive and required a lot of once have been located away from traffic now see
handwork, says Ishida-Raybourn. We had a A life cycle approach heavier traffic impacting manhole surfaces.
worker strapped to a harness sporting a trowel Working with Carollo, Chandler developed The lids and covers are getting pretty beat

26 January 2017

up, says Ishida-Raybourn. Weve had to go in
and replace the frames and covers on some of FEATURED PRODUCTS FROM:
To date, 116 deteriorated manholes have been Ameron International-WTG Esri RapidView IBAK
909/944-4100 800/447-9778 North America
replaced with FRP inserts and the utility is also 800/656-4225
looking at using FRP or polymer concrete man-
holes for new construction. Carollo Engineers, Inc. Insituform (See ad page 7)
800/523-5826 Technologies
Were on the way to being bulletproof, says 800/234-2992 Super Products LLC
Robertson. F 800/837-9711
Solutions, Inc. L. F. Manufacturing, Inc. (LFM) (See ad page 9)
877/274-8265 800/237-5791


The city of Chandler, Arizona, has

experienced explosive growth, with its
population more than quadrupling from just
over 50,000 in 1985 to almost 250,000
today. A growth pause has caused some
temporary headaches for the city.
When Arizona had a housing boom,
developers were going crazy to get these
big pipes to all of the subdivisions
popping up, says Gina Ishida-Raybourn,
acting utilities engineering manager with
Chandlers Municipal Utilities Department.
We sized the pipes for the build-out, but in
2007-08, residential construction flattened
out. With pipes only half full, its resulted in
less-than-ideal flow. With some flatter-than-
ideal slopes, the solids are turning septic
and thats causing both odor and corrosion
of concrete.
City crews use a pair of Camel jet/vac
trucks to maintain the system, with a goal
of cleaning every pipe over five years. A
thorough flushing helps to move accumu-
lated solids along the underutilized pipes.
Crews must also respond to another
We sometimes get calls from home-
owners about cockroaches coming into
homes through sewer laterals, says
Ishida-Raybourn. With low flows, they can
survive on the grease and solids in the
half-full pipes. Painting insecticide inside
the sewer manholes does
the trick.
However, growth projections for the
city predict that Chandlers population will
rise to about 300,000 people over the
next decade.
When growth resumes, this temporary
problem should resolve itself, she says. January 2017 27


LifeGuard system from
T.A. Pelsue helps prevent
manhole work injuries
By Craig Mandli

F alls and other confined-space work injuries are

usually preventable. That is, of course, if the
proper safety steps are taken to guard against
accidents. The LifeGuard system, which T.A. Pelsue
Company featured in the companys booth at the 2016
Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Trans-
port Show, can be one of those big steps.
The arrest/retrieval manhole guard system is, in
essence, a portable manhole guard, fall protection device
and worker retrieval unit all in one system. According to
T.A. Pelsue president Christian Miller, the unit can serve
Above: T.A. Pelsue president
as an important safeguard across multiple applications. Christian Miller (right) explains
Not only is it a great fit for municipal manhole and sewer work, it really how the LifeGuard system
works for any confined-space application, he says. That includes onsite operates to a 2016 WWETT
septic installation, underground tank cleaning, or cleaning large grease Show attendee. The arrest/
retrieval manhole guard
traps. Basically its for any time you are lowering a worker into a tight area. system is, in essence, a
The two-piece unit is easy to set up, and includes dual anchor points and portable manhole guard, fall
leveling feet. It is rated for a load of up to 350 pounds, with its structural- protection device and worker
grade aluminum and steel upper assembly providing an overhead proof retrieval unit all in one system.
load of 5,000 pounds. It includes certified fall arrest anchorage that keeps Right: The two-piece LifeGuard
workers tethered at all times, and can be used with a man-rated winch, self- is easy to set up and includes
dual anchor points and
retracting lifeline, three-way device or a combination of devices. The sys- leveling feet. It is rated for a
tem meets OSHA safety standards when used by a competent individual. load of up to 350 pounds, and
While the product has been on the market for 10 years, the 2016 WWETT can be used with a man-rated
Show was Pelsues first as an exhibitor. winch, self-retracting lifeline,
three-way device or a
We werent even originally planning on setting up at this show, but
combination of devices.
when we looked at the exhibitor list and the industries the show was geared (Photo by Craig Mandli)
toward, it just made sense for us to be here, says Miller. Im very glad we
decided to take the plunge at the last minute, because the response has easy enough for techs to carry
been great. on the truck at all times.
The mechanism is relatively lightweight, with the upper assembly com- Miller says the response to
ing in at 42 pounds, while the guard assembly is 33 pounds. When deployed, the product at the WWETT Show
the unit measures 42 by 42 inches, with a height of 75 inches. Each kit far exceeded his expectations.
includes the upper assembly, guard assembly, a set of four leveling feet for While the company typically targeted the municipal sewer and oil and gas
use on uneven terrain, a set of four rubber feet for indoor use, a winch markets, attendees found several additional applications for the LifeGuard
bracket and mounting plate for use with a standard retrieval winch, a pulley throughout the week.
assembly with auto-lock carabiner, and a set of flexible draw latches to anchor Guys would show up at our booth, watch the video, and suggest new
the upper assembly to the guard assembly. fits for it we hadnt even considered, says Miller. The more we talked to
Its a relatively simple idea, but is very effective at keeping workers safe, people at WWETT, the more we realized how great of a fit it is for this
Miller says. Our goal was to make a product without a lot of parts thats product. Well definitely be back. 800/525-8460; F

28 January 2017

FOCUS: OPERATOR Public Works water operator Dustan Russum
reads a meter he installed at the Frederica
Volunteer Fire Company in Frederica,
Delaware. (Photography by Doug Curran)

Dustan Russum has built an award-winning career
managing water and multiple public works jobs
in tiny Frederica, Delaware
By Jack Powell

Dustan Russum,

W hat do you do when you need your

towns water well up and running?
How do you get an old municipal
building floor torn up? Who can spell the mayor
when he wants to take a break? In Frederica, Del-
of 3,700 that hosts the Delaware State Fair, has
accomplished a great deal in a relatively short time.
His accomplishments include helping Frederica
earn a Best-Tasting Water Award from the Delaware
Rural Water Association and being named that asso-
Frederica (Delaware)
Public Works Department
Water operator
aware, its a no-brainer: Ask Dustan Russum. ciations 2014 Water Professional of the Year.
Nominally, Russum serves as Public Works Russum was honored for bringing the water EXPERIENCE:
16 years
water operator for this town of 812 near the system into EPA compliance, installing the towns
Murderkill River in eastern Delaware. In real- fluoride system and for fixing a well that has DUTIES:
ity, hes much more. Since he joined the Fred- substantially improved fire protection and water
Oversee two well houses in the town
water system; perform tasks as needed
erica Water Department in 2014, Russum has service for the east side of the community. More-
brought creative, money-saving ideas, strong over, he saved Frederica millions of dollars by EDUCATION:
Lake Forest High School, Felton,
technical skills and a gimme-what-you-got com- using old parts and borrowing others to make Delaware; water operator course at
mitment to the position. equipment repairs. Delaware Technical Community College
I was surprised and happy when I won, says
Saluted for skills Russum. 2014 was a good year for me. I had been Grade 1 water operator
Russum, a native of nearby Harrington, a city here only a few months and we won the best-tast-
30 January 2017
Leading the industry
Confined Space
with the


Fully assembled and
ready for use in
under 90 seconds

3 - in - 1
Pelsues LifeGuard
provides fall arrest,
rescue & retrieval, and
a barricade system all-
Rescue and Retrieval Systems.
844-TAPELSUE (844-827-3578) e1
Sinc 963


Proudly manufacturing products in the ww



. p e l s u e. c o
USA for over 50 years.
I really love this job. Frederica is a great place to work.
Everybody here is family-oriented, so if I have a family problem, away, he knew Frederica well. In fact, he did a
they tell me to take care of that first. The people here always water meter upgrade for the town in 2013, got
stand behind you, and they want you to succeed. to know the water operator, and even volunteered
to help out if he got sick. That operator started
Dustan Russum his own business and left, creating an opening
ing water competition. Then a short time later I later he learned that the town of Milton was hir- that Russum filled in March 2014.
got the Water Professional of the Year award. ing for a water department position as an equip- I really love this job, says Russum. Frederica
There were eight or nine operators nominated, ment operator. After he got the job, the town sent is a great place to work. Everybody here is family-
so I was very pleased to be recognized. him to an 18-week water operator course at Del- oriented, so if I have a family problem, they tell
aware Technical Community College to get his me to take care of that first. The people here always
Loving the work Grade 1 water operator certification. stand behind you, and they want you to
Russums interest in providing safe, clean He lived in Milford for about five years before succeed.
drinking water began soon after he graduated in moving to Milton, about 38 miles south of Dover,
1998 from Lake Forest High School in Felton, the state capital. He spent eight years in Milton, Fixing a phantom leak
Delaware. In 2000, he joined the city of Milford becoming water supervisor in 2005 and direc- Russum proved his value almost from the day
Sanitation and Street Department. A short while tor of Public Works in 2010. Living 10 minutes he started in Frederica, Delaware. Case in point:

Dustan Russum checks a meter register

(Master Meter) attached to a fire hydrant
meter outside the Frederica Volunteer Fire

32 January 2017


6048 January 2017 33

Russum takes a meter reading Dustan goes above and beyond the
at a well station in Frederica.
call; he does a little bit of every-
thing for us and has saved us a ton.
Chick Glanden
a supposed leak in the towns 100,000-gallon water
tank that he pursued with a vengeance.
When Russum came aboard, town officials
told him there was a hole in the water tank and
it couldnt be filled to capacity. Chick Glanden,
the mayor, believed there was a leak because water
had been seen pouring out the tank. At one point,
the town considered installing a new bladder at
great cost. Coincidentally, the town council was
exploring a project with another engineer (who
has since left) to build a 300,000-gallon water
tower for $1.8 million.
One day I was working with Dustan in the
well house and he said, Pete, our existing water
tower isnt that bad, recalls council member
Pete Rager. This engineer wanted to put in a big
water tower that would do us for the rest of our
days, and Dustan said, I dont think this one needs
to come down yet. Lets ask some questions.
Thats just what Russum did, talking with
experts and researching the issue online to find
out if there was a leak and what could be causing
it. He called in a contractor who did an inspec-
tion and confirmed that there was no leak. It
turned out that the tower had a bad vent, which
Russum ordered replaced.
I was able to get the town more storage and
more psi in the system due to my tweaking of the
tank, says Russum. We didnt need to tear the
water tank down, so we ended up saving money.
Thats somewhat of an understatement, accord-
ing to Rager, who estimates that the town saved
about $1 million by not having to replace or exten-
sively repair the tower. That tower will complement
a new one being built at the other end of town,
supporting Fredericas annexation of an 8-acre
piece of property that includes a service sta-
tion, convenience store and pharmacy.

