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Webinar Q & A

Java and Technology in Workforce Central 8

Java Use
Can you elaborate on what is not Java-free in Workforce Central 8?
In the Workforce Central 8.0 release, Java has been removed from ALL user screens except for Workload Planner and
Quick Time Stamp offline. In addition, there are 14 setup pages that still use Java at release however, our goal is to
update all of these remaining screens to be Java Free by the end of 2015.

Are there plans to remove Java 100% in the future?

Yes; the plan is to remove Java from the few remaining screens by the end of the calendar year.

Are there any Java pages that will be used by non-admins?

The only non set-up screen that has Java at this time is the Workload Planner screen in Workforce Scheduler. Scheduling
a report to run, requires a setup page as well and is typically performed by an administrator.

What are the 14 setup pages that still use Java?

The setup pages are:
Hyperfind query configuration
Query manager configuration
Event manager configuration
Table import
Report setup configuration
Organizational set configuration
Jobs and org map configuration

Labor level set configuration

Process profile configuration
Availability template configuration
Pattern template configuration
Schedule period configuration
Shift template configuration
Workflow notification configuration

For those pages that still require Java, is there a specific version/range that would need to be installed?
Version 1.8.0_45 is the supported java version.

Does Workforce Central 8 stay current with Java updates?

As part of the release process, the system is verified against the latest version of Java. However, these updates may be
later then when the actual Java version was released.

Will a Java error stop users from logging in to Workforce Central 8 if they don't have a minimum version?
Remember that Java is only required for certain pages on the system configuration side. Although users can login, the
version of Java will cause the specific page to not load correctly for the setup pages/schedule planner. However, users
can load the other pages such as the timecard and they can login to the system.

Are the "Java pages" replaced by "Flash pages"? Do we need Flash plugin instead of Java plugin?
The new previously-Java pages (Timecard, Genies, and Schedule Planner) are based on HTML5. However, there are some
pages that will continue to require Flash. Therefore, Flash is still a requirement.

Flash Requirements
Does Workforce Central 8 use Flash? Or does it just use HTML5?
Not all pages are HTML. Some require Flash.

How dependent on Flash is Version 8?

Flash is a system requirement for version 8.

Are there plans for removing the Flash requirements?

Not at this point.

Does Workforce Central 8 still support Active Directory?
Yes. Active Directory is supported for password authentication.

Where can I find the full compatibility matrix for Workforce Central 8? In regards to Oracle DB, OS for App
Server, browser version support, et cetera.
There is a technology datasheet available that lists all of these. You can obtain this from the customer portal.

Are any changes to WDM?

No changes to WDM.

What are the timeclock requirements for Workforce Central 8? Are timeclock requirements different if we
migrate to the cloud-based solution?
There is no difference in timeclock requirements.

What are the hardware requirements Workforce Central 8?

The hardware requirements are posted on the customer portal.

Do you support Solaris servers with Workforce Central 8?

No. This is not supported.

Do you still need Kronos connect with Workforce Central 8?

No. Connect is not supported.

Will Workforce Central 8.0 receive new API's that are certified for use in SAP, Oracle/PeopleSoft and
Version 8 will support a new integration to SAP. This integration is not yet certified. We do not have an out of the box
integration to PeopleSoft. For Workday, the integration is in process and is planned to be available in Q3 of 2015.

Does Workforce Central 8 support Server 2012 R2?

Yes. This is supported on version 8.

Does Workforce Central 8 on the server utilize Windows 12 and SQL Server 2012?
Yes. Both servers are supported.

Does the new audit trail widget track when the user logs into the system?
Curiously, there is in fact an audit trail row for this information. However, the displayed data does not include
information like the time zone, so the audit trail that is created does not identify that the edit.

Will Workforce Central 8 only function or work with the "Widgets"? We are currently not using the
"widgets" on our 7.0.
Navigator, which supports Widgets, is the only user interface with this release.

If we don't currently have widgets activated, will upgrading to Workforce Central 8 automatically activate
them for us?
As part of the upgrade, there will be default widgets available which you can then add to/modify.

