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The ancient Greeks were deeply religious people and worshipped many

They these Gods had believed that:

-super natural strength
-ageless beauty
- were in human form.

There were various characteristics of these Gods who had different

positions such as Minor Deities, Demi-Gods and some just Legendary
Many surviving examples of literature provide evidence of human
interaction with these Gods that influenced the lives of the people
The belief was that each Greek city was guarded by one or two
individual deities.
The influence of religion on the ancient Greeks is avid from their art,
their paintings and decorations on vases, marble statues, buildings and
also their dedicated carvings on different worship places.

Gifts known as Votives were offered to these Gods in hope of receiving
different blessings or favors from them or to repent for sins.
Sacrifices were also offered to the Gods which included blood and
blood-less sacrifices too.