Pump redundancy
The tower isnt the only place Russum has
saved the town money. Early on, he discovered
a 550 gpm well house that had been sitting idle
for nearly 10 years and asked, Why dont we
use it? Fiscally cautious town officials wanted
to know what it would cost to get it back online.
Russum responded by researching the issue, fix-
ing parts and updating controls. Result: For less
than $10,000, he got the abandoned well house
up and running and supporting the towns 750
gpm well.
Russum makes a repair to a Stenner chemical
feed pump for a chlorine and fluoride system. Today, Russum operates the two wells that
average 70,000 gpd between them and service

34 January 2017

2014 was a good year for me. I had been here only a few months and we
Water is definitely a good career with a lot
won the best-tasting water competition. Then a short time later I got the of opportunities, Russum says. When I go to
Water Professional of the Year award. There were eight or nine operators classes and seminars and I look around the room,
many of the operators in this area are in the 55-
nominated, so I was very pleased to be recognized. to 60-year-old range. Theyll be retiring pretty
Dustan Russum soon, and someone has to fill their shoes. Also,
every day is an adventure. Theres always some-
380 to 400 homes, drawing water from the Fred- in his free time he works with his wife, Shelly, and thing new going on. No two days are alike. What
erica Aquifer and treating it with fluoride and other family members on his familys 50-acre farm, works today might not work tomorrow, so you
chlorine. The pumps are electronically linked. growing hay and vegetables sold at co-ops and always have to find a solution. F
One well comes on, and the next time water is farmers markets.
needed, the other well kicks in. If there is a seri-
ous drop in water pressure and one well cant
keep levels up, the second one takes up the slack.
Town officials appreciate Russums contri-
butions and ability to get the job done on a Introducing The RST Helix
Advanced Manhole Inspection System
$100,000 annual budget. Mayor Chick Glanden,
for one, considers Russum a real asset, citing his
creativity, commitment to saving money and will-
ingness to pitch in.
Dustan goes above and beyond the call; he Increase System Performance and
does a little bit of everything for us and has saved Dramatically Lower Your Costs!
us a ton, says Glanden. He went over to an old
The RST Helix is our latest innovation to increase
building here and busted up the floor so we could
efficiency and lower costs for municipalities.
pour a new one. Any leaks that come up in town,
hell fix himself, and if he cant hell get a con- This ground-breaking system can complete a scan
tractor. Hes a one-person Public Works Depart- in under a minute and can easily survey 50 or
ment who does it all from changing lightbulbs more manholes a day. Along with this dramatic
in Town Hall to sitting at the desk if I want to take manpower saving, the RST Helix delivers an un-
a quick break. precedented level of detail to help you head off
Another booster is Pete Rager, a town coun- dangerous structural failures plus source inflow
cil member who is getting involved in repairing and infiltration from surface and ground water.
equipment, doing water cutoffs (for nonpayment
of bills) and handling other projects. Dustan Fast and . . .
is a hard worker who treats the towns money As Easy As 1,2,3!
like its his own, says Rager. 1. Operate from a CCTV
Instead of going to a catalog and buying the truck, pick up, or ATV for
newest and greatest equipment, hell say, Maybe limited access challenges.
we can make this work. Everyone on the council
agrees that Dustan is working out well for us. Hes
2. Press Start Scan. The Six Color Cameras

been in the water business so long that he has a

process is fully automated
lot of resources we can use. Not only can he do
or can be run manually.
it all, but hes also been good at teaching me how 3. Capture every detail
things work, so I can step in and help when the Field Tested & Delivering Results in 2D and 3D while your
need arises. I can say with absolutely no exaggeration operator remains safe and
For Russum, its all part of the job. He typi- that our production with the Helix had our
monitors progress on a Panoramic Imagery
cally works 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., starting by inspect- clients immediately as excited as we were!
- Chris MacDonald, Empipe (contractor) tablet or laptop.
ing the wells and checking the readings to make
sure the water meets regulatory requirements. SPECIFICATIONS, SOFTWARE, STUDIES: Data can be viewed in
Hes on call 24/7 every day. If that isnt enough, RSTECHSERV.COM/HELIX the field or wirelessly sent
Demonstrations/Sales: 800.767.1974 to the office so you can complete the assessment at
any time. 3D Point Cloud Accuracy
Master Meter, Inc. Stenner Pump 2723
800/765-6518 Company 800/683-2378 January 2017 35

Pipeline Repair and
Rehabilitation Directory



American Highway Products

11723 Strasburg Bolivar Rd. NW, Bolivar, OH 44612
888-272-2397 330-874-3270
Fax - 330-874-3800

AP/M Permaform
PO Box 555, Johnston, IA 50131
800-662-6465 515-276-9610
Fax - 515-276-1274
4 4

Applied Felts, Inc.

450 College Dr., Martinsville, VA 24112
Fax - 276-656-1909
4 4 4 4

Aries Industries, Inc.

550 Elizabeth St., Waukesha, WI 53186
800-234-7205 262-896-7205
Fax - 262-896-7099
4 4 4 4 4

Cretex Specialty Products

N16 W23390 Stoneridge Dr, Ste. A, Waukesha, WI 53188
800-345-3764 262-542-8153
Fax - 262-542-0301
4 4

3600 Rio Vista Ave., Orlando, FL 32805
800-327-7791 407-849-0190
Fax - 407-425-1569
4 4 4 4

Emagineered Solutions, Inc.

527 NW Elm Ave., Ste. 3-405, Redmond, OR 97756
4 4 4
Enz USA, Inc.
1585 Beverly Ct., Unit 115, Aurora, IL 60502
800-369-8721 630-692-7880
Fax - 630-692-7885

Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc.

4301A 34th St. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33714
877-327-4216 727-327-4216
Fax - 727-327-4118
4 4 4

Inliner Technologies
1468 W. Hospital Rd., Paoli, IN 47454
Fax - 812-723-5998
4 4 4

Liner Products
1468 W. Hospital Rd., Paoli, IN 47454
Fax - 812-723-0405
4 4 4

LMK Technologies
1779 Chessie Ln., Ottawa, IL 61350
Fax - 815-433-0107
4 4 4 4 4 4

36 January 2017

2017 Pipeline Repair and
Rehabilitation Directory

Miller Pipeline
8850 Crawfordsville Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46234
800-428-3742 317-293-0278
Fax - 800-293-8502
4 4 4

7401 First Pl., Cleveland, OH 44146
800-362-0240 440-646-0996
Fax - 440-646-9953

NozzTeq, Inc.
1949 Calumet St., Clearwater, FL 33765
866-620-5915 727-223-4979
Fax - 603-413-6744

Perma-Liner Industries, LLC

13000 Automobile Blvd., Ste. 300, Clearwater, FL 33762
866-336-2568 727-507-9749
Fax - 727-507-9849
4 4 4 4 4 4

Pipeline Renewal Technologies

111-B3 Canfield Ave., Randolph, NJ 07869
866-936-8476 973-252-6700
Fax - 973-252-1176
4 4 4

Pow-r Mole Sales LLC

1400 Commerce Parkway, Lancaster, NY 14086
800-334-6653 716-683-2486
Fax - 716-683-6372
4 4

Pronal-USA, Inc.
3000 Opportunity Ct., Ste. A, South Daytona, FL 32119
Fax - 386-310-1559

Reline America
116 Battleground Ave., Saltville, VA 24370
Fax - 276-496-4870
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Sealing Systems, Inc.

9350 County Rd. 19, Loretto, MN 55357
800-478-2054 763-478-2057
Fax - 763-478-8868

Source One Environmental

422 W Rising St., Davison, MI 48423
4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Spartan Tool
1618 Terminal Rd., Niles, MI 49120
Toll Free 800-435-3866
4 4
Sprayroq, Inc.
4766 Grantswood Rd., Ste. 150, Irondale, AL 35210
Fax - 205-957-0021
4 4 4

The Strong Company

4505 Emmett Sanders Rd., Pine Bluff, AR 71601
800-982-8009 870-535-7617
4 January 2017 37


The trenchless solutions company
WWETT 2017 Booth #2048
Proven solutions for centrifugally
cast manhole and culvert
rehabilitation, microbiologically
induced corrosion (MIC)
protection, and crystalline
waterproofing for concrete.


AP/M Permaform WWETT 2017, Indianapolis, IN Booth #2048

Centrifugally cast manhole rehabilitation Centrifugally cast storm and sewer pipe rehabilitation

This is your brain on CRACKed Concrete manholes

How much do you spend on REHAB?
How much do you spend on I&I?
How much do you spend on WORKERS COMP?

LADTECH SYSTEM your HDP (recover)E 1131

The First alternative to concrete and mortar

Ladtech Inc. guarantees a full five year limited
warranty, if for any reason you return adjustment rings
to the manufacturer they will be replaced at no charge.
Ladtech, Inc. 100% recycled HDPE manhole risers
provide a watertight system that prevents I&I and
costly rehabilitation. A single 4" plastic adjustment Concrete ADJ Rings Installed 1997 Ladtech ADJ Rings Installed 1997
ring weighs a mere 12 pounds verses its concrete
counterpart at 180 pounds. Its a no brainerREALLY!!
Visit Ladtech on our website or call for more info:

38 January 2017


Bob Griffith, New Jersey

S PA R TA N R E P S I N C E 2 0 0 1




I remember a call I got a little while back. This customer had an UnderTaker and had it on a pipe
replacement job, and his client happened to be holding an outdoor event the day he
was there to do the job. On top of that, it wound up he needed help with a part
unexpectedly or else he was going to have to go ahead and dig up the lawn.
But I was close enough that I was able to get there and get him what he needed
without ever disrupting his clients event.

Tough Customer Preferred Product: The UnderTaker.

Lets you replace 4" 6" pipes with minimal disturbance to trees, landscaping, streets and sidewalks.
FOR TOUGH CU S TOME R S . A compatible water-line slitter for replacing galvanized or copper water lines is also available.
SINCE 1943

800.891.2352 | SPARTANTOOL.COM
We invite readers to offer
ideas for this regular column,

designed to help municipal and
utility managers deal with day-to-
day people issues like motivation,
team building, recognition and

interpersonal relationships.
Feel free to share your secrets
for building and maintaining a
cohesive, productive team. Or
ask a question about a specific
Taking charge of your own professional development is the key issue on which you would like
advice. Call editor Luke Laggis
to becoming an invaluable employee at 800/257-7222, or email
By Ken Wysocky

G ood investors always keep the big picture

in mind. Theyre also proactive and ever-
alert to changing marketplace trends.
They seek the wisdom of sage advisers while main-
taining a well-diversified portfolio. Author and
The No. 1 reason is lack of time; for many of
us, just tending to our normal responsibili-
ties is challenge enough in these days of tight
staffing and work overload. And when you
layer family responsibilities on top of that,
educator Barbara Mistick firmly believes that people tend to feel overwhelmed, she notes.
employees should aggressively do the same things Another factor is overconfidence and/or
continually invest in themselves in order to lack of foresight, she adds. As an example,
future-proof their jobs. she refers to one person interviewed for the
What exactly is future-proofing besides a cool- aforementioned study who was a multiple
sounding buzzword? A detailed explanation lies Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist with an envi-
within the pages of Stretch: How to Future-Proof Your- able track record in the industry. But in the
self for Tomorrows Workplace, a book Mistick wrote end, that didnt count for much when the
along with futurist and author Karie Willyerd. But journalist rejected a new bosss request to start
in a nutshell, it means proactively taking steps blogging and get involved in other social
to make yourself invaluable to your company or media. Eventually, he was fired for resisting
organization. And its on you to make the first (though Mistick notes that he later saw the
move, because the odds are that your employer error of his ways, was rehired by the same boss
isnt doing it for you, she notes. that fired him and eventually learned how to
Its easy for employees to assume that human thrive in the new-media world). Overall, theres
resources will take care of training and develop- a strong need to constantly look forward,
ment for you, explains Mistick, the president of she asserts.
Wilson College in south-central Pennsylvania. So how do you go about future-proofing
But the training and development that many your job? Generally speaking, Mistick points
organizations provide today centers mostly on compliance knowing out four areas where you can get started on your own:
the rules and regulations in their industries. So its on you to own your Learn a living. Too many employees only earn a living; Mistick believes
own personal development because you cant be sure that your manager they must learn a living, especially in todays workplace, where radical
or your employer is going to do that for you. You need to recognize that advances in technology are changing the work landscape literally every
and carve out some goals for yourself on an annual basis. day. This is especially pertinent for employees who plan on retiring in,
Theres no doubt employees these days are concerned about their job say, the next 10 years, she says. They tend to think that learning new skills
security. As proof, Mistick points to a survey of 5,400 employees in isnt worthwhile. Moreover, constantly doing the same tasks at work con-
27 countries (half executives, half non-executives) conducted by Oxford tribute to a phenomenon known as deskilling, where people lose their
Economics, a leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis. The ability to think on the fly and react to problems and challenges. As such,
survey revealed 40 percent of respondents are concerned they dont have its important to break the mold every so often by embracing new con-
the skills today to survive in the workplace of tomorrow. Theyre worried cepts and ideas.
that their positions will change or become obsolete, she says. Thats why Be greedy about experiences. This goes along with learning; it can
we decided to write the book. come in many forms, such as independently committing to expanding
There are many reasons why employees dont future-proof their jobs. your knowledge in a field or volunteering for assignments/projects in

