It’s well known that C/C++ languages are the most dominant programming languages around.

As I mentioned in the previous post "Top 10 best applications written in C/C++" that most of the big softwares, operating systems, games and other scientific tools and utilities are developed in C/C++. In this post, I have found 50 outstanding websites and web pages providing source codes for and programs written in C/C++. This list provides direct links to programming source codes along with their small description. I have tried to include the best C/C++ source code websites. This is not a complete list so you can suggest me any links which you think is missing and I will welcome your suggestions to further enhance this list. 1. – Thousands of users tagging and storing useful C language source code snippets 2. Hotscripts provides hundreds of C and C++ scripts and programs. All the programs are organised into different categories. 3. Over a million lines of C and C++ free source code 4. language Over 9000 project written in C programming

5. – Useful code snippets provided by DANIWEB. 6. C programming resources at 7. This page gives you access to the source code from Dr. Dobb’s Journal archived by issue. 8. C and C++ programming resources. 9. CodeCogs is a collaborative open-source library, with numerical components written in C/C++. 10. Google code – C programming language 11. The CodePedia is an open system of content on programming and other computer related topics. 12. This is a list of simple C language programs for students. 13. Project C/C++ resources provided by The Code

14. Here are some C and C++ libraries, DLLs, VCLs, source code, components, modules, application frameworks, class libraries, source code snippets, and the like, that you can use with your programs without payment of fees and royalties. 15. This is a comprehensive list of 345 C++ source codes. 16. A list of generic consol programs and windows programs written in C++.

17. Here is the source code for Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ (Second Edition), by Mark Allen Weiss. The materials here are copyrighted. 18. 19. 20. The SNIPPETS C Source Code Archives. C++ source code and utilities Astronomy and numerical software source codes

21. C++ Games with Source Code – This has links to downloads of games with source code in C++. 22. Free C/C++ Sources for Numerical Computation, 23. C/C++ utilities 24. Free Libraries and Source Code for C++ and others useful tools related to C++. 25. Brad Appleton’s C++ Links – Resources, projects, libraries, tutorials and coding. 26. A list of websites and files of interest to C+ + users. This is a collection of hundreds of sites for C/C++ Programmers. 27. Here, you can see and download all examples of the book The C++ Standard Library – A Tutorial and Reference by Nicolai M. Josuttis. 28. 29. C/C++ Users journal Windows Developer Network

30. Written in C for C Programmers 31. – Useful code snippets provided by DANIWEB. 32. – C++ source code 33. C++ programming resources provided by 34. %2B – Google code – C++ programming language 35. The CodePedia is an open system of content on programming and other computer related topics. 36. C++ source code provided by Codebeach 37. Over 5000 projects written in C++ programming language 38. Code Library for C, C++ and C# – The Code Library with source code for all examples and free downloads for this topic. 39. Happy Codings – Programming Resources & Code Examples for Visual Basic, Java, PHP, asp, C, C++, Assembly.

40. Borland C source code examples for games, graphics and sound. 41. topics. C++ source code organised by

42. C & C++ eBooks and example source codes that show how to develop various Windows programs easily. 43. Over 300 C++ source code for mathematical equations and formulas. 44. Sample Source Code for C++ for Java Programmers. 45. The C++ Standard Library – A Tutorial and Reference. 46. Edward M. Reingold’s Calendar Book, Papers, and Code. 47. The SNIPPETS C++ Source Code Archives. 48. Techniques for solving scientific problems in C and C++. 49. C/C++ IT tool box. 50. This document contains numerous example programs to provide a practical aid for learning C programming language.

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