Are there any changes with 8.0 that you know of that will affect Workforce Integration Manager?
There is an enhanced integration with SAP around people information, activities, and timecard information. This
integration reduces the duplicate entry required for key information such as employee information, thereby improving
productivity. Services will still be required for the integration but there is more data available to be passed between the
solutions. The services will be primarily on the SAP side to make BAPI changes for example, to send additional
information that Workforce Central can accept. Please ensure that Kronos Services is involved in all integrations with

User Interface and Features

Navigator User Interface
Is the Classic View still available in Workforce Central 8?
No, Classic View is not available with this release. Users must login through Navigator.

Is Navigator still optional in Workforce Central 8 or is it required?

Users will need to login to the Navigator interface in Workforce Central 8.

If the Classic View is currently being used, will the upgrade process programmatically update to Navigator,
or will additional work be required?
There will be some additional work required. There will be default templates available for employees and managers as
[art of the upgrade process.

Is the Navigator much different in terms of look and feel, or is it more about the differences in the widgets
and updated functionality?
The new Timecard, Genies, and Schedule Planner have a much more intuitive look and feel. Navigator has been updated
to include new functionality. For example, Historical Corrections. The Navigator does however, have a different look and
feel than the Classic pages. If you are upgrading from Classic to Navigator, Kronos will work through a change
management process with you and your team.

Is the Navigator web based, or a desktop application?

It is web based.

Are there any added performance considerations we should be aware of due to the new GUI/Navigator?
Are there any new minimum requirements?
Please make sure to review the desktop requirements which can be found on the Customer Portal.

Are Java applets still required for existing Navigator customers?

For existing navigator customers to move away from java, there is some reconfiguration required.

Does Workforce Central 8 still maintain the two timecard views - Hourly View and Project View?
Yes, it does.

Does Workforce Central 8 have a feature to view and download actual timecard(s) for a range of dates in a
pdf format?
The timecard can be printed and then the print can be converted to a PDF format. Version 8 will lay out the data cleanly
so it can be printed.

Will you be able to run reports on the comments in the time card?
Comments are available in the new operational reporting solution.

Currently in the Classic View we have employees move amounts from Overtime to Compensatory Time in
the totals section (not historical). Will this be a feature in the new timecard?
Yes. Moving amounts through a paycode is supported.

On the Java Free timecard, can we customize the page to have two in and out punches?
Yes. The system supports configuration including 2 in and 2 out punches

Do genies still use Java?
No. Genies are now HTML5 based.

We are using an older version of Kronos Workforce (6.3). We have defined specific genies. Will these be
compatible with version 8 or do we have to recreate them?
Yes. They will be compatible with Workforce Central 8.

Have fields been expanded to include other choices/fields to display, example is FAP Profile, Accrual Profile.
Is there a place to review what fields expansion has been included in V8 in genies?
This information would be available in the standard product documentation including the Release Notes.

Historical Edits
Can historical edits be applied to more than just the labor-level?
Yes. They can be applied to anything on the timecard and the people editor. Its only information that impacts the
timecard. Activities, Attendance, and Leave also support historical corrections.

Can users still enter historical edits without going to the previous timecard?
No. They must go to the timecard period for the correction.

In Workforce Central 8, can you request leave in a signed-off pay period?

Yes. This is part of the new historical corrections capability.

If our users make an error doing a historical edit, do they have to delete the historical edit and recreate a
completely new one, or is there a way for them to edit existing historical edits?
They can re-edit the timecard with the change.

In regards to Historical Corrections, will the system allow to correct "FMLA" times past the current pay
Yes. Historical corrections are fully integrated into the leave module including the flow through of historical corrections.

What about Historical with retro pay? Has any change been made to how the edit is stored when there are
punch adds/deletes/edits?
Changes for edits to punches, deletes and edits will be re-totalized including wages. The system will also support
corrections in wages on previous pay periods. There are no changes to the way the data is stored.

Can you configure Historical Edits to have the employee enter the edit and have the Manager approve it?
No. This is not available.

With regards to historical edits, can rights be limited to payroll staff only so that employees and even
managers aren't able to make changes after timecards are signed off?
Yes. There is a FAP which enables who can and cannot make historical corrections

Is the access for this new functionality of HEs able to be able to be turned off? We would not want
supervisors to complete these.
Yes. There are permissions for who can perform historical corrections.

