Volume 1, Issue 5

July - August 2008

Mississippi Wing, Civil Air Patrol

Wing Press
Dennis Steinbock Returns to Mississippi to Say Thanks
(Jackson, MS) – Dennis Steinbock’s flight lightly touched down at Jackson International Airport on Friday, July 18, 2008 in contrast to his last landing in the State of Mississippi. In June of 2007, Dennis Steinbock, on a cross-country flight in a home-built Zodiac 601 XL, crashed into a dense forest near Oxford, Miss. He was trapped in the aircraft for more than 50 hours in the summer heat of North Mississippi before being rescued by members of the Mississippi Wing Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and local sheriff’s department members. He returned to Mississippi on July 19, 2008 to say thanks to his rescuers at the Mississippi Wing Headquarters in Jackson. On hand for the event were the aircrew members that located his emergency locator signal and the members on the ground that were directed to his crash site, which was located in a clump of trees about 15 miles south of Oxford. It was an emotional reunion for Steinbock and for the crew members that last saw him on a stretcher being loaded onto a sheriff’s department helicopter for the airlift to Memphis Medical Center. Steinbock, now a member of Civil Air Patrol, spent the day discussing the specifics of the rescue efforts and interviewing the individuals that were responsible for his rescue. In an interview with WLBT-TV 3 of Jackson, Miss, Steinbock credited the members of CAP with saving his life. He also got a first hand look at how a typical search and rescue mission is planned and executed by CAP, during a practice exercise at Hawkins Field. Since his rescue last year, Steinbock has been solicited by a major New York Publishing House to author a book about his ordeal and his life afterwards. The working title of the book is “Miracle in Mississippi.” His discussions with CAP crew members serve as research for the final touches on his book that is scheduled to be published later this year. There has also been some discussion about a movie project to follow.

Dennis Steinbock discusses the details of his rescue with Richard and Andrew Albee during recent visit to MSWG Headquarters

Dennis Steinbock discusses his crash and subsequent rescue with WLBT-TV 3 reporter Cheryl Lasseter

Wing Press

Dennis Steinbock Visit Photo Gallery

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2008 Public Affairs and Crisis Communications Plans Drafted

As required by CAPR 190-1, the 2008 Mississippi Wing Public Affairs Plan and Crisis Communication Plan have been drafted and approved. They have also been posted on the National HQ Public Affairs site for reference by other Wings and Regions. There was a concerted push for all Wings and Regions to have their plans in place by the end of July. The Public Affairs Plan addresses strategic and tactical planning for the Public Affairs Mission in non-crisis situations. The Crisis Communication Plan describes how we will communicate with members of the media, other emergency services organizations, law enforcement officials and State and Local Officials, during times of crisis. These plans will prove valuable during missions of all types where timely and accurate communication is critical to mission success. They will be available to incident commanders in paper and electronic formats and will provide key contact information for media and other organizations that have an interest in the success of each mission. See the PAO if you have any questions about these plans or if you have suggestions for improvement of these plans.

Excerpt from the August 2008 Safety Sentinel
MSWG Policy Letter #PL080815.1 CAPR 62-1 August 15th 2008 MONTHLY SAFETY BRIEFING POLICY Note: This policy is revised in its entirety. Pursuant to CAPR 62-1, members of the Mississippi Wing will comply with the following policy in the implementation of CAPR 62-1, paragraph 3d (dated 4 June 2008). Monthly Safety Briefings. Ref CAPR 62-1, para 3d.] 1. Squadron safety officers will conduct a monthly safety briefing, and document each such briefing on forms listed in pages 34 and 35 of the Safety Management Book (available through the MSWG Website). A roster of members attending each briefing will be maintained in the safety officer’s file. 2. A copy or brief report of the monthly safety briefing will be forwarded to the wing safety officer no later than the 10th of the following month. If unable to forward the monthly report by the required time and/or if no meeting was held, the squadron safety officer will advise the wing safety officer accordingly. 3. Squadron safety officers will establish procedures to insure that before a member participates in a CAP activity, such member attends the monthly safety briefing, or if not present, reviews the briefing material and signs a roster (or email) to that effect. Safety officers can use email messages, or safety reading files to accomplish this requirement. Members who have failed to attend the monthly safety briefing, or have not reviewed the safety material will not be permitted to participate in any CAP activity until they have reviewed such material. Note: Each member must attend at least one face-to-face meeting per calendar quarter. Noncompliance The wing safety officer will closely monitor the program for compliance with this policy and with CAPR 62-1, and will advise the wing commander of any squadron’s failure to comply. The wing commander will direct such corrective action as in his discretion may be necessary or appropriate in the circumstances. Such action may include, but shall not be limited to, suspension of squadron personnel from participation in CAP flight or other activities and relocation of assigned aircraft. MALLORY D. WOODCOCK, CAPTAIN Wing Safety Officer This policy rescinds all previous supplements or policies on the subject. TILLMAN C. CARROLL, COLONEL Wing Commander

