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23.07.2016 31.07.2016

1. Introduction
2. Organizations
3. Schedule
4. Activities
5. Testimonials of participants
6. Dissemination of results

By organizing LETS COOPERATED we wanted to help young people, in confrontation with actual
challenges that await them in the selection of a future study, career paths. A particular aspect of our
activities is to break barriers, especially interpersonal, mental and language barriers. Leading and
combining workshops, and theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge and knowledge about
cooperation in multicultural teams allowed young people for a better, fresher and more confident start to
their future professional life. During our exchange we allowed them to establish close contacts with their
peers. We helped them to take their first steps in creating themselves, to develop their natural talents and
predispositions, so in the future they will be successful in the professional and private life. Our team
created conditions for exploring their capabilities.
Our goals, objectives and methodologies gave participating organizations on the project, to establish
an extremely important friendship, will help establish future cooperation on new projects and organizing
of events with other topics. Among all participants in our exchange will broaden the horizons, technical
knowledge, tolerance and self-awareness. Stimulated both students and leaders and representatives of
organizations for innovative thinking, unconventional and unique problem solving methods, and a fresh
look at everyday problems.
With thematic blocks, discussions and workshops they learned how to advantageously present self at
the interviews, at internship interview. Learn methods : entry into the role of employer , which someday
they will be , the powers of skills appropriate self-assessment of their abilities and knowledge, broaden
knowledge and develop implementation decision-making process, accelerate the pace of action,
determining goals and achieving them, will increase the quality, the effects work. Using a combination of
theoretical knowledge and confront with the practice, we gave the participants most optimum
opportunities to learn and absorb new information

Italy - CIVILT 2.0 ONLUS
Romania BE YOU
Sweden - YOUTH IN


23.07 Saturday
24.07 Sunday
25.07 Monday
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27.07 Wednesday
28.07 Thursday





Official opening

Ice breaking games

Ice breaking games

How to be a

Intercultural night of

Expectations and Fears volunteer

Sweden and Italy

How it works - my start

Intercultural night of

as employer
Village game
Basics of

Who i can be?

Village game
I'am a volunteer

Portugal and Romania

Free night
Intercultural night of
Spain and Bulgaria
Free night

Green Initiatives & CSR Green Initiatives &

Intercultural night of

part 1

CSR part 2


30.07 Saturday

My own bussines


Last night

31.07 Sunday

Youth Pass



29.07 Friday

We gather 7 organizations from 7 countries in our venue. There was 35 youth and group leaders interested
in self development. Our main idea was to show youth that in short time then can learn a lot important
skills which could be useful in future carrier. We used below outlined methods:
role playing
ice-breaking games
outdoor activities
discussions and presentations,
small group exercises
creative session


After 4 months from end of our project we asked all participants about situation of them when some time
passed, so we got some information how project affected on all participants in long-term.

Nikolay from Bulgaria

The project motivated me to go back on the training field and to continue my work with the
youngsters, because I didnt practice for half an year due to different circumstances.
After the project i had the chance to deliver a few more projects as a trainer/co-trainer
in my country and abroad. I was also very impressed and inspired by the participants who
took part in the project, each one of them somehow helped me to learn something valuable
for my personal and professional development, but most of all, about taking the decision
to start doing again what I was doing for a few years with a new dose of inspiration and
energy. Yes, I feel easier to get a new job and this is something that Im working on at the
moment. The overall experience during and after the project was amazing, because
afterwards many things changed and improved in my life.

Pedro from Portugal

This project completely changed my way of interpreting and transmitting what I was.I
want to use everything I learned in this project in my future in the World of Work.

This was my first project so I have learned a lot, like skills of course because I want to use
that in the future.

Francesco from Italy

During project i liked the collaboration with other person with different culture and
language than mine.
I did not applied for job after project, but i would like to apply in a volunteers experience
in fact in some month i will be a doctor and i want to try to help people in something like
voluntary service.
After project my life is not changed, but it was a very good experience!