Can you disable the user's ability to edit previous time period timecards that have been approved by
Yes. This can be controlled by permissions.

Enterprise Archive
Can the current Record Manager/Archiving be used with Workforce Central 8
No. Record Manager is replaced with Enterprise Archive in Workforce Central 8.

Can we use Enterprise Archive if we have already used express archive and moved the data to another
Yes. You will use the migration scripts that are part of Enterprise Archive to migrate the data to a Workforce Central 8 8
archive format.

Is there any additional information on Enterprise Archive? Is the overhead as it was with Record Manger
where we need a separate environment?
There will be 2 additional servers. The first is the archive server which moves the data around, and the second is the
second Workforce Central instance to view the archive data.

Is Enterprise Archive a separate module?

Yes. Its a separate purchase-able module..

What is the difference between Enterprise Archive and Record Manager?

The functionality is the same except greater performance and the ability to access archived data from your Workforce
Central system. There is no functionality loss.

What does scheduling look like with standard Workforce Central 8?
The main schedule appears the same in basic scheduling and advanced in Workforce Central 8. However, many more
features are enabled in Workforce Scheduler.

Does the schedule have a month view?

New in Workforce Central 8, you can now see up to 4 weeks at a time.

Will Workforce Central 8.0 eliminate the need to upgrade to Advance Scheduler?
No; advanced scheduling functionality remains part of the Workforce Scheduler module.

Is there still a basic scheduler, separate from the advanced scheduling module?
Yes; there is still basic scheduling available in core Workforce Timekeeper.

Is Workforce Scheduling a separate module from Workforce Timekeeper?

There is basic scheduling available in the core Workforce Timekeeper. However, advanced scheduling is a separate
module called Workforce Scheduler. Timekeeper allows you to create static schedules with repeatable patterns.
Scheduler allows you to align labor to demand, automate breaks, use schedule rules, manage employee fatigue, allow
employees to select shift preferences and swap shifts, etc.

Is the Fatigue Management included as part of the standard scheduler, or is this only a part of the Advanced
The fatigue management solution uses new schedule rules available in the Advanced Workforce Scheduler.

Does employee skill level and performance criteria also come in play during the shift bidding?
We didn't mention shift bidding. Perhaps you are referring to employees selecting shifts in Workforce Scheduler's
employee self-service feature. Yes; skills and proficiency level are taken into account when selecting and approving shift

In employee selfservice, can employees view others schedules in order to see who to ask to switch shifts?
They don't view an employee's entire schedule. Rather, they can see who is working a particular shift when requesting
one. They can also see who is working at a particular location.

Are additional licenses be needed for Advanced Scheduler, or is it is a part of the regular Workforce Central
8 suite now?
Yes; an additional license is still required for using Workforce Scheduler (advanced capabilities.)

Do Alerts only go to Managers?
No. There are some alerts that can go to employees. For example, your timecard has been approved.

If an employee is approaching overtime, can the alert go to multi-managers?

Yes. Its based on a hyperfind.

Employee Photos
Where does the employee picture pull from on the timecard?
It is tied to the people record. It can also be imported through our APIs.

Is the employee picture picked up from Active Directory or MS Exchange; or do they need to be manually
uploaded on a per employee basis?
Pictures can be manually entered or they are also available through our API. They are not automatically picked up
through active directory. There is some services required.

Can you configure the system to not show the associates photo?
Absolutely yes.

Do the employee photos get saved to the Kronos database or a folder on the app/web server?
They are saved in the Workforce Central database.

Regarding the picture on the people record, can that be used to create badges? Eliminating the need for 3rd
party software for badge creation?
No. You will still need a third party to create the badge.

Is there a mass import capability for loading photos?

There is the ability to upload pictures through XML.

Is there any enhancement to the HR or Payroll products?
Yes. There are enhancements around the Affordable Care Act as well as mobile. There are specific HR datasheets for
upgrading customers which are available on the customer portal.