Mississippi Wing, Civil Air Patrol

Two Mississippi Wing Spaatz Award Recipients in 2008
The Mississippi Wing can boast that two MSWG Cadets have earned the Spaatz Award to date in 2008. Cadet Tyler Todd and Cadet Colby Hester have both completed the requirements to receive the Spaatz Award. Cadet Tyler Todd Cadet Tyler Todd, 18, of Quitman, MS was awarded the General Carl A. Spaatz Award during graduation ceremonies of the 2008 AlabamaMississippi Cadet encampment held recently at the Air National Guard Combat Readiness Training Center in Gulfport, MS. On-hand for the ceremony was Cadet Todd’s Parents, Family Members, and Friends. Captain Scott Howard, Mississippi Wing Director of Cadet Programs, presented the award to Todd and assisted Todd’s mother in the tradition of tacking on the new shoulder boards for his promotion to Cadet Colonel. Cadet Todd’s receipt of the Spaatz Award is only one of many highlights of the year so far for him. Earlier in the year he learned that he had been accepted to the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Class of 2012 and he also took part in the Civic Leadership Academy in Washington, DC during the CAP Winter National Board Meeting. By his participation in the Civic Leadership Academy, he also took part in the CAP’s 2008 Legislative Day by working alongside Mississippi Wing Commander, Colonel Tim Carroll, to brief legislators on how CAP’s primary missions – search and rescue, emergency services, aerospace education and cadet programs – have impacted his community and the State of Mississippi. Cadet Colby Hester Cadet Colonel Colby Hester joined Civil Air Patrol in March of 2004; he began his CAP career with the Pine Belt Composite Squadron. In June of 2004, he attended his basic encampment at Columbus AFB, MS. Upon returning from encampment he filled the position of cadet assistant to the Squadron DDR Officer. Between the months of February and April of 2005, C/Col Hester served on the MSWG Drill Team. In June 2005, he transferred to the GV “Sonny” Montgomery Composite Squadron, and upon promotion to Cadet 2nd Lt, was appointed Cadet Deputy Commander, in January 2006. In May of 2006 Col Hester became one of the founding members of the MSWG Honor Guard, in June 2006; Col Hester was selected to attend Cadet Officer School. Between Dec 26, 2006 and January 4, 2007, Col Hester served as a flight commander for the SER Winter Encampment 06-07. In January of 2007 Col Hester was appointed Cadet Commander of the GV “Sonny” Montgomery Composite Squadron. In June of 2007, he served as the Cadet Executive Officer for the AL/MS Encampment. In July of 2007, he attended National Powered Flight Academy in Muskogee, Oklahoma. In August 2007, he was appointed Chairman of the MSWG Cadet Advisory Council. In November 2007, Col Hester participated in the ground search mission for the downed US Air Force T-6 trainer. In February 2008, Col Hester was appointed to serve as the Cadet Deputy Commander for the AL/MS Encampment. He will be attending Specialize Undergraduate Pilot Training Familiarization Course at Columbus AFB, in 2008 as well. Col Hester is currently in his second term as the Chairman of MSWG Cadet Advisory Council, he also serves as the Deputy Commander of the MSWG Honor Guard, and he has recently been appointed Cadet Activities Development Officer for MSWG

Capt. David “Hank” Rogers Awarded CAP Life Saving Award

(Jackson, MS) – Capt. David “Hank” Rogers, commander of the Col. Berta A. Edge Composite Squadron, was honored July 19 with Civil Air Patrol's Certificate of Recogntion for Lifesaving after preventing a restaurant patron from choking.

Rogers and a co-worker were dining in the Biloxi area when another patron began to show signs of choking. Rogers approached the individual and asked if he was indeed choking and having trouble breathing.The individual nodded. Rogers immediately attempted to perform the Heimlich maneuver was successful in dislodging a large piece of food that had become lodged in the patron's throat throat. The person began to breathe again immediately and thanked Rogers for coming to his aid. His co-worker decided to pursue obtaining recognition for Rogers for his deed and learned about how Civil Air Patrol honors members who save a life. The co-worker wrote to CAP describing Rogers’ feat, setting the ncessary steps in motion. Rogers received the award at Mississippi Wing Headquarters from Col. Tim Carroll, Capt. David "Hank" Rogers (left) and wing commander. Col. Tim Carroll.

U.S. Civil Air Patrol, the official Air Force Auxiliary, is a nonprofit organization. It performs more than 85 percent of inland search and rescue missions in the continental United States as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center. Volunteers also take a leading role in aerospace education and serve as mentors to America’s youths through CAP Cadet Programs. For more information about Civil Air Patrol programs, call 1-800-FLY-2338.

Mississippi Wing Civil Air Patrol 1635 Airport Dr. Jackson, MS 39209

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