40 January 2017

Its critical to hang around with smarter people for our careers, and to make them come true, you have to make your-
who cant help but improve you. Pick out five people self a priority and ensure your skills stay current. You must make time
to step back and determine what you can do to make yourself feel more
who seem to up your game when theyre around .
confident about the future.
Barbara Mistick In the big picture, it just might be the best investment you ever
make. F
other departments within an organization. You can
also volunteer to serve on the boards of nonprofit
organizations, for example. But in those cases, she
suggests you avoid serving on committees that play
to your strengths. If you work in marketing, for
instance, dont automatically accept a spot on a mar-
keting committee; instead, ask to serve on the
finance or strategic planning committees, where
you can develop new skills that could eventually
expand your career horizons.
You need to think about work as a developmental
tool, Mistick advises. We all go to meetings, for
instance, but sometimes there are agenda items you
might want to drill down into deeper. Think about
the skills you can develop from doing that and take
something away that can help you in the future.
Or think totally out of the box and explore how
the actual meetings could be run more efficiently,
she suggests.
Build a diverse network. Whether its attending
a company function or the local chapter of a pro-
fessional group, its important to branch out and
meet new people, rather than always huddling with
familiar faces. When you walk into a room, set a
goal to meet, say, two new people. In the same vein,
get to know employees in other departments and
consider which ones might serve as good mentors.
Its critical to hang around with smarter people
who cant help but improve you, Mistick says. Pick
out five people who seem to up your game when
theyre around people who get you to look at
things differently and stretch you to think about
things a little more deeply and have coffee with
them regularly. Be very deliberate about selecting
these five to thrive.
Bounce forward. Dont be discouraged by career
setbacks or project failures. The three attributes of
employees who succeed despite career detours are
grit, resilience and motivation. Everyone has a story
in their career about a false start or a disruption,
she points out. But its what you do with it that
makes a difference.
Above all, you must make self-development a
high priority, no matter how crunched you are
for time, both at work and at home. Its all about
recognizing that your professional development is
on you, Mistick concludes. We all have dreams January 2017 41

Association of Sewer
Service Companies) is
located at 2470 Longstone Lane,
Suite M, Marriottsville, MD 21104;


Scholarship opportunities help foster an appreciation for careers in underground infrastructure
By Ted DeBoda

I f you are anything like me, you probably have friends, family and neighbors
who just cant understand your love of sewers. When I am introduced as the
executive director of the National Association of Sewer Service Companies,
there is usually an accompanying snicker or, at a minimum, a silent yet quizzi-
cal look of disbelief Did he just say sewer?
through this scholarship fund, which is available to applicants either related to,
or a dependent of, an active NASSCO member.
The David Magill Memorial Scholarship is named after the founder of Avanti
International, who was also a dedicated and longtime NASSCO member. Mr.
Magill attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech), and the schol-
Since youre reading my column, you probably share my passion for under- arship, which is awarded by Virginia Techs Graduate Student Program, will sup-
standing the complexities of our underground infrastructure, the impact of port Virginia Tech students who plan to enter the industry.
failure, the importance of a well-maintained system, and the impressive sym- We also realize continuing education is critical for professionals who have
phony of current and emerging technologies available to assess, maintain and already made the leap into our industry, so we offer the Pipeline Assessment
rehabilitate sewer systems to benefit our communities. Certification Program Scholarship for those who want to know more. This schol-
As industry leaders, I believe it is our obligation to introduce more people arship is open to industry professionals who are sponsored by NASSCO mem-
to the many benefits of a career in underground infrastructure. Education is bers. Applicants are evaluated on qualities of ethics, leadership and past work
key to NASSCOs mission to set industry standards and to ensure the contin- experience in the sewer service industry, as well as the potential for his or her
ued acceptance and growth of trenchless technologies. To accomplish this, we contribution to further NASSCOs mission. Individuals awarded the PACP Schol-
work hard to attract new professionals and expand the knowledge of those arship receive a free two-day PACP training course. To encourage more young
already in the trenchless industry through our scholarship programs, and we people to enter the industry, NASSCO also offers the PACP scholarship to par-
need your help to identify young, new professionals. ticipants in the Baltimore Water Mentoring Program in partnership with the
January 31, 2017, is the deadline to apply for NASSCOs Jeffrey D. Ralston Chesapeake Water Environment Association.
Memorial Scholarship, which is open to applicants currently enrolled in col- Who do you know who could benefit from financial support through one
lege who are interested in a career in the sewer service industry. The scholar- of our traditional memorial scholarships, or would like continuing education
ship is named after a former NASSCO board member, Jeffrey D. Ralston, who available from our PACP certification scholarship? Our goal is to attract the best
passed unexpectedly in 2002 at the age of 34. Jeffrey was a young professional and brightest new talents, and we need your help to share this opportunity.
who had a passion for the sewer industry. Our hope is to continue his memory Please visit to learn more and to apply. F

Get the EDge Training and Continuing Education Courses

PACP TRAINING December 13-15 ITCP TRAINING (CIPP and Manhole)
December 6 Wharton, New Jersey February 2-3
Allentown, Pennsylvania Includes Manholes and Laterals! Forth Worth, Texas (UCT Conference)
One-Day PACP User Recertification Recertifications Welcome Cured-In-Place Pipe
PA DEP Credits Available Trainer: Brandon Conley 8 a.m. 5 p.m. Day 1 8 a.m. 1 p.m. Day 2
Contact Mike Kerr for more information or to register: Contact Ashley Groves for more information or to register: Trainer: Gerry Muenchmeyer
412/605-9000 or email 248/349-0904 or email Contact Gerry Muenchmeyer for more information:
December 7-9 December 13-15 252/626-9930 or email
Marriottsville, Maryland (NASSCO Training Center) Stockton, California February 2-3
Includes Manholes and Laterals! Includes Manholes and Laterals! Fort Worth, Texas (UCT Conference)
Trainer: Rizwan Siddiqi, P.E. A limited number of Qualified PACP Recertification Manhole Rehabilitation
Contact Rizwan Siddiqi, P.E., for more information or to seats available. 8 a.m. 5 p.m. Day 1 8 a.m. 12 p.m. Day 2 Morning
register: 443/739-9234 or email Contact Marilyn Shepard for more information or to register: Trainer: Tim Back
916/899-8961 or email Contact Tim Back for more information:
December 13
Marriottsville, Maryland
January 10-12 513/253-8461 or email
PACP User Recertification Milwaukee, Wisconsin February 20-21
Trainer: Ted DeBoda Includes Manholes and Laterals! Indianapolis, Indiana
Contact Dawn Jaworski for more information or to register: A limited number of Qualified PACP Recertification Cured-In-Place Pipe
410/442-7473 or email seats available. 8 a.m. 5 p.m. Day 1 8 a.m. 1 p.m. Day 2
Contact Marilyn Shepard for more information or to register: Trainer: Gerry Muenchmeyer
December 13-15 916/899-8961 or email
Conyers, Georgia Contact Gerry Muenchmeyer for more information:
Includes Manhole and Laterals! 252/626-9930 or email
Recertifications Welcome
Contact John Jones for more information or to register: OTHER CLASSES FORMING
404/431-5584 or email Contact one of the trainers listed above if you are interested in having a class at your facility or in your area.

42 January 2017

Precise Manhole

Prioritize and identify sewer issues with the CUES-IMX Manhole Camera

With the CUES-IMX Manhole Camera, collection system owners and operators
can now reduce system operation / management costs and quickly identify high-
risk areas of the wastewater / stormwater system. Make the best use of your time
and money by using the CUES-IMX Manhole Camera to inspect your manholes
and mainline pipes. The camera offers unparalleled imaging technology with a
25:1 optical zoom that is stabilized and remotely controlled via a telescopic boom
to produce picture clarity with enhanced detail up to 300 ft!

Contact CUES for a free demo! 800.327.7791 BOOTH

800.327.7791 |
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
... .......... January 2017 43






3000 Opportunity Court-Suite A

SOUTH DAYTONA FL 32119 | Tel. : +1 386 310 1558 BOOTH | 3021

The Original Since 1976

Performance Proven


The New Vac-Con

BOOTH Mudslinger 500
2865 by Vector
For more information: Email us at:

Vector Technologies Ltd.

Milwaukee, WI | 800-832-4010 | FAX: 414.247.7110

44 January 2017

Strong-Seal Systems
The fast, cost-effective solution for
Stopping infiltration Restoring structural integrity Corrosion protection

Complete Family of Strong-Seal

Engineered Products
MS-2A Portland cement based structural lining material
Manhole MS-2C Calcium Aluminate based structural lining material
Rehabilitation High Performance Mix 100% pure fused Calcium Aluminate cement and
aggregate structural lining material
Solutions Since Profile Plus - Calcium Aluminate underlayment for epoxy/urethane coating

1989 Strong Plug

Quick Set Repair (QSR)
Bench Mix
Strong-Seal Ring Sealant
Dependable and high output application equipment

Toll-free: (800) 982-8009

Fax: (870) 850-6933
Web Site:
2017 WWETT Product Preview

Professionals will have the opportunity to see the top wastewater tools and equipment
in the industry on the WWETT 2017 show floor
By Craig Mandli

The Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show will fill the Indiana Convention Center Feb. 22 to 25
with the best products and services the industry has to offer. To make sure you dont miss out on any of the new,
innovative industry offerings in Indianapolis, be sure to check out the interactive floor plan on the WWETT website
( All attendees are sure to bring home a new idea or product to assist them in the coming year.

Heres a look at some of the most exciting products and services that will be on the WWETT Show floor:

Amazing Machinery Viztrac Max camera over-center clutch, 500 feet of 5/8-inch hose and a 350-gallon tank. The
The Viztrac Max camera from Amazing Machinery remote control/valve package was engineered from the ground up. 800/648-
has the same durability and super-slick push cable as 5011;; Booth #2501.
previous Viztrac cameras, with a 22 percent larger 9-inch
LCD color display, and a rechargeable lithium-ion bat- Chempace bioForce
tery pack capable of up to eight hours of field use before The bioForce biological line from Chempace can
recharge. The unit includes an AC/DC adapter for be used on septic, grease trap and municipal lines.
direct power supply, a 512 Hz sonde transmitter, and a From liquids to private labeled packets, solutions are
DVR recorder that records to standard SD cards. A 4GB biodegradable and environmentally friendly. New bio-
card is included. 800/504-7435;; Booth #3022. Force Maxx drainfield treatment is now available.
800/423-5350;; Booth # 3012.
AP/M Permaform Permacast
The Permacast engineered fine aggregate cementi- Cretex Specialty Products PRO-RING
tious liner and polymer coating system from AP/M Per- The PRO-RING concrete-alternative manhole and
maform is centrifugally cast from a robotic applicator. catch basin grade adjustment system from Cretex
The high-strength, corrosion-resistant liner is applied at Specialty Products is available in round, square and
the best thickness (1/2 to 2 inches) for the condition, rectangular. It is manufactured from expanded poly-
depth, traffic loading and groundwater pressure of the propylene, which is known for its exceptional
existing structure. For added protection, ConmicShield strength-weight ratio, durability, chemical resistance
antimicrobial additive is added to prevent Thiobacillus bacteria that produce and long service life under harsh conditions. One man
sulfuric acid in sanitary sewer systems, providing long-term protection of can install the system in just minutes to within a quarter-inch of finished
concrete structures. 800/662-6465;; Booth #2048. grade, and they are watertight. The system eliminates the hazard of con-
crete rings breaking and causing injury. It can dramatically speed up man-
Aries Anaconda UV Curing System hole installation and repair time. 800/345-3764;;
The Anaconda UV Curing System from Aries Booth #1337.
Industries provides consistent lining installation. CCTV
inspection before and during the cure allows any sags CUES GraniteNet
and wrinkles in the lining to be corrected. UV curing GraniteNet from CUES is a next-generation
requires less equipment, less setup and smaller crews infrastructure inspection and decision support soft-
that reduce service disruptions. No hot-water usage ware for water, wastewater and municipal public
eliminates the steam truck for less fuel consumption. works asset management. Whether used in the field
Lingering odor and downstream contamination are prevented. 800/234- on tablets or via a web browser to review and analyze
7205;; Booth #6201. inspections, it uses the Cloud for media storage
while enabling simple, precise data collection with integrated GIS mapping
Cam Spray Model TT4025HZ-350 and GPS. It can help contractors and municipal asset managers lower their
The Model TT4025HZ-350 sewer jet from Cam operating costs and increase efficiency across departments. 800/327-7791;
Spray is rated to 25 gpm at 4,000 psi with a Hatz H50; Booth #5024.
liquid-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine producing Duracable DM140
74 hp. It is EPA Tier 4 Final compliant and comes The Duracable DM140 is ideal for smaller jobs. With a 1/4 hp motor
with a wireless remote to control engine functions running at 200 rpm, it can handle smaller jobs easily. It is easy on the
and water flow. It has a hydraulic-powered swivel reel, user, too, as there is no heavy machine to carry from the truck to the job.