How does the upgrade to Workforce Central 8 impact the HR module and employee and manager
There have been several selfservice changes including a new user interface, support of pictures and mobile support for
viewing benefits and historical pay.

Is there a minimum version of Kronos Mobile that needs to be installed on the devices for it to work with 8?
Minimum OS?
Apple iOS 7 and up, Android OS 4.1 and up, Workforce Central 6.3 and up, 7.0 and up

Are Blackberry and Windows Phones supported on the mobile app?

These are not supported.

Do you have to be in the cloud/SaaS to use the mobile feature? Or is there a way to set it up in an on
premise environment?
No. Mobile is available for both premise based and SaaS/Cloud customers.

Can Single Sign On be used with Mobile?

Yes, single sign on is supported.

Will employees be able to edit their time through the timecard on mobile (not using the punch clock)?
Yes, employees can edit their own timecard on a mobile device.

Is the mobile app included in the core pricing?

No. There is a separate fee for employees and managers accessing WFC through the mobile application.

Do the Kronos Mobile features require separate licensing?

Yes. In order to use mobile, users need to be assigned a mobile license.

With geosense technology, can one edit the perimeter after setting it, and are there limits?
For the geofencing and geosensing features, the context and punch radius can be adjusted.

Other Features
We heard there were enhancements to Labor Activities. Please elaborate as we are a manufacturer that
needs to make labor reporting very easy for Supervisors.
In Workforce Central 8.0 all of the Activity features existing within the classic experience are supported in the new HTML
version of the timecard. In some cases, features have been enhanced or improved such as an improved copy and move
experience and an improved comments and noted experience. Additionally, system administrators can provide
managers with the ability to edit activity events in signed off time. A new access control point has been added to
function access profiles for this editing capability.

Is the task management tool part of Workforce Central 8 or is it an added feature?

Task Management is an add-on module to the core product. It is meant for retail and hospitality customers.

Will Process Manager go away? Will we need to configure time off requests using the Time off request
functionality in set up?
Process Manager is still supported.

In Workforce Central 8 is there an audit for changes made to an employees punch time zone?
Changes made to the employee punch time zone are audited. However, in order to expose this information, a
professional services engagement is required.

With Workforce Central 8.0 is there any change to the existing functionality apart from enhanced UI
experience and layout?
Yes; much of what we presented was new features. For example, the new international scheduling rules and rest rule for
fatigue management in Workforce Scheduler.

Are there any tracking options for State Sick Leave laws to ensure compliance?
Workforce Absence Manager can be used to help you comply with state sick leave regulations.

Where can I find a list of all the new features?

This datasheet covers the majority of the main features:

As far as customization goes, is the end user doing the customization, or does it require Kronos support?
This will depend on the specific customization. Please contact your sales representative.

Are there any enhancements for customizing translations?

The translation toolkit is available for this. There have not been any core enhancements to the toolkit.
The translation toolkit allows enterprises to customize existing UI labels, whether in English or in any of our core
supported languages. For example if a retailer wants to change the label Employee to Associate, in English, they can do
that. If a French retailer wants to change Employ to Collaborateur, they can also do that.
Additionally, customers can use the Translation Support capability to translate many user-defined setup data into their
desired languages to avoid the multiplication of that setup data into their required languages. For example, the Pay
Code Vacation can be translated via the Translation Support capability as Vacances for French and Urlaub for
German, without having to create separate French and German identical pay codes.

Can the new search be customized by role so that individual contributors aren't reading through
information directed at managers or system admins?
Unfortunately not at this point. The help is not customized by role. Industry Specific Questions

Industry Specific Questions

Is Labor Forecasting available to Healthcare facilities, (i.e. Hospitals)?
Yes; Labor forecasting is now available for healthcare organizations in Workforce Central 8.

Is Advanced Staffing for Healthcare a module or comes with Advanced Scheduler?

It is an extension of Workforce Scheduler (advanced scheduling).

Are there any enhancements for the San Francisco Retail Workers Bill of Rights works rights?
We are tracking this bill carefully and are in the process of enhancing the Attestation Tool Kit to help support our
customers with this bill.

Reporting and Analytics

Do RDLC (reports) remain the same, or are there any changes in v8?
They remain the same.