Elia from Italy

Project helped me with my personal development, like each travels experience, the
project helped me and my skills, mostly my ability to speak in English.
It was really interesting understand how is different find a job in different countries in
Europe and what you have to do for be good when you will be in front of job recruiters.
During these experience every part of activities can be interesting and you can improve
your self in different situation in each moment of the day. The most I liked I think is
personal and relational part, live with a lot of different and strange people it was very
very important for me and I was ready for learn something from each one. For better
understand the people have to live these experience because is impossible really
Now I cant apply for job now because Im finishing my study, but Im sure in the future I will
do something about EVS.

Pia from Sweden

Project didnt have a huge impact on my professional life, but I gained social contacts and
further knowledge of groups leading skills and organization. Personally, the experience
was most important to me.
After project I continued my studies and will apply for a job in the near future.


First of all I liked people especially from the host organisation, secondly the workshops
and the social interaction/cultural exchange during the workshops.

Sebastian from Poland

Project helped me to improve my communication between people, I am not very afraid
about a risk in professional life because I am after studies (master degree) and I have
many helpful skills.
I had one job before project, but after project I would like of course to do voluntary
During project for me important was communication, cooperation, talking, having fun
connecting it with some jobs, if it can be. dynamic progress etc.

Tanya from Bulgaria

The project had a positive influence on me. It helped me analyse my personal qualities and
skills. I learned a lot of methods of non-formal education and met people who broadened
my horizons.
Before project I already had a job. And now I dont consider changing my job, but I would be
glad to take part in more Erasmus+ projects.
I liked the workshops the most. All of them were useful and I enjoyed them and learned a
lot. The people were also great.

Andrea from Romania

2 months later after the project I actually got a real job. I passed well two jobs
interviews and I chose what was the best for me and now Im a Service Customer Advisor
for a French company here, in Romania.
Concerning my job, during the project I learnt to be confident in me and also how to
valorize my skills. Its funny, but the best experience of this project was indeed to
cooperate with the people near you.


Magdalena from Poland

Project helped me to gain some useful skills which are helpful in my current job. I got the
new job after project and I moved to another country. Currently working in
international company in HR department.
During project i liked team work, ability to cooperate and work in international
environment. Practical workshops , cultural event in the village, various positive

Laszlo from Romania

I think that the project helped me gain a lot of professional experience, learn and practice
English language, and also make lots of new friends.
I learned how to work in team, and why is it important that everyone has another role in
teamwork, and why is every role important. I really liked the people, and my most liked
moment was the Village Fest, when we get to know each-other.
I decided to apply for waiter position of a 5* Hotel, and working there for 1 month now in

Eszter from Romania

After this project I had the opportunity to find a good job. During the project I learned how
to write a good CV and how to have a good interview and this thing helped me to be selected
in that function.I improved my communication skills. I learned to be more confident and to
cooperate with my colleagues. Yes, I feel that I can find easier a new job.
I applied for a tourist guide job at the History Museum from Targoviste and I like it very
much. Professionally I am learning a lot by showing to tourists the exhibition.
For me the most important things which I learned during the project were the Elevator
Speech and the Business Model Canvas. I liked very much the place with beautiful
landscapes, the workshops and the teamwork and the food.

Ilona from Romania

Every Erasmus project changes something in me, especially this one, Lets cooperate. I
was shy when it comes to speak in front of a camera, but during this project, when we had

to prepare some activities including videos I overcome this fear. Also, during the project
we had several role play activities which was very helpful for me.
After this project I applied for a job in the town where I am studying. It is a part time job
because I am still studying. I am working as a tourist guide to the History Museum,
During Lets cooperate project I achieved some important information and skills about a
job interview and how to prepare an elevator speech. In this project I liked very much the
activities and workshops. Also the accommodation and food were very good.

Karolina from Poland

My life changed in a very good way; that means i got even more open minded and met so many
good people that right now are my deer friends. The project has made me more motivated
for sure.
Right now I am doing Erasmus+ program (studying abroad) but i am planing to do more
activities like that in the future.
I think the most important thing is that you get to do so many amazing/helpful things,
learn many new skills and more over do it with so many different people. Working with
different cultures really teaches you a lot.

