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Saving Dreams Press Kit

A nave girl with dreams of stardom, marries a powerful man, who abuses her while running a
foundation that protects abused women.

Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro

Saving Dreams, a dramatic thriller based on real life events comes this compelling drama with
humor and heart that explores the power that hope and leap of faith can have on marriages,
friendships, Dreams and our everyday lives. Brenda Jackson (Karen Simpson) has the talent to
become a great singer. But her other dreams interfere with her following that path. When she
meets Steve Reeds (Martin Lindquist) she seems to have hit the jackpothe has it all and he
promises to introduce her to people in the music biz. Yet as time goes on, after their marriage, the
promises fade and abuse becomes the norm. He even forbids her to sing around the house.

Then surprisingly, he asks her to sing at a fund raiser for his new foundation. There, she is
profoundly shocked to learn that his foundation helps abused women and children around the
world. He is more powerful than she imagined! She finds it difficult to sing, but somehow
manages to wow the audience with her angelic voice. At that banquet, she meets Bayo Franklyn,
(Nosa Obaseki) a music producer who gives her his card. Soon after, she finds herself pregnant.
She hopes her pregnancy will soften her husbands attitude toward her, but he kicks her down the
stairs, causing a miscarriage. When she returns home from hospital, she finds him with another
woman. She takes that opportunity to make her escape.

Now on her own, she starts a new life and reconnects with Bayo. He tries to convince her to
make a demo. Brenda finds it hard to believe in herself, but with Bayos support she begins to
work on her singing. Brendas song becomes a hit. Bayo asks her to marry him, but she is still
tied to the devil Reeds. He refuses to sign the divorce papers and offers her a humiliating choice.
In desperation, Brenda buys a gun. Things dont go as planned when Brenda confronts Reeds,
but she manages to turn things around and forces him to give her half his assets. Relieved,
Brenda and Bayo make plans for their wedding, but Reeds has one more secret in his sick arsenal
that may pierce their future happiness forever.

Production Still Photos - Color Print

Production Still Photos Black & White Print

Filmography & Photo- Director

Writer/ Director / producer
Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro: An award-winning movie Producer & Director with a passion for
Writing. Isioros passion for filmmaking can be traced back to his early years growing up as a
little boy in Lagos. The loss of his mother at a very young age was a turning point for him, this
contributed to his direction in filmmaking. Isioro believes in telling stories that have some
connection to peoples lives and one that addresses real-life events. With a background from
Nigeria, a country with the 3rd largest movie industry in the world (Nollywood). Isioro graduated
from the Toronto Film School (TFS) in 2007 with honor in film production. After working on a
few shot films of his own which include: 10 Minutes and (Two to Tango, a co-production), and
worked on other peoples projects.
Some of his works includes:
1. Jrs Hatchet (Feature Script) Future Production
2. The Code Game (Feature Script) Future Production
3. Darkest Hour (Feature Script) Future Production
4. Mover (Documentary) Future Production

5. Saving Dreams (Feature) already won 7 awards globally!

Saving Dreams is a success story. It is the only Canadian- Nollywood movie, written, produced
and directed by a Nigerian based in Toronto that has won a total record of 17 Awards From 3
Continents in less than six months prior to its official release in Toronto: (Australia, Europe and
North America) this Includes: (Best Actress, Best Actors, Best Producer & Director, Two Best
Movie Trailer and Multiple Best Feature Film as well with other categories), and 25 Official
International Film Festival Selections, Globally! Saving Dreams has been screened in
Australia, New York, Chicago, Toronto, and have made a record of being the only CanadianNollywood movie & movie trailer that had a back-to-back screening in Lagos, NigeriaNollywood Real-Time International Film Festival October 2nd, and in Hollywood at the 2016
Glendale International Film Festival in California, a city only 26 minutes away from
Hollywood in Los Ageless, California. The movie was screened in Toronto, October 15th at
the CINEVIEW Film Festival, and won Best Lead Actress (Karen Camille Simpson).
Isioro was awarded achievement awards at the 2016 VIGOR INT. ACHIEVEMENT AWARD
held on October 9th in Windsor, Ontario, a day after its receiving two awards at the 2016 DEAAwards also held in Maryland USA, October 8th. On October 21st Isioro and one of his lead
actor Nosa Obaseki received an Award of Excellence in Arts & Entertainment at the 2016
Abedorc Productions Arts and Entertainment Awards held in Toronto Canada.
Isioro was the Social Secretary of the Nigerian Canadian Association, (NCA), Toronto Branch,
and presently owns and manages a Facebook group page: The Canadian Black Actors and
Filmmakers Guild (CBAFG). This page is setup to encourage black actors who are visibly
scarce in the movie industry here in Canada while encouraging other film makers of all diversity
to join the FB-group page with a mission to create opportunities for all actors and filmmakers
regardless. In 2015, Isioro was appointed the only Judge representing Canada at the 9th annual
Windsor International Film Festival 48 Hour Flick Festival held in Windsor, Ontario, October
16-18 2015.
Isioro recently lunched TINFF which is the (Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival).
The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) is a year round
award competition and screening festival with annual event in the beautiful
city of Toronto. With this being our first years, each year in late September
immediately after the Toronto International Film Festival TIFF, we will have
our festival event and award night.
Saving Dreams held its official Toronto World Premier, a VIP Screening,
September 17th, 2016 a sold-out event with close to 500 people from Toronto,
New York, Chicago and New Jersey in attendance. Saving Dreams has been a
success story and has won 17 awards which includes multiple best movie in Canada and USA,
and over 24 Official Selection at International Film Festivals, with its 24 th selection at the 6TH

Trailer recently had a win at the TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival-July 2016 Edition in
TRAILER New Trailer is out for TV & Radio
Isioro is the owner