Which version of reporting services does Version 8 use?

RDLC 2005 and 2010 are supported.

What reporting tool do you use? Still SRSS for custom reports?
SRSS is not supported for custom reporting. You can modify standard reports or create custom reports using Microsoft
Visual Studio 2008/2009, an open, extensible XML schema for report definitions that promotes high levels of
interoperability. Kronos offers education courses to help you become more proficient in report writing. You can also

reference Microsoft Report Services documentation and third-party materials to help with report modification,
customization, and/or creation.

Do reports need to be converted when transitioning to Version 8?

It depends on the version of Workforce Central you are coming from. Standard reports are ported to Workforce Central
8. However, custom reports may need to be rewritten.

Is still Visual Studio used for writing reports?

Yes. You can modify standard reports or create custom reports using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2009, an open,
extensible XML schema for report definitions that promotes high levels of interoperability. Kronos offers education
courses to help you become more proficient in report writing. You can also reference Microsoft Report Services
documentation and third-party materials to help with report modification, customization, and/or creation.

In Workforce Central 8, will employees be able to see a report that shows the PTO hours used during the
year by date?
No. This data is only available to managers within the reporting tool.

Are the Excel based reports available in the latest Version 7?

Yes. They are available from 704 and higher.

Is Workforce Worksheet still around in Workforce Central 8? Is it required to pull/push those reports to
Yes. Workforce worksheet is still supported. However, I recommend you look at the new operational reporting feature
for Timekeeper and Scheduling information.

Workforce Analytics
Do you need Workforce Central Version 8 to move to Version 8 Analytics?
Workforce Analytics 8 is compatible with Workforce Central 8.0, 7.0, and 6.3.

Is MicroStrategy still used for Kronos Analytics?

Yes, Workforce Analytics 8.0 is built on the MicroStrategy platform.

Are the additional reporting and analytics enhancements free or an added cost per module/user?
Operational Reporting is part of the Workforce Central suite. Workforce Analytics is an additional module that you can
add at any time to the suite. The cost is per user.

For the Plug-ins, (such as Affordable Care Act), would the customer have to purchase Analytics licenses?
Yes, a customer would need to purchase the licenses for Workforce Analytics. The plug-ins are built to be put on top of
the application.

Is there a direct upgrade path from 6.3 to 8.0?
Yes. There will be an upgrade path from 6.3 to 8.

Will there be a demo we can work with before we upgrade?

This can be arranged. Please contact your sales team to arrange a demo.

What is the upgrade path for versions 6.2 and earlier?

All prior 6.x versions have an upgrade path to version 8.

What about 6.2 interfaces? Will they be able to be upgraded?

If they were written with WIM they can upgrade easily. If they were written with Workforce Connect, they will need to
be reviewed to see if they can upgrade easily to WIM, need some tweaking or if it they need to be rewritten.

With the introduction of this new version, will the older versions lose support? If so, which versions, and
what is the timeframe?
The supported version matrix can be found on the customer portal.

What is estimated upgrade implementation time?

It really depends upon your organization's current configuration. We recommend that you work with your sales and
services representative to develop an upgrade plan.

We have multiple locations. Is there an option to stagger the upgrades? Or do we need to upgrade all at
If each of the locations is on a different Workforce Central system, then you can certainly stagger the upgrades. Please
see your sales representative for details.

Do existing interfaces need to be converted with Workforce Central 8?

The solution is backwards compatible for interface issues.

Are all these features shown included with Workforce Central 8 or are some of them "add-ons"?
Some features are in add-on modules to Workforce Timekeeper. For example, you would need Workforce Scheduler to
enable the fatigue management solution.

Rebuilding your system

Will the change to Workforce Central 8 require all new training and rebuilding of the system?
For customers who are looking for the new functionality, we recommend they go to training. Version 8 will require the
same level of hardware resources as version 7. The process is to build a new system and then migrate the data to the
new V8 system. The new system should not require more hardware than 7 but if they are going from version 6,
additional hardware resources will be required. Make sure to attend the upgrade webinar in July for details.