Yassen from Bulgaria

I assume my life has changed after participating in the project. I learned new skills that
can help me in my future career. But most importantly I now have a few more friends that I
keep in touch with.
For me the part that was connected with the creating and functioning of an NGO was most
There were very nice people working in the project. Both the organizers and the
participants. It was a pleasure to communicate with all of them.

Monika from Bulgaria

The project made me feel more comfortable speaking in English, learnt me how to work in
team, showed me the meaning of NGO and CSR company. I think that everything I learnt from
this project can help me to get a job.

I didnt apply for job jet but Im looking for a job for next summer in the city I already live.
EVS is good plan B if I dont find.
The most important thing I learnt is personal. I realized that there is nothing terrifyng to
speak English. I should be more confident and I should share my opinion and ideas.
During project i like everything! I loved all the things. All the enegizing, the program, the
people, this paradise place, the culture nights.. food.

Danae from Spain

My everyday working life has changed after project. Now I feel more comfortable when I
introduce myself even when I have an important speech in front of my bosses in my current
job. I learnt how to say what I want to say on a polite way (few words, not much time, body
language, ).
I have been in a few interviews after project. I want to grow professionally and I applied
to a better job position. I implemented the techniques we learnt and everything was
perfect. I got it so it works. On the other hand, I would really like to apply for a voluntary
service. It is one of my options for the year is coming.
In my opinion the most important thing I learnt was how to prepare yourself for your
future. It is not only about a job, an EVS it is about life. How to be yourself getting what
you want to be in this life.
The best moments were when we made workshops about interesting things (speech,
interview, make your own business) and at the same time we enjoyed doing it. Because it
was on a funny way but we get the goal of the activity.

Ben from Italy

The project helped me to gain the courage to speak in front of people that I dont know
without stressing out, it helped me to increase my social relations. It helped me in a
professional level to get the courage to be interviewed without fear of the mistake.
Well after the project I applied for many jobs around Europe. and I got many responses
like Athens and Krakow but I couldnt accept any of them because of the type of the
staying permit.
I liked the people and had many friendships and Im still in contact with many people from
there and I had friendship even with the organizers. the workshops were splendid and the

energizers idea was very good. After that project I fell in love with Krakow that I had the
chance to visit after the project.

Silvio from Italy

It was not my first project with Erasmus Plus, I had some experience before. So I knew
before how this exchange should look.
But regarding to topic, I gained new courage to start my own activities, and I still study
but soon I will start looking for first job in my matter.
I really like exercise Elevator speech. It helped me in my communication skills.

Claudia from Sweden

That was my second project. I saw that my English increased a lot. I really started to like
team work, now i feel stronger in this field. I met many awesome people and i still have
good contact with some of them. And yes, now i feel more free to apply for a job in which i
would need to use English.
Also after another project I received a proposition for applying to take part in EVS. But
for sure this second project of mine [Lets cooperate] made me want to go for this another
I really liked working in groups. It proved me that every person can have a big influence in
particular project, because everyone has different knowledge, experience and

Joel from Portugal

Project did change of my thinking way. It was my first time on project and first time in
Poland. I get a new point of view about the work place and how the our world works.
After project i have started my new work. Project helped me know people better and
easier start conversations.

Eva from Spain

It was my first international project, This project has helped me in my personal
development and I know we were provided skills to get a new job.
Soon I will apply for new job in Spain.

Hannah from Sweden

It was mas 5th project, and I really liked topic entrepreneurship and self development.
Now I still study on university I moved to Manchester to study there. Next year I will
finish my studies, and I want to start my own company in United Kingdom.
This project helped me with my confidence, and I master my communication skills thanks
to elevator speech. Also in beginning of 2017 I want to go for another project with similar
topic I want to learn more about this.

Every organization after project prepared in own city presentation about Lets Cooperate to other members of
their NGO and for local University/High School. Also they informed newspaper about project in Poronin.