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The Council of Solace in this jurisdiction is composed of certain AMORC members recruited from
time to time who, under the authority of the Grand Master invoke Cosmic assistance for all those who
have requested help. Within the Council of Solace the principles of the Orders teachings concerning
health and metaphysics are applied during a specific period of attunement to assist anyone who asks for
Cosmic assistance. It should be clearly understood that neither the application of the mystical laws with
which the council operates, or the laws themselves have anything to do with magical practises or the
occult. The laws are based on natural principles and understandings which are fully disclosed to all those
who study the Rosicrucian teachings. Initiates have used these laws in this way since ancient times.As the
Councils work is of a deeply spiritual nature, it is always undertaken with great solemnity and following
a brief moment of heartfelt dedication to the service of humanity.
Requests to the Council of Solace are always kept completely confidential. Problems of a personal nature
and conditions of health form the most common petitions placed before the Council.The Council never
offers financial, legal, medical or other instructions, but only works on the metaphysical plane, making
contact with petitioners through the Cosmic rather than in person. It is for this reason that Rosicrucians
refer to the healing effects of the Council of Solace as being absent treatments; that is treatments that
take place at some distance away from the practitioner. Metaphysical forces operating through the vibratory
nature of all that exists within the Cosmic are directed by the Council of Solace towards those in need
without actual contact with the person having to be made. It is these Cosmic metaphysical forces which
bring the person into balance and harmony and restore health. While there is no limit to the capacity of
the Cosmic, our human frailties and failings can be a hindrances to the effectiveness of absent healing.
To gain greatest benefit from the activities of the Council of Solace, the petitioner should prepare for
their period of attunement with the Council of Solace. Drink a glass of water, symbolising the desire for
spiritual purification. Enter your sanctum and adopt a comfortable posture. To focus your attention, use
the small card Cosmic Law Fulfils which is sent to you when you write requesting assistance or may be
found inside your Liber 777 or Cosmic Guidance monographs. During your period of attunement with
the Council of Solace you should recall that around the world other Rosicrucians are also seated before
the Rosy Cross and directing spiritual energies to all who have requested assistance. Of course you do
not have to write to the Council to obtain assistance. You may attune with the accumulated spiritual
energies whenever you wish, receiving an influx of the most positive energies that the Council of Solace
can direct to humanity.
Throughout the world, at any one time, there are always Rosicrucians involved in the work of the
Council of Solace because of the global spread of the Order. Each Grand Lodge in every jurisdiction
performs this service for all Rosicrucians freely and without any thought of personal gain. You may
remember that according to the traditions of our Order recorded in the Fama Fraternitatus and dating
from about 1413, all Rosicrucians wherever they may go, must offer healing and cure freely without any
reward. The Council of Solace is one of the ways in which we maintain this obligation to our fellow
humans. Many Rosicrucians spend the first few minutes of their sanctum meditations in silent attunement
with the spiritual energies of the Rosy Cross. Send forth thoughts of health and harmony to all who are
in need, recalling that in doing so we are fulfilling obligations begun by followers of the Rosy Cross over
five centuries ago.

Metaphysical Healing Technique

At one time or another in our lives we may experience difficulties that, at first glance, seem beyond our ability
to cope. But this is really an opportunity for us to practice the principles and set in motion the harmonium
that will attract the joy and benefit of life that we truly deserve as children of the Cosmic.
In order to radiate the most positive influence for regeneration and / or an equitable solution to any problem
in life be it in an area of personal health, family, business etc., there are things you and I can do; therefore we
both may appreciate the following suggestions. First of all, whenever we feel ourselves becoming anxious or
evenly concerned with outer appearances, we must stop.You and I must let go of any unproductive thinking
before an appropriate spiritual state may be maintained. We need to remember that the true Self is eternally
radiant with wisdom and vitality. And in recalling this, our life circumstances cannot help but reflect a similar
state of harmonium!
Once we have let go of our earthbound realities, what then? The stage must be set, and will involve your
favourite meditation technique. Please be assured that it is the act of conscious attunement with the all powerful
God of your Heart that is all important and this higher state of consciousness will automatically happen as you
focus your thoughts and involve your emotions in something inspiring and lovely.
To assist you to prepare the outer self for Celestial Attunement, you may want to include two Rosicrucian
exercises that really help one to relax mental tensions and body-awareness. Begin these exercises by cleansing
your lungs: Deeply breathe in through the nose, exhale through pursed lips. Then take the most beautiful
crystal glass you own, and let this become your Celestial Sanctum Glass in the future. Fill this lovely glass with
cold water and hold this cupped between your two hands. Close your eyes, but in your Minds Eye, gaze into
the water and begin the following synchronous actions, all within your divine imagination.
1) While breathing deeply three times, recall your feelings as you perceive a deep-red rose with dew upon
its petals. Smell its fragrant odour. It is dawn of a new day.
2) While breathing deeply and recalling the Rose, recall in imagination the sound of RA(hhh).Without
making a physical sound or moving your shoulders, let this inner "sound reverberate throughout your cellular
3) Following your synchronous exercise with the three silent breaths, sensing the Rose, hearing the
sound, then drink the now magnetised water and retire to your Sanctum Chair. Sit comfortably with your
spine in an easily maintained balance.
4) In your Minds Eye perceive-with loving feelingthe body cells in the right foot. The cells "smell
new like a new baby; they are soft to the touch as a babys skin.They are pink and pulsating with life.They are
pure Cosmic Light, dancing to the spiral of life throughout the universe. They are the universal you.
And, this special you adds the Cosmic dimension of love. Now love the cells of your left foot, around to the
cells of your right ankle, left ankle. Allow your active imagination to travel in a spiral-like movement around
your body-self until you are within the cells of the right ear then the left ear. Allow imaginationan attribute
of soul consciousness-to continue its spiral into the spiritual aura surrounding you.
From the moment you began applying the above technique, you were consciously in attunement with the God
of your Heart. At such time your Inner Self also became attuned with the Celestial Sanctum
which always acts in accordance with Cosmic Law, benefiting those in need, including yourself while at the
same time establishing harmonium through physical regeneration and spiritual transformation.
May you ever be aware of the Sacred Light with which you are entrusted.
We wish you Peace Profound!
1998 Rosicrucian Order AMORC