46 January 2017

It can be operated horizontally or vertically, and uses water storage. This package is normally mounted on a tandem chassis with
75 feet of 3/8-inch cable standard or, with the optional a single drop axle. Foremost designs and manufactures vehicle-mounted
flat drum, 75 feet of 1/4-inch cable. The standard vacuum equipment for use in the oil and gas, municipal, industrial and utility
package comes with a revolving arm and a 14-inch market segments across North America. 403/742-6686;;
enclosed polyethylene reel. Both reel options are Booth #6333.
lightweight and keep splatter contained. 877/244-
0556;; Booth #1560. GapVax MC Series Combo JetVac
The MC Series Combo JetVac from GapVax
Envirosight Quickview airHD is made of 3/16-inch ASTM A572 Grade 50 Exten
The Quickview airHD camera from Envirosight cap- steel. The debris body ranges from 5 to 12 cubic
tures HD video from sewers, and transmits it wirelessly yards, and is also available in stainless steel. The
to a touch-screen tablet for live viewing. Its motorized stainless steel water tank can hold up to 2,000 gal-
tilt, in-manhole centering capability and hands-free sta- lons. It has a unitized water and debris tank with
bilization enable easy setup, as both the operators hands a double sub-frame. A heavy-duty double acting single-lift cylinder provides
remain free to operate the tablet. It has an HD zoom a stable 50-degree dump angle. Vacuum pump options range from 3,500
camera with 30X optical zoom (plus 12X digital) tuned to 5,000 cfm with up to 27 inches Hg. It has an 8-foot front-mounted tele-
to deliver maximum detail from within pipes. Its Quad-Haloptic light engine scopic boom with dual lift cylinders, reaching 26 feet with a 180-degree rota-
combines four offset LED/reflector pairs to surround the camera with power- tion. The front-mounted hose reel has 800 feet of 1-inch hose capacity.
ful, focused illumination aligned for maximum range and optimum viewing 888/442-7829;; Booth #6010.
at any distance. 866/936-8476;; Booth #6024.
General Pipe Cleaners JM-1000 Mini-Jet
Enz USA Cutting Ball The compact, lightweight JM-1000 Mini-Jet from
The water-driven Cutting Ball nozzle from Enz USA General Pipe Cleaners offers an easy way to clear
moves easily around curves in 4- to 6-inch PE, steel or small lines, clogged sinks and laundry drains from
concrete pipes while safely removing roots and min- 1 1/2 to 3 inches with 1,500 psi of cleaning power.
eral deposits, resulting in no damage to the pipe. It The powerful little jetter hits the stoppage with a
works without impact, but has the ability to switch to a high-pressure, wall-to-wall water spray and flushes
vibrating nozzle. It has a hard metal front blade for it away. Pulse helps slide the hose around tight bends and farther down
pipes that are more than 50 percent clogged. The side lines. It resists job site abuse, too, as the pump and motor assembly are safely
blades are self-sharpening and maintain their sharpness over their entire contained in a rugged diamond plate metal case. To protect the unit from
service life. It operates with controlled rotation speed and is capable of run- damage, a sensor automatically stops the motor if water stops flowing though
ning on recycled water. It is leakage free. 877/369-8721;; the pump. 800/245-6200;; Booth #4125.
Booths #1062, 1068.
Guzzler CL industrial vacuum truck equipped
F.S. Solutions Guzzler LR Classic with Gerotto Lombrico mini-excavator
The Guzzler LR Classic industrial vacuum Guzzler Manufacturing and FS Solutions, in con-
truck from F.S. Solutions can effectively vacuum junction with a distribution partnership with Gerotto
dry material. The sixty 72-inch filter bags make of Italy, will showcase the latest advancements in hands-
the difference. The unit has dual pumps, a heated free industrial vacuuming equipment. Equipped with
debris body and more. Other custom applications the Gerotto Lombrico mini-excavator, a Guzzler
available include larger debris bodies, lower clear- Classic industrial vacuum truck will be on hand to demon-
ance heights, special loading ports, and trailer and skid versions. 800/627- strate the robotic attachments ability to remotely con-
3171;; Booth #5050. trol the end of the vacuum hose for a completely hands-free application. A
track drive system allows the compact unit to access tight locations that may
Forbest Products 1-Inch Mini Self-Leveling Color Camera Head be hard to reach using traditional methods. The Lombrico mini-excavator
The high-resolution 1-Inch Mini Self-Leveling includes customizable head configurations for a variety of applications. The
Color Camera Head from Forbest Products is avail- Gerotto Lombrico mini-excavator is available exclusively at FS Solutions
able with a built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter CHDT- nationwide locations. 800/627-3171;; Booth #5050.
C26, which comes with durable sapphire glass,
stainless steel spring kit and 15 LED lights. The Hammelmann Corp. Pipemaster
CHDT-C26 can work with Forbest portable 65-, 100- The Hammelmann Corp. Pipemaster is a man-
or 130-foot fiberglass cable and reel. With an adapter, it can also be used on ually operated, high-pressure hose rotating system
150-, 220-, 300- or 400-foot cable and reel. With the self-leveling function, used to remove both soft and hard deposits from
users can always have upright pictures. 877/369-1199;; the insides of pipes and pipelines, including those
Booth #2271. with bends and vertical sections. A high-pressure
supply hose line is fixed between the pump and the
Foremost 1200 Non-Code Hydrovac rotary joint on the hose-rotating unit. A second hose is connected to the
The 1200 Non-Code Hydrovac from Fore- rotary joint and runs via the deployment unit into a protective hose to the
most is a full-size unit, offering 10.5 cubic yards positioning device at the work piece. The rotation of the second high-pres-
of debris capacity and 1,200 gallons of fresh- (continued) January 2017 47

2017 WWETT Product Preview
sure hose around its longitudinal axis is effected by a chain drive from a pneu- MaxLiner USA SuperFlex liner
matic motor to the rotary joint. The rotation speed can be smoothly adjusted SuperFlex single-layer CIPP liner from MaxLiner
with throttle check valves. 800/783-4935;; Booth #3107. USA is PU laminate coated, stitched and bonded
to polyester felt. Extremely flexible in bends, the
Hathorn Corporation Portable versatile liner is offered in diameters of 2 to 8 inches,
The Portable camera system from Hathorn Corpo- with a thickness of 4.5 mm. Using inversion instal-
ration has a small, compact frame, is lightweight and lation, it is used with MaxPox resin and hardener
easy to use. It includes a 7.4-inch daylight-readable from the MaxLiner system, and will go around bends with minimal wrinkling.
monitor, Wi-Fi video transfer to any mobile device, 125 877/426-5948;; Booth #1049.
feet of pushrod, a text writer and footage counter, 512
Hz sonde transmitter, rechargeable battery pack, and Milwaukee Rubber Products Gas Alert Micro Clip
adjustable lighting. Options include self-leveling cam- The Gas Alert Micro Clip from Milwaukee Rubber Products
era heads, USB recording and adjustable sun shield/monitor cover. 905/604- provides protection from atmospheric gas hazards. It offers
7040;; Booth #5053. visual compliance at a glance with the flashing green Intel-
liFlash. Easy one-button operation reduces training time and
I.S.T. Services Elastotec Coating System lets workers focus on the job at hand. For simple, cost-effective
Create a seamless and durable new surface inside any management of records, calibration and bump testing, it is
pipe material without damaging existing structures with the compatible with the MicroDock II automatic test and cali-
Elastotec Coating System from I.S.T. Services. It can increase bration system and Fleet Manager II software. Its continu-
the life span of pipes with high resistance to pressure and ous LCD shows real-time gas concentrations while its compact
chemicals. The Elastotec machine is easy to use and trans- and lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear. It is
port, and repairs 1 1/2- to 8-inch pipes with no wasted mate- water-resistant with a built-in concussion-proof boot and multi-language
rial or reinstatements. The spray-and-brush dual-applications support. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. 800/325-
system applies an elastoflake coating material made up of 3730;; Booth #3030.
a two-component polyurethane resin. It has a 90-second curing time, is ultra-
durable and chemically resistant. High elasticity avoids the cracks and tension MyTana MS11-NG2
that can arise form thermal expansion or other mechanical stress. 858/997- The MS11-NG2 midsize inspection system from
0004;; Booth #6038. MyTana has a USB for recording and storage. The sys-
tem is suitable for inspecting 3- to 6-inch lines with the
InfoSense SL-RAT choice of 150 or 200 feet of pushrod. The unit has a
The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT) 64GB internal drive as well as two onboard USB ports,
from InfoSense uses active acoustics to provide a quick and a 32GB removable USB drive. The one-piece design
view of blockage conditions within gravity-fed sewers. is lightweight with a handy carrying handle. The cam-
The test takes three minutes with no flow contact. It era head is color, self-leveling with a built in 512 Hz transmitter for locat-
allows a crew of two to inspect 10,000 to 20,000 feet ing trouble spots, even in cast iron pipes. The monitor provides a clear
per day. It is EPA validated and GPS enabled. Data picture. 800/328-8170;; Booth #2200.
can be downloaded to the Sewer Line Data OrGanizer, or SL-DOG, cloud
application for visualization in Google Earth, or integrated with enterprise/ National Vacuum Equipment 887
GIS applications. 704/644-1164;; Booth #2103. The 887 500 cfm rotary vane vacuum pump from
National Vacuum Equipment is a makeover of the 866,
Jetstream RotoMag X22 2-D nozzle and includes enhanced pressure capabilities and con-
In production for several years, the Jetstream tinuous-duty vacuum to 25 inches Hg. A positive func-
RotoMag X22 2-D self-powered rotary nozzle for vessel tion ballast check system turns on or off as vacuum
cleaning and pipe cleaning applications has a stain- level passes 18 inches Hg. It includes NVE vanes and
less steel body and rotor, and a body shroud to pro- an NVE oil pump for precision oil delivery. It can be
tect the nozzle while cleaning. It is available as a single packaged in a variety of ways to fit any installation and drive system. It
tool rated up to 22,000 psi. A magnetic braking sys- includes an enhanced, efficient oil catch muffler and sound-deadening
tem controls rotational speed for minimal wear and designs. 800/253-5500;; Booth #2401.
maximum impact without streaking. Spinning on a film of high-pressure
water, it has no ball bearings to replace, making field service simple. 800/231- NozzTeq MANTA Series Bottom Cleaner
8192;; Booth #5050. The MANTA Series Bottom Cleaner from NozzTeq
is recycled water friendly, with interior surfaces and
LADTECH manhole riser ring interchangeable rear jetting plates made of stainless
Manhole riser rings from LADTECH can be installed steel and ceramic parts to stand up to hard water and
in minutes. The rings nest together, and include a 2 grit. It is more than 50 pounds, and slides on wide run-
percent slope ring and a 1/4-inch spacer ring for a pre- ners that are replaceable. It is designed to stay on the
cision fit. Theyre made of high-density, lightweight recy- bottom of large-diameter pipes for effective jetting,
cled polyethylene, meet AASHTOs HS-25 axle-loading and the nozzle doesnt wear out. The jetting plate is also interchangeable
spec, and are impervious to H2S corrosion that destroys and replaceable, and plates come in eight-, 10- and 12-jet configurations.
concrete. 877/425-1252;; Booth #1131. 866/620-5915;; Booth #1454.

