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2014 15 Ensemble Auditions


All excerpts are taken from the ORCHESTRAL SAXOPHONIST Vol 1, by Bruce Ronkin and Robert
Frascoti, Roncorp, Inc. 1978.

1. Symphonic Dances from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein, p. 14 and p. 15.

2. Pictures at an Exhibition, II. Il vecchio castello by Modest Moussorgsky, p. 10.

3. Bolero by Maurice Ravel, p. 38.

4. Troika from Lieutenant Kij, by Prokofiev, p. 52.

5. From The Omni Book, by Charlie Parker, 1978 Atlantic Music Corp. Perhaps by
Charlie Parker, p. 72 and p. 73.

Permission for use by en educational institution only
Faculty of Music, Wifrid Laurier University