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Bill Thomas ‘Acting City Manager City of Reno 1 Fast 1 Street Reno, Nevada 89501 November 21, 2016 Dear Mr. Thomas, This letter is the formal notice following our conversation last Friday, November 18%, that | am resigning. | have been constructively discharged. Calling me and the other two complainants back from administrative leave before any remedial action to address the hostile work environment that caused the City to offer administrative leave in the first place is ill conceived. Further, the leave offer document clearly stated the leave would be in effect through the end of the second investigation. The second investigation is not complete as stated by the City Attorney to Council the day before sending us the November 17% letter calling us back from leave. Claiming the “investigating” part of the investigation is complete is nota reasonable or good faith interpretation of the offer. It is further telling that you are calling us back against the advice of the HR Director and without consulting outside counsel, You stated you need us back to do work. While I believe you are doing your best to cope with a broken organization, | hope you can see the irony of that position; with one hand the City is taking desperate measures to bring our productive talents back to work while the other hand is continuing to try to cover- up the validity of our claims. This all begs the question: Where is the leadership that is so desperately needed to guide the City out of this mess in an ethical manner? You admitted on Friday that you have endeavored to know as little about the complaints and the investigations as possible. This is also a popular position among Councilmembers. Despite acknowledging the need for outside counsel, the leadership of this matter has been left to the City Attorney. I can't help but think that ignorance of the details by Council has exacerbated the problems at the City and is exactly the reason why City Policy 607 stipulates that the supervisor of the accused be involved in every step of the investigatory and remediation process. Myself and the other two claimants responded to a June 22*¢ call-to-action from concerned Councilmembers to come forward with any knowledge of sexual harassment or misconduct. Given this fact, the ensuing reluctance to properly investigate our claims is hard to fathom. We are now entering into the sixth month of this surreal experience and are still hoping the City will do the right thing. Not only have the three of us been damaged, the other upstanding employees have gotten the clear message: step forward and tell the truth at your own peril. ‘As you know, I've only been with the City of Reno for a year and a half but was placed on the 15% floor for the whole period and observed the City Manager's, office in detail. I know from my past experience working for other world-class governments and Fortune 500 companies what good management looks like and I expected better for Reno. 1 believe In Reno’s potential and a safe and well: functioning government is essential to achieving the future the public desires. A full and transparent accounting of the mismanagement under the former City Manager and mishandling of the complaint process is necessary for the City to get back on track, I will continue to hold out for that and I hope you will play a leading role in moving the City forward. Best, cc: Mayor Hillary Schieve Councilwoman Naomi Duerr Councilwoman Neoma Jardon City Attorney Karl Hall Gregg Kamer, Esq. Honorable David Wall Mark Mausert, Esq.