48 January 2017




1-866-795-1586 . WWW.SEWERNOZZLES.COM

4229 January 2017 49

2017 WWETT Product Preview
OMSI Transmissions imagery of every surface, as well as six active 3-D sensors that record hun-
OMSI Transmissions offers split-shaft and dreds of thousands of spatial data points for precise measurements. 800/767-
engine power take-offs used in sewer cleaning 1974;; Booth #2723.
machines, drilling rigs, concrete pumpers, fire
fighting vehicles, along with mechanical/hydro- RapidView IBAK GATOR Automatic Lateral Detector
static combined drive groups used in street The Automatic Lateral Detector sensor from
sweepers, street flushers and airport support equipment. The companys RapidView IBAK mounts on the front armature
axles, transmissions and gearboxes are used in agricultural and industrial of GATOR cutters, and allows the user to locate
machines, while railway transmissions are used in railway maintenance vehi- lateral connections through the pipe liner before
cles, and mining transmissions and drives are used in mining equipment. reinstatement. Using a small microwave emitter
330/405-7350;; Booth #3101. and easy-to-use software, it locates the lateral behind the liner and automat-
ically marks the center of the lateral for reinstatement. The system can be
Pelsue LifeGuard operated in a completely automatic mode, finding the laterals even if a pre-
The Pelsue LifeGuard provides a space barrier, fall inspection was not completed prior to lining. The sensor allows rehabilita-
protection and retrieval capabilities in an all-in-one por- tion companies to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes when reinstating
table system. It includes dual anchor points with an over- laterals. 800/656-4225,; Booth #2205.
head proof load of 5,000 pounds. It is designed to be
used with a hoist, SRL, three-way system or a combina- Reelcraft Series HD70000
tion of devices. The system including the hoist can be Series HD70000 hose reels from Reelcraft are
set up or taken down by only one person in less than designed to accommodate up to 100 feet of 3/8-inch-I.D.
five minutes. It easily comes apart in two pieces for hose or 75 feet of 1/2-inch-I.D. hose. The heavy-duty base
storage or transportation; the bottom piece folds flat, and the top arms design, all-steel construction and a baked-on powder-coat
collapse together. 800/525-8460;; Booth #5532. finish combine to produce a rugged, corrosion-resistant
product. A newly redesigned latching mechanism pro-
Pik Rite used tank service work vides longer service life of the latch components. The
Pik Rite provides complete makeovers to used containerized drive spring offers safer and easier handling during mainte-
trucks. This 2004 Sterling cab was repainted to a nance. Two sealed ball bearings produce a smoother spool rotation and eas-
clean white and the 4,000-gallon Pik Rite tank was ier operation. The guide arm adjusts to seven positions for various mounting
cleaned up and repainted as well. New aluminum locations and applications. 800/444-3134;; Booth #1572.
hose trays replaced the old ones, along with new wir-
ing and toolboxes. In the end, this 12-year-old tank RIDGID CS65x
and chassis was made to look new again. One smooth transition at Pik Rite, The RIDGID CS65x enhanced digital reporting
rather than subbing it out to various shops, allowed for a complete team monitor allows users to provide immediate drainline
approach, and the components fit together seamlessly, from paint to wiring inspection footage using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabil-
and chassis and tank fit-up. 800/330-3965;; Booth #4213. ities to simplify footage viewing and transfer while
improving workflow efficiency. The upgraded model
Pipeline Renewal Technologies Quick-Lock has the same technology of the CS65, providing one-
For stand-alone point repair, or for pre-lining touch image recording for fast, efficient documenta-
under high infiltration, the Quick-Lock sleeve from tion of inspections, along with a new quad-core processer and solid-state
Pipeline Renewal Technologies offers a rapid, easy- hard drive. A companion app is available for download and is compatible
to-install and economical way to repair failing pipe. with Android and iOS devices. 800/769-7743;; Booth #1354.
It restores the host pipes strength with heavy-gauge
316L stainless steel, and seals out infiltration with Sealing Systems Infi-Shield Gator Wrap
a single-piece vulcanized EPDM rubber gasket. A sleeve installs in minutes Infi-Shield Gator Wrap from Sealing Systems pre-
with minimal equipment and overhead. It is positioned inside the host pipe vents infiltration and erosion by providing a water-
on a wheeled flow-through packer pushed by any standard CCTV crawler. tight seal around any manhole, catch basin or pipe
They are available in diameters ranging 6 to 28 inches, and in lengths of joint. It resists harsh soil conditions and provides a
16 and 20 inches. Multiple sleeves can be interleaved to perform longer root barrier for any crack or joint. It is made of a
repairs. 866/936-8476;; Booth #6032. stretchable, self-shrinking, intra-curing halogenated-
based rubber. The backside of each seal is coated with a cross-linked rein-
R.S. Technical Services Helix forced butyl adhesive. The seal is designed to stretch around the joint and
The Helix from R.S. Technical Services is an then overlap, creating a cross-linked and fused bond between the rubber
advanced manhole inspection system designed to help and butyl adhesive. It installs easily with no special tools and can be imme-
municipalities improve system performance by dra- diately backfilled. 800/478-2054;; Booth #4122.
matically lowering manpower costs, avoiding struc-
tural failures, and easily sourcing inflow and Sewer Equipment Model 900 ECO
infiltration. Deployed from a CCTV vehicle, pickup Sewer Equipment has announced the delivery
or ATV, it is capable of scanning a manhole in under of its 7,000th unit, a Model 900 ECO combina-
a minute, allowing a one-man crew to perform over 50 manhole inspec- tion sewer cleaner. This unit is equipped with
tions a day. It has six high-resolution cameras that capture panoramic (continued)

50 January 2017

2017 WWETT Product Preview
a 12-yard debris tank, Duraprolene water tanks carrying 1,400 gallons of on- transfers it to a water reservoir used by the Jeter water
board water, and has a Hydro Drive powertrain system, which completely elim- pump. It comes with a 2,500-gallon debris tank with
inates the need for a transfer case. Complete with a triplex plunger-style pump stainless steel liner and vibrator, 1,500-gallon water
that is capable of 55 gpm at 3,000 psi, and 4,400 cfm blower at 18 inches Hg, tank, hydraulic boom and dump, and a full-opening
built on an eco-friendly platform, this truck provides greater fuel efficiency and rear door. Vacuum is provided by a 3,800 cfm at 27
offers noise reduction. 888/477-7611;; Booth #3121. inches Hg Robuschi blower, while jetting power is
provided by an 80 gpm, 2,500 psi Pratissoli water pump. The rear door-
Spartan Tool Soldier
mounted hydraulic hose reel holds 600 feet of 1-inch hose. 866/839-5702;
The midsize Soldier trailer hydro jetter from
Spartan Tool delivers 3,000 psi at 12 gpm for pipe sizes; Booth #1537.
3 to 12 inches in diameter. With a standard antifreeze
system, it can be used in any weather conditions. An T&T Tools manhole cover opener
optional Warthog nozzle lets the user make quick work The manhole cover opener and septic tank lid remover
of ice, grease and tough root blockages. It has a pivot- from T&T Tools has a T-handle design that integrates the
ing hose reel for full access to any drain location. With strength of a 5/8-inch heat-treated hex shaft. This T-handle
its compact form, fully enclosed and lockable engine cover, and 200-gallon allows the user to securely use both hands to grip the hook and
water tank, it is ready to handle stubborn stoppages. A skid-mount version remove the cover. The weight of the cover is effectively trans-
is also available. 800/435-3866;; Booth #5032. ferred to the grip of both hands, allowing for a better pulling
posture. The 5/8-inch hex shaft is heat-treated and hardened,
StoneAge Tools Switcher creating a durable, long-lasting tool while reducing the chance
Switcher cleaning heads from StoneAge Tools elimin- of bending. The working end is designed to fit in a wide vari-
ate extra runs by switching between pulling and ety of openings. It is available in 24-, 30- and 36-inch lengths.
descaling jets. They allow technicians to use the 800/521-6893;; Booth #6004.
same tool to quickly run down the line, engage
full cutting force to clear obstructions or roots, Trans Lease
then switch again to move debris. Every time the An independent lease and finance
pump is idled down and brought back to pressure, company, Trans Lease, covers the U.S.
the tool alternates function between two different sets of jets. Field use of and Canada, with a focus on the transpor-
Magnum tools with a Switcher head versus the traditional method of using tation industry. The companys specialty
two tools demonstrates marked water and time savings. 866/795-1586; markets division covers specific industries, such as industrial cleaning and; Booth #5144. excavation. 877/600-6423;; Booth #5259.

Super Products Camel 1200 with wastewater recycling USB-Sewer Equipment Corporation Turbo S600
Available on the Camel 1200 sewer cleaner, The Turbo S600 chain cutter from USB-Sewer
Super Products wastewater recycling system
Equipment Corporation is made of tempered stain-
has a six-stage water filtration process that
less steel and has a continuously adjustable guide
enables effective sewer cleaning action with-
skid. The chain retainer is driven by a high-perfor-
out the need for freshwater, leading to sub-
mance turbine on a robust body to remove concrete,
stantial water, time and money savings for municipalities and sewer contractors.
Its ejector plate serves as a full-body primary filter that thoroughly separates calcium deposits, hardened grease and tubercula-
solids from liquids collected in the debris body. The collected water then tion from 12- to 24-inch sewer lines. Its optimized 3-D hydromechanics in
travels through a series of filters, strainers and a separator that removes conjunction with ceramic nozzle inserts allow the cutter to be used with
particles from the liquid using centrifugal action. 800/837-9711; recycled or clean water. 866/408-2814;; Booth #5055.; Booth #6244.
Vac-Con Omnibus Precision Power Control System
Superior Signal Smoke Fluid System The Omnibus Precision Power
Smoke Fluid Systems from Superior Signal are used Control System from Vac-Con gives the
to find faults and sources of surface water inflow in operator control authority over all vac-
collections systems. The smoke fluid is both high quality uum, water and engine functions. One
and economically priced. All blowers are engineered simple control operates all of the vacuum and water system functions of
for smoke testing, using a double-insulated heating Vac-Con combination machines, allowing the operator to use only as much
chamber with stainless steel injector to maximize dry power as needed, saving time and fuel while allowing precise movements
smoke output, and produce the best-quality liquid-based of the hydraulic components. It uses an upgraded electrical system (CAN-
smoke. Blowers can also be configured to work with Supe-
bus) that improves hydraulic performance and optimizes hydrostatic vac-
rior Smoke Candles. 800/945-8378;; Booth #4110.
uum efficiencies, which include lower engine rpm and increased vacuum
SUPERVAC2000 Triton performance. It includes an easy-to-use, full-color operator display that con-
The Triton combination sewer cleaner from SUPERVAC2000 has a water tains all necessary operator functions on a single screen, along with a ded-
recycling system that uses a Juggler filter to allow continuous work without icated diagnostics page, chassis page and virtual circuit breaker. 904/284-4200;
downtime for water filling. It filters water collected in the debris tank and; Booth #1061.

52 January 2017

Vactor 2100 Plus with water recycling by RELINER / Duran Inc.
An optional water recycling system for the
U.S.Patent 6074130 Canadian Patent 2269565
Vactor 2100 Plus sewer cleaner reuses water already
in the sewer to clean sewer lines, eliminating the
need for clean water. A five-stage filtration system
combines settling, centrifugal separation and abso-
lute filtration to 100-micron particle sizes, prevent-
ing any abrasive solids from entering the jetting system. It can help
municipalities save thousands of gallons of freshwater, improve efficiencies,
reduce costs and promote sustainability. The system can also increase oper-
ator productivity up to 100 percent, enabling operators to clean twice the
number of lines. 815/672-3171;; Booth #5050.
Drop Bowl
Water Cannon 16T55 RELINER Drop Bowl
The 16T55 turnkey jetter package from Water
Cannon is road-ready with an onboard 200-gallon flexible coupling
water tank capacity and customizable jetter hose up
RELINER Pipe Support
to 500 feet. It includes a two-wheel road-ready com-
mercial jetter trailer, electric-rewind high-capacity
hose reel that can hold 500 feet of 3/8-inch or 350
your pipe
feet of 1/2-inch hose, poly toolbox, lights, front jack
with wheel, safety chains, and aluminum fenders. The jetter includes a
Honda GX690 twin-cylinder electric-start engine, V-belt drive, trailer-
mounted skid, and 15-gallon EPA- and CARB-approved poly fuel tank. Its RELINER Pipe Support
TS-Series General triplex plunger pump supplies 8 gpm at 3,500 psi. It
has a pump-mounted jetter pulse valve, foot valve with 8-foot jumper hose, Drop Bowl with Hood
and three jetter nozzles the Penetrator, Flusher and De-Greaser/De-
Icer. 800/333-9274;; Booth #5255. RELINER Pipe Support

Westech Vac Systems Predator

Westech Vac Systems, a member of the Federal your elbow
Signal Environmental Solutions Group, will fea-
ture a Predator DOT 407/412 liquid vacuum truck.
It combines high vacuum and pressure off-load-
ing designed to deliver reliable performance in
the most demanding applications. Available for
rental or purchase, with features available such as a dumping 3,000-gallon DOT- Stainless Pipe Support
certified tank, full-opening rear door and a powerful 28-inch Hg rotary vane
vacuum pump, the unit is designed to handle bulk liquids, sludge and semi-
solid waste in industrial applications. The Westech Predator expands Federal Drop Bowl & Pipe Supports
Eliminate troublesome outside drops
Signal Environmental Solutions Groups industrial cleaning offerings by expand-
ing into hazardous material transportation offerings, certified with TC/DOT
407/412 specifications. 780/955-3030;; Booth #5050. F Reduce maintenance
Simplify inspection
Clean from above
Install quickly
1020 Simply bolts to manhole wall
Stop corrosion
Ideal for wet wells - Increase pump life
Made in the U.S.A.
800-508-6001 January 2017 53
at the 2017 COLE Publishing
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Standard equipment gets you to the
Standard equipment gets you to the
equipment gets you to the
bottom of the wet well utilizing an
bottom of the wet well utilizing an
of the wet well utilizing an
18Hg Positive Displacement Blower
18Hg Positive Displacement Blower
Positive Displacement Blower
with 4400 CFM airrow.
with 4400 CFM airrow.
4400 CFM airrow.


By Craig Mandli

Avanti International AV-100

LMK Technologies T-Liner
The Strong Company
Storm Seal
Emagineered Solutions Perma-Main

CIPP structural cylinder that renews 18 inches and 360 degrees of the mainline
and extends up the lateral pipe as one continuous lining. T-Liner with
Avanti International AV-100 Insignia compression gasket sealing technology provides a verifiable non-
AV-100 from Avanti International is an ultralow-viscosity, chemically reac- leaking system. These compression gaskets are embedded between the host
tive gel that has a similar viscosity to water. It can permeate anywhere water pipe and the T-Liner and are compatible with all pipe types, including poly-
can travel and has adjustable cure times from five seconds to more than 10 ethylene. 815/433-1275;
hours. It is used to rehabilitate and sustain stormwater and sanitary sewer
systems by eliminating infiltration in manholes, sewer mainlines, joints, lat- Perma-Liner Industries Perma-Main Top Gun
erals, and before or after various forms of CIPP lining. By eliminating infil- The Perma-Main Top Gun from Perma-Liner Industries is a manhole-
tration before lining pipes, maximum performance is achieved with an to-manhole, continuous inversion lining system. It is specifically designed
infiltration-free environment. After lining, it can serve as an injection grout to rehabilitate 8- to 24-inch-diameter pipelines in only a few hours with no
for reinstating laterals and sealing the connection. It creates an effective, excavation or disruption in substrate. The liner is air inverted through exist-
long-lasting water barrier while providing soil stabilization. 800/877-2570; ing manholes and steam cured in as little as 90 minutes using compact 750,000 Btu dry steam generators. This minimizes repair time, road
closures and reconstruction, and allows for safe reactivation of the repaired
Emagineered Solutions THE SHOOTER pipeline in just hours. Because the system can be continuously fed, there
THE SHOOTER continuous air-inversion machine from Emagineered is no limit to the length of material it can invert. Depending on the infra-
Solutions is available in two models the mobile 12 with built-in lubrication structure, the installation lengths for liners typically average 300 to more
system and knife gate for after the liner tail passes, which inverts 6- through than 600 feet. Prep time is minimal because all liner materials are pre-
12-inch liner; and a trailer-mounted 24 for 15- through 24-inch liner. An measured and delivered to the repair location pre-saturated. 866/336-2568;
optional conversion kit for the 24 inverts the smaller 6- to 12-inch liner using
the larger machine. The structurally reinforced LIPs will not fail during an
install. LIPs are available in 4 through 24 inches, and are fully adjustable for The Strong Company Storm Seal
various liner thicknesses. 541/504-0416; Storm Seal from The Strong Company is a specially formulated, fiber-
reinforced, cementitious mixture designed for lining the interior of
LMK Technologies T-Liner corrugated metal pipes, culverts, concrete pipes, catch basins and other
The T-Liner from LMK Technologies is a one-piece homogenous main stormwater structures. It is centrifugally cast using the Strong-Seal System
and lateral CIPP connection liner that is ASTM F2561 compliant. It has a mixer, pump and spinner, which are electronically controlled for con-
uniform wall thickness and incorporates compressible lining material at sistent product and thickness of application. It may also be sprayed
the upstream and downstream ends, creating a smooth, tapered transition manually. 800/982-8009;
to the host pipe. Both the mainline and lateral sections are formed as a (continued)

56 January 2017

Got Concrete?
8 lb Paikert

12 lb BOOTH
C-Ray 400 Orca

AK Manta
Manhole Cover Extractor
Y Extractor
ho e Cover
A acto
o er Extractor
C Extra

8 lb. and 12 lb. (4140) ASTM A148 cast

Hydro-Torque BL Swiper C-Ray 800
steel head breaks frozen covers free easily.
Impact Cutter
Serrated edge strengthens pick-end and eliminates possiblity of tool
that can remove hard
becoming bottlenecked in the cover.
Rentals deposits with strength of
Combination sledge hammer and pick/pry bar. Two tools in one Available up to 5000 PSI. This is the Jaws 100 Jaws
enables a worker to carry only one piece of equipment into the street go to cutter when all else fails.
Tapered saw-tooth pick fits 5/8 or larger drain holes and most pick slots.
Equipment Engineered for
Top quality handle constructed of fiberglass. Long Lasting Performance
Mary A is patented. Lumberjack Fir
Distributed by:
D Meadows Monro-Jet Ice Bear
Taking Science to the Sewer!
Fax (325) 695-7954 Lumberjack
Web site: Free 1.866.620.5915 75 series Spinner January 2017 57


HammerHead Trenchless Equipment Pipeline Renewal Technologies

HydroBurst 100XT American Shoring
Slide Rail Shoring System
Pow-r Mole Sales
Model PD-33M

PIPE BURSTING TOOLS lic fluid at up to 43.5 gpm and 4,500 psi. In 50-ton mode the unit directs
all hydraulic fluid to just two of the cylinders, which can then move twice
HammerHead Trenchless Equipment HydroBurst 100XT as fast as in 100-ton mode. 800/331-6653;
The compact HydroBurst 100XT static pipe bursting system from
HammerHead Trenchless Equipment offers 99 tons of pulling force. Pow-r Mole Sales Model PD-33M
Featuring tethered remote control, the streamlined unit pays out rod quickly The Model PD-33M pipe bursting machine from Pow-r Mole Sales is
due to its automated rod spinning assembly and the design of its hydraulic designed to replace existing underground pipes from 2 to 6 inches in
cylinders. It weighs 3,200 pounds and is only 39 inches high by 30 inches diameter. Its nonslip cylinder-activated jaws prevent cable damage, while
wide. It can replace pipes up to 16 inches in diameter, yet is compact enough providing 60,000 pounds of pulling force. It offers a cost-effective alterna-
to use with pipes as small as 4 inches. The pulling machines water-cooled tive to opencut excavation, which reduces customer disruption and increases
PP4500 hydraulic powerpack with 72.7 hp Kubota engine pumps hydrau- company profits. The process replaces the existing pipe with a fused HDPE
pipe, which eliminates all joints and allows the operator to pull through
bends such as 45-degree fittings. This system is modular and can be easily
disassembled and reassembled for manhole and basement applications.
With a compact design and very small footprint of only 20 by 20 inches, this
unit can be used in tight locations. 800/344-6653;

Pipeline Renewal Technologies Quick-Lock
For stand-alone point repair, or for pre-lining under high infiltration,
the Quick-Lock sleeve from Pipeline Renewal Technologies offers a rapid,
easy-to-install and economical way to repair failing pipe. It restores the
host pipes strength with heavy-gauge 316L stainless steel, and seals out
infiltration with a single-piece vulcanized EPDM rubber gasket. Suitable
for sewer, water and industrial applications, a sleeve installs in minutes
with minimal equipment and overhead. It is positioned inside the host
pipe on a wheeled flow-through packer pushed by any standard CCTV
crawler. Once in position, the packer expands the sleeve against the pipe
wall to structurally reinforce it and to stop infiltration. It is available in
diameters ranging from 6 to 28 inches, and in lengths of 16 and 20 inches.
Multiple sleeves can be interleaved to perform longer repairs. 866/936-

American Shoring Slide Rail Shoring System
The Slide Rail Shoring System from American Shoring can be used in
a number of configurations, including for bore pits under roadways, streams
or other obstacles. The sheeting system can be used at depths up to 30 feet
and is installed with an excavator, with no need for special equipment. The
system can also be equipped with a doghouse panel to accommodate the
casing pipe. 800/407-4674; F

58 January 2017

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Get the ultimate view of where construction is going.

Go hands-on with the new technologies spread out over 2,500,000

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March 7-11, 2017 | Las Vegas Convention Center | Las Vegas, USA
with January 2017 59


Lane Aviation was happy to avoid the mess of excavation by utiliz-
ing no-dig, environmentally friendly technology. 800/248-0020;

Spincast system used to reline corrugated pipe

The storm system for Royal Palms, the largest subdivision in Atlantic Beach,
Florida, is comprised mainly of corrugated metal pipe. When faced with the
elements of its coastal environment, including salt, tidal influence and sandy
soil, the system developed major problems, such as leaks, corrosion, sub-
sidence and even collapses. After spending $200,000 on spot repairs with no
end in sight, Atlantic Beach embarked on a $3.2 million storm sewer rehabil-
itation project to address their system as a whole. Some pipes could not be
excavated and replaced due to the disruption it would cause homeowners and
the impact potential settling could have on the houses. Additionally, lining
the larger-diameter pipes would have yielded too high a cost.

Two large elliptical pipes, with cross sections of 40 by 65 inches and 44
by 72 inches, running 106 and 119 feet in length, were rehabilitated using
CentriPipe from AP/M Permaform. The spincaster is inserted into failing UV-light-cured CIPP used
pipes and withdrawn at a predetermined speed while spincasting a fine- to reline sewer below cemetery
aggregate, fiber-reinforced concrete to form a structural liner.
RESULT: The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSDGC), through
The pipe was coated with a smooth liner that was 1.75 inches thick its ongoing preventative maintenance program, encountered a sensitive
at the top and bottom and 1.5 inches thick at the sides. The finished infrastructure problem video inspection revealed significant deteriora-
product proved to be a cost-effective solution that is smooth, tightly tion of a sewer located in an easement running directly under the Calvary
bonded, structurally sound and has minimal impact on inner diameter Cemetery. Because of the sewers location beneath grave sites, excavation
and flow. 800/662-6465; was not an option.

CIPP utilized to reline pipes below airport Layne Inliner, the winning bidder and owner of the Inliner STX
UV-light-cured CIPP product, rehabilitated approximately 416 feet of 24-inch
and 169 feet of 15-inch badly deteriorated vitrified clay pipe. Additionally,
Lane Aviation, a fixed-base operator at John Glenn Columbus Inter-
one new manhole was installed to provide access to a blind lateral connec-
national Airport in Columbus, Ohio, had several sections of belowground
tion. Because the existing sewer was badly offset with numerous turns, Layne
pipe that leaked to the point where they were no longer efficient.
performed the rehabilitation in several installations.
After discovering that pipe replacement can be very time-consuming, RESULT:
expensive and messy, they contacted Flow-Liner Systems for a trenchless The project spanned one week and was completed in August 2016.
pipe lining solution. Using CIPP, the installer successfully lined the pipes MSDGC has now expanded its approved trenchless repair methods
by means of the Flow-Liner Inversion System, effectively navigating bends to include STX UV-light-cured CIPP for future pipe rehabilitation
and reinstating branch line connections in only two days. projects. 812/865-3232;
60 January 2017
Spray-applied polyurea stops leaks
in potable water pipeline
Problem: the M100 pipe bursting system from TRIC Tools, along with a custom burst-
A 1/2-mile-long section of 78-year-old unlined, steel potable water ing head and a modified boom-reel truck. The pipe bursting was
pipeline in Tacoma, Washington, was damaged after years of service and performed in two stages over one city block, due to daytime scheduling and
suffered several serious leaks. Businesses and residences surrounded the a broken pulling cable.
pipeline, making excavation and replacement an expensive and impractical
option. Tacoma Water required an effective pipeline repair solution and RESULT:
extended-life corrosion control strategy. The pipe bursting portion of the project was completed on time and on
budget. 888/883-8742; F
PipeLiner 5000 11-70 PW spray-applied polyurea lining from Rhino Linings

Prevents Infiltration
was selected to repair the pipe without the need to excavate and physically
replace the pipeline. Specifically designed for potable water applications, it
has passed the rigorous testing requirements of the NSF/ANSI-61 Section 5
(2012) potable water standard and is Truesdail Laboratories listed. The 58-inch-
I.D. pipeline was first dewatered, patched and cleaned. The lining was spray- The manhole chimney area is the number
applied 350 to 400 mils thick, or almost 3/8 inch, using a robotic spray head one source of infiltration in sanitary sewer
collection systems. Preventing infiltration
designed by the contractor to seal leaks and provide structural support. It can
during the construction process is very cost
also be applied using high-pressure, 1-to-1 spray equipment.
effective and simple. Infi-Shield External
Seal is the best solution since it increases
RESULT: system capacity by preventing erosion and
The project was completed in four weeks with minimal distur- infiltration in both manholes and catch
bance to the surrounding businesses and residences. Tacoma Water is basins. The one piece molded seal is made
pleased with the quick turnaround time, and expects the newly from EPDM rubber and it has a reinforced
coated pipeline to serve its purpose for a minimum of 50 years. preformed L-shaped corner.
800/422-2603; BOOTH
Pipe bursting system used Infi-Shield Gator Wrap

to install new sanitary sewer prevents infiltration and

erosion by providing a
Problem: water-tight seal around any
manhole, catch basin or pipe
The San Francisco, California, municipal sewer system is old and com-
joint. Infi-Shield Gator Wrap
plicated, and particularly distinguished by being the only combined sewer resists harsh soil conditions
system in the Bay Area. In May 2016, Empire Engineering of San Francisco and also provides a root
hired EPS Inc. to burst 300 lineal feet of 18-inch VCP sanitary sewer and barrier for any crack or joint.
install 18-inch DR17 HDPE at the busy Embarcadero Center, on Sacramento
Street between Front and Battery streets.

Solution: Sealing Systems, Inc.

EPS elected to perform static pipe bursting (non-pneumatic), because 800-478-2054
the job required an absolute minimum of disturbance, since work was scheduled
during daytime hours in the downtown financial district. Technicians used January 2017 61


CLADLINER combines cementitious and
high-build epoxy characteristics
By Craig Mandli

T he CLADLINER manhole restoration system combines the simplicity

of a cementitious liner with the performance of a high-build epoxy
liner in one product. That combination of technologies, according
to the maker, makes it an ideal fit for difficult manhole restoration projects.
It is the first new-generation hybrid epoxy coating of its kind, says Scott
In development since 2011, the high chemical resistance of CLADLINER
offers more than 250 times the chemical resistance of calcium aluminate
Bevens, CLADLINERs West Coast distributor. It is the first coating on the and is 200 times more chemically resistant than pure fused calcium alumi-
market with high chemical resistance designed to perform in conditions nate, according to a 2016 study conducted by Florida Atlantic University.
with pH of 1 or less, and antimicrobial technology. Bevens says the feedback from municipalities and private contractors that
CLADLINER incorporates a formula that contains a broad-spectrum have used the product in the field has been encouraging.
antimicrobial agent. This antimicrobial agent has been clinically tested and The feedback has been very positive, he says. Customers have been
has been shown to react with key proteins in a microbes outer membrane, very pleased with the ease of application, including the easy surface prep,
blocking the transfer of necessary nutrients into the cell. CLADLINER can simple mixing procedures, and the fact that it can be sprayed. They also
be effectively used as a resurfacer and liner in a single simple application. like the cost-effectiveness in combination with the great performance
It provides the easy and forgiving application of a traditional cementitious characteristics.
liner, with the performance of high-build epoxy. That combination makes Bevens points out that CLADLINER was developed with the idea that
it a fit across multiple applications. one lining product can serve multiple purposes, leading to cost and work-
It can be used in the wet, humid conditions typically found in man- load efficiency.
hole environments, says Bevens. It is ideal for rehabilitating and lining To sum it up, CLADLINER gives customers the cost-effectiveness and
structures in the wastewater collections system including manholes, lift sta- ease of a cementitious liner with the high performance qualities of a high-
tions and man-accessible pipe. build epoxy, says Bevens. 702/516-7661;

minute or liters per second. Data is wirelessly transmitted to the companys

HammerHead Trenchless winch app, and defect flows are reported in minutes and incorporated into Innovyze
The HammerHead HydroGuide HG1200 winch InfoMaster for display and analysis. 800/975-6149;
is designed to be more efficient and easy to use in
pipe bursting, sliplining and slitting applications. ALL-TEST Pro hand-held analyzer
The unit has a hydraulic downrigger that auto- The ATPOL II hand-held analyzer from All-Test
matically deploys the boom downhole and can comes in a new smaller size and features Bluetooth
fine-tune the depth up to 18 feet. It also has capabilities. The unit acts as both a complete motor
precision controls for line speed, from 0 to 111 feet per minute, and pres- analyzer and a complete power-quality analyzer for
sure, from 0.5 to 12 tons. A Tier 4 Kubota D1105 four-cycle diesel engine both AC induction, DC and other types of electric
provides power, and a radial piston motor provides consistent pulling power. motors. Bluetooth technology allows the device to be
800/331-6653; operated up to 30 feet from energized equipment.
Electro Scan completes integration
with Innovyze InfoMaster Singer Valve level controller
Electro Scan has completed data integra- The LCP-TP single-process level controller from Singer Valve is designed
tion between its sewer condition assessment to complement Singers single solenoid-operated/override control valves and
solution and Innovyze InfoMaster. Electro sensor. This combination package is ideal for filling any kind of tank with
Scans technology is able to evaluate 360 degrees water that requires filling to a level setpoint and then drawing down the level
of pipe wall and measure defects in gallons per of the tank to a secondary setpoint before activating the fill cycle again, which

62 January 2017


ensures tank turnover. The controller is programmed with PipeLogix adds location and expands staff
customized level control algorithms and offers both local PipeLogix Inc. will open a new East Coast sales and support office. It
control via interactive display or remote control via 4-20mA will be located in Detroit, Michigan, and will be staffed by new hires.
or Serial Modbus SCADA communication. It has AC or
DC external power options and contains 24-volts DC Ditch Witch offers online training in Spanish and German
internal power supply for PLC and field sensor power. Ditch Witch now offers certified online training courses in Spanish and
It has an IP67 enclosure rating and is UL certified, German. The program provides novice operators six online HDD courses
built with surge protection as well as over-circuit pro-
that can be taken at home, at a dealership or on a mobile device.
tection, which ensure protection of the main PLC during voltage spikes
and surges. It is capable of on/off level control using input from either level
switches or 4-20mA level transmitters. 888/764-7858; Sprayroq names director
of business development
GapVax/Wiedemann Recycle JetVac Sprayroq named Jeremy Huckaby director of business
The GapVax/Wiedemann Recycle JetVac is designed to development. Huckaby has 12 years experience in the
improve efficiency by eliminating time spent driving to commercial and industrial coatings industry, and will focus
fill site. The unit uses a combination of self-cleaning on matching the companys products to the countrys
backflush mesh, centrifugal separation cyclones, infrastructure needs.
and progressive sedimentation to remove abra- Jeremy Huckaby
sives in recycled water. The unit has a 10 1/2-cubic- Jett named controller
yard debris tank, 125-gallon freshwater tank and
a 1,500-gallon stainless steel water tank. Other
for Washington County Service Authority
Melinda Jett has been named controller for the Washington County
features include a 180-degree rotation boom, a 6-inch by 66-foot-long suction
Service Authority in southwest Virginia. Jett will direct WCSAs financial
hose and 125 gpm/2,175 psi water system. 888/442-7829;
affairs and serve as a member of the capital improvement funding, plan-
ning and leadership teams. She has more than two decades experience,
ADS wireless sewer level monitor and she comes to WCSA from Highlands Union Bank in Abingdon, Vir-
The ADS ECHO is a self-contained, wireless sewer level
ginia, where she served as director of internal audit for 10 years.
monitoring system that alerts operators when flow levels exceed
critical thresholds. The monitor uses ultrasonic sensing
technology to provide focused level measurement from the Komatsu America celebrates 30 years in Chattanooga
top of the manhole into the pipe invert at distances up to 20 Komatsu America honored 30 years of manufacturing in Chattanooga,
feet. The unit provides alerts via text or email and Tennessee, with a weeklong celebration. The Chattanooga plant opened in
integrates ADSs FlowView web-based interface for data February 1985, and was Komatsus first plant in the United States. In honor
collection and analysis. 800/633-7246; of 30 years of manufacturing and cooperation with the community, the
plant hosted daily tours, concluding the week with a plant ceremony.
PipeHunter Red Dawg nozzle
The Red Dawg Low-Pro pipe cleaning nozzle from PipeHunter ServiceTitan partners with GreenSky
is available 1/2- and 3/4-inch sizes. The unit fea- ServiceTitan partnered with the GreenSky program to bring homeown-
tures three forward-facing jets and six rear- ers an easier, more modern way to finance home improvement. With the
facing jets, which are all replaceable. The simple new integration, technicians can show financing options and allow home-
design of the nozzle helps prevent hang-ups owners to submit applications within ServiceTitans mobile app. The part-
and allows it to enter lateral clean-outs with ease. nership will also provide access to GreenSkys financing programs to help
800/373-1318; homeowners finance improvements.

Vactor Manufacturing water recycling system US Jetting passes certification

Vactor Manufacturing introduced an optional for safety-compliant trailers
water recycling system for 2100 Plus combina- US Jetting passed its safety compliance certification with the National
tion sewer cleaners. The system reuses water Association of Trailer Manufacturers. The NATM sets regulations and guide-
already in the sewer to clean sewer lines, poten- lines governing trailer construction in an effort to stop the production of
tially eliminating the need for clean water and unsafe trailers for American roadways. US Jetting trailers will now display
saving thousands of gallons of clean water every NATM decals to recognize the completion of on-site consultations and com-
shift. The recycling system also helps improve pliance with these guidelines.
productivity by eliminating time spent refilling
the tank and driving to a tank filling location. Initiated Trio Vision acquires Cobra Technologies
by a switch on the control panel, a five-stage filtration process combines Trio Vision purchased assets of Optical Robotics LLC, dba Cobra Tech-
settling and centrifugal separation and absolute 100-micron filtration, nologies. Cobra Technologies will now become the brand name of a line
preventing solids from entering the jetting system. All components of the of the companys products, while Trio Vision will introduce its own line of
recycling system are located on the rear door of the 2100 Plus. 800/627- inspection equipment, including truck-mounted systems, portable systems,
3171; F manhole cameras, jet cams and sonar. F

64 January 2017

Keep stuff cold. Keep stuff dry. Keep stuff safe.
The Fatpack backpack was developed by hardcore outdoor enthusiasts looking for an affordable, rugged and versatile bag that
could fulfill multiple needs. The Fatpack is a multi-purpose 3-in-1 bag that that works equally well as a floating dry bag, a soft-
sided day cooler or a protective backpack. The key is Blubber sandwiched between two waterproof layers the padded -inch
Blubber insulating layer keeps the Fatpacks innards safe, cool and dry. Fatpack floats, even when loaded, providing waterproof
protection as a drybag. The insulation layer also provides cooler-like efficiency keeping contents cold when combined with ice.
Finally, the padded layer provides protection for expensive electronic gear like cameras, tablets and smartphones.


Fatpack Original Fatpack Heavy-Duty

$69.95 $79.95

Order yours at Use promo code

COLEPUB17 to save $10 per bag and get free shipping
classif ieds Looking for a job in the water-wastewater GET MORE FOOTAGE with HIGH TRACTION
see photos in color at industry? WATER DISTRICT JOBS, an online wheels, tires and tracks that work better,
career resource, lists dozens of great career last longer and cost less. Fitting all major
opportunities on its website. Job listings brands. See our website at
COVERS are updated daily. You can also post your 407-900-1091 (M02)
resume so employers can nd you. Visit
POND & TANK COVERS: Industrial & Envi- for more Aftermarket IBAK ORION-L Kiel Sticks
ronmental Concepts makes gas-collection information. (M03) for a fraction of the cost at only $90. Visit
covers, odor-control covers, heat-retention or call 407-900-1091
covers and wildlife-protection covers. Call PRESSURE WASHERS (M02)
952-829-0731 (MBM) FOR SALE: 2015 Dodge ProMaster
Industrial Pressure Washer - New w/war- truck Envirosight ROVVER X inspection USED Envirosight ROVVER Inspection Crawl-
ranty $9,500. 2,000psi, 18gpm. 999cc equipment. ROVVER X motorized cable er System: Overhauled with lots of new
POSITIONS Kohler & AR pump. Will deliver. 321-800- reel SV camera cable gore orange parts and ready to run. Includes cable reel,
ROVVER X connector box RAXSAT 150
cable reel ROVVER X 130 Crawler pan
camera, tractor and controls, plus accesso-
ries. $27,500. Call 973-252-6700. (CBM)
Honda horizontal GX engines, new in-the- & tilt camera RCX90 Connector PTP70
box w/warranty. GX200QX - $399; GX- PTP70 II camera head Protek hand- PEARPOINT Mainliner buying & selling
The City of East Chicago, Indiana Sanitary
270QAG - $579; GX390QA - $599 delivered held locator. Also includes: WINCAN an- used equipment. Canada & USA PEARPOINT
District is seeking candidates for the po- nual support agreement (Bronze level)
price. 800-363-9855 or (MBM) MAINLINE EQUIPMENT ONLY. Will buy com-
sition of Director of Utilities. This exempt expires 7/31/17. Unlimited telephone
position oversees the Citys water filtra- plete Pearpoint trucks. Will buy your old
support. Unlimited remote internet sup-
tion and wastewater utility operations, RENTAL EQUIPMENT port. Maintenance upgrades. 4 hours system. Do you need parts? 399, 599 reels;
as well as the distribution and collection Liquid vacs, wet/dry industrial vacs, combi- of refresher training. Mileage: 35,000. 420, 448 tractors: 494 digital and zoom
(wastewater and storm water) networks. nation jetter/vacs, vacuum street sweeper & Sale price ........................... $150,000 420 light heads. Call 800-265-4298 or
A competitive compensation package will catch basin cleaner, truck & trailer mount- R. A. Monzo (CBM)
be offered. The Director should possess ed jetters. All available for daily, weekly, Construction Company, Inc.
knowledge and experience in: The op- monthly, & yearly rentals. VSI Rentals, 724-537-0820, PA WANTED
eration of water filtration and wastewater LLC, (888) VAC-UNIT (822-8648) www. M01
UEMSI/HTV seeks additional regional

treatment plants; Federal, State, and local (CBM) representation for our industry-leading
laws and regulations applicable to mu-
2011 Chevy High-Cube TV Inspection truck: inspection camera systems, sewer hose

nicipal utilities in Indiana; Modern leader- SERVICE/REPAIR 18,000 miles, new cable. $63,000. Call for lines and parts. Call Brian, Bill or Bernie -
ship principles and practices; Experience
Dynamic Repairs - Inspection Camera more information. 630-333-3704 (C01) 877-389-9999. (M03)
in customer service, budget preparation/
administration and safety standards; Plan- Repairs: 48 hour turn-around time. Gen-
ning capital improvement projects and utili- eral Wire, Ratech, RIDGID, Electric Eel Mfg.,
ties systems. Prerequisites: A Bachelors Gator Cams, Insight Vision, Vision Intrud-
degree in civil, mechanical or chemical ers. Quality service on all brands. Rental
engineering; a Masters degree is desir- equipment available. For more info call
able; At least five years of management/ Jack at 973-478-0893. Lodi, New Jersey.
administration experience with progres- (MBM)
sive responsibility overseeing a medium to
large municipal or other government utili- TV INSPECTION
ties operation, or equivalent private sector
NEED TRACTION? We make aftermarket
experience. How to Apply: Email, fax or
more aggressive pads and chain assemblies
submit cover letter and resume to: Tom
for all chain-driven camera tractors. Cus-
Dabertin, Human Resources Consultant,
tom, dependable, double-hole fabrication
5246 Hohman Avenue, Suite 303, Ham-
secured to high-quality carbon steel chain,
mond, IN 46320 Fax: 219-853-9786 Email: If ap-
or just pads and rivets. Also available: non-
gritted pads. Samples upon request. Pipe
Sell your equipment in
plying by email, list the subject as: Director
of Utility Operations. No phone calls. (M01)
Tool Specialties LLC: 888-390-6794; Fax
Municipal Sewer & Water classifieds
or email (MBM)
GapVax, Inc., a nationally recognized manu-
facturing business, is seeking a talented, Reach over 36,000 potential buyers each month when you list your
IBAK Panoramo SI Manhole Inspection
highly motivated individual to fill a full-time System in enclosed aluminum portable equipment in the classified section. Plus, your listing is placed
Sales Position in the Midwest (Iowa based skid. Pano SI Inspection System, interface
preferred) region. GapVax is the leading automatically online at the Municipal Sewer & Water website.
card, BE5 Pano SI controller, 300 feet of FO
manufacturer of industrial and municipal cable, KW180 SI cable reel. Skid includes Thats two ways to move your equipment out of the parking lot!
vacuum units and hydroexcavation units in computer, monitor, and 1,000w generator.
the United States. We provide the most reli- Call Matt at 618-566-3003. (C02)

Why wait?
able, comprehensive, and efficient mobile
vacuum units in the industrial and munici- 2004 Ford E350 V8 TV Inspection Truck.
pal markets. Specifications of the position 24,547 miles and like-new tires. RST Omni
are listed on our website, www.gapvax. III pan-and-tilt zoom color camera with
com, click on the Now Hiring link in the left new tractor. Approx. 1,300 of cable. Great
Go to Scan the
hand column. Send resumes to or betty@ shape and ready to be used. $34,500 OBO. with your
smartphone. or 575 Central Avenue, John- John at 612-817-6913 www.alpinesewer
stown, PA 15902. (MBM) (C01)

66 January 2017

of Greater Chicago, Chicago Department of Water Management, and Chi-
PEOPLE/AWARDS cago Public Schools received the National Association of Flood and Storm-
Greg Duncan of T&M Associates has been appointed as the stormwater water Management Agencies Green Infrastructure Award. The Space to
engineer for Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania. Grow program helps transform Chicagos schoolyards into vibrant outdoor
spaces that encourage physical activity, outdoor learning and community
A city of Valdosta (Georgia) engineering project, called A Clean Sweep engagement. In addition, Space to Grow also addresses broader environ-
of Data Collection, received a 2016 Innovation Award from the National mental concerns like stormwater management and water conservation.
Association of Development Organizations for its use of a GPS-equipped
camera in one of the citys street-sweeping trucks. The award was given to LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES
the South Georgia Regional Commission, which helped develop the project
that was conceived by the citys stormwater division. The project involved Wisconsin
paying a $250 onetime cost for the purchase and installation of a high- The University of Wisconsin Department of Engineering Professional Devel-
definition camera that can record, track and map the sweeper trucks routes opment is offering Using WinSLAMM v.10.2: Meeting Urban Stormwater
throughout the more than 350 miles of streets that the city maintains. Angela Management Goals April 20-21 in Madison. Visit F
Bray, the citys stormwater manager, said the camera offers a solution to the
time-consuming work of scheduling, tracking and reporting on the sweeper
trucks operations, showing where improvements are needed while reduc-
ing labor costs and effort. CALENDAR
The Association to Preserve Cape Cod was awarded a $472,574 EPA Feb. 7-10
The Utility Management 2017 Conference, presented by the Water Environment
grant to improve water quality in the Three Bays watershed in Barnstable, Federation and the American Water Works Association, Tampa Marriott Waterside,
Massachusetts. The grant will be used to update stormwater systems in the Tampa, Florida. Visit
watershed, which encompasses more than 12,000 acres of West, North and
March 4-6
Cotuit bays and related ecosystems.
National Utility Contractors Association 2017 Convention, Palms Casino Resort,
Las Vegas, Nevada. Visit
The collaborative Space to Grow program developed by Openlands,
the Healthy Schools Campaign, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District April 23-26
American Public Works Association 2017 North American Snow Conference,
Iowa Events Center, Des Moines, Iowa. Visit

Petersen Pipe Plugging Systems April 30-May 3

American Water Resources Association 2017 Spring Specialty Conference,
Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Snowbird, Utah. Visit
Pipe Plugs and Packers for all
June 11-14
your Pressure, Chemical, and American Water Works Association Annual Conference & Exposition,
Temperature Requirements. Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Visit
Call us to quickly customize a June 25-28
pipe plug or plugging system American Water Resources Association 2017 Summer Conference: Climate Change
for your specific application. Solutions, Sheraton Tysons Hotel, Tysons, Virginia. Visit

June 26-29
Economical Hot Tap National Association of Flood and Stormwater Agencies Annual Meeting, Belmond
Plugging Systems Charleston Place, Charleston, South Carolina. Visit

July 16-19
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 2017 Annual International
Meeting, Spokane, Washington. Visit

Aug. 27-30
American Public Works Association PWX (Public Works Expo),
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. Visit

Aug. 27-31
StormCon: North American Surface Water Quality Conference & Exposition,
Meydenbauer Center, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Sept. 18-20
National Rural Water Association WaterPro Conference, Reno, Nevada. Visit
Nov. 5-9
6330 American Water Resources Association Annual Conference, Red Lion on the
River-Jantzen Beach Hotel, Portland, Oregon. Visit
PHONE 800.769.4973 OR 262.692.2416
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68 January 2017

Marketplace Advertising

Let Us Build Your


Gas A Broad and Economical Range of Odor Control Solutions
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Philmac Get Your Flow Going
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Connecting pipe sizes

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Infiltration 2023
Septic Systems OF FLORIDA, INC.
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6120 January 2017 69




21" or 30"
4000 PSI
250 F

16" - 4 Nozzle 4000 PSI
16" or 18.5" 4000 PSI 250 F
4000 PSI 250 F

Starting At
$ Starting At $
419 $
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Industry Trained Staff available from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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