We are on 6.3 and have custom interfaces to HR and Payroll. Will these have to be rebuilt?
Potentially yes. It will depend on the specifics of your system.

Will Kronos help us rebuild the system to our needs, or will be expected to do that on our own?
This will be included as part of the upgrade services.

When will Kronos have standard training content for WTK 8.0 available?
All Workforce Central 8 upgrade training content is available now in KnowledgePass, the Kronos elearning portal.

For those customers who just purchased Workforce Central 8 but not KnowledgePass, is training part of the
purchase package?
If you are upgrading, the training for Workforce Central 8 is only available in KnowledgePass.

Will there be any on-line videos on the Kronos website that we could use for employee training, especially
due to the fact that the user interface is completely different from WC 6.0 that we are currently using?
Yes. There will be training available for customers.

You mentioned that all Betas were on cloud. Is this required of Workforce Central 8?
Version 8 is supported on premise or in the cloud.

If you are cloud based, how soon will we be upgraded to Workforce Central 8?
If you are currently in the Kronos Cloud, please contact your cloud customer manager to have an upgrade discussion.

How do you manage backup and retention for cloud based environment?
Please refer to this technical document for details:

Is there a cost for the assessment of migrating to the cloud from inhouse installation?
For organizations with 2500 employees or more we recommend that you have a Cloud Readiness Assessment done to
ensure that your upgrade is efficient as possible. There is a cost for this service.

If we were to move to the Cloud, is assistance available for configuration and testing? Training?
Yes absolutely. Please contact your sales and services representatives for information on how we can help.

Is there a API available for the cloud based Workforce Central 8 solution?
The APIs remain the same as in Version 7. There are no cloud-only APIs available

Is there a monthly service fee for using the cloud?

Yes there is. Your sales representative can assist you with pricing.

What is the release date for Workforce Central 8?
It was released in May.

Is Workforce Central 8 only SaaS based or can it be hosted on premise as well?

You have the option to deploy in the Kronos cloud or on premise.

Have there been any identified defects with Alpha/Beta users?

Yes. As part of the beta process, defects were identified and have been packaged into both the 8.0 release and releases
during this year.

Can we add our own articles to the online help?

No. Not at this point.

Can you archive conversations in the social media environment?

Yes. The conversations can be stored.

Will these enhancements be offered in the iSeries product?


It was mentioned that ACA enhancements/assistance will be addressed in a future webinar. When will that
be, and how can I find out more information?
There will be an ACA webinar in Q3 of 2015 for customers. You will receive an email notification once the date of the
webinar has been set.

Will the current SMS Quickfill (Twilio) work with Workforce Central 8?

Why was the email announcement for this webinar addressing iSeries Central users? Is it being
iSeries is a supported product and we like to educate our customers about all their workforce management options.

Is Interface Management going to be WIM or a different product? If it is WIM, are there any changes?
WIM continues to be the integration platform. There are underlying changes to the APIs. For example, historical
corrections. However the core WIM product has not changed with this release.

Is there a packaged integration with SuccessFactors?

Yes. There is integration to Successfactors for HR data and payroll data.

Is there any new functionality for the timeoff request processing?

There are no changes in timeoff request processing.

Is Teletime IP going to be available as part of the v8 launch?

Yes. Teletime IP is available as part of Workforce Central 8.

In Workforce Central 8.0, will roll-up reports be available for each cost center in addition to all cost centers?
In the past - the amount of data one could load did not allow us to do a full roll-up report to include all of
our units.
For these types of roll up, I recommend you consider going to operational reporting. In addition there have been a few
performance tweaks made for reporting.

Are there any changes related to WIM Interfaces. Are there any new development features available for
WIM Interfaces?
There have not been any enhancements to the overall WIM product as part of this release. However, there have been
enhancements to support historical corrections as well as the SAP interface

Will Workforce Central 8 simplify the process for setting up and assigning profiles to users?
The profile process does not change with Workforce Central 8.

Are there any changes to Transaction Assistant or Hyperfind capability? How about any fields available for
No changes from Version 7. The same fields are available.

Does Workforce Central 8 keep track of "Late Out" for reporting as well?
Yes. This is tracked both in historical reporting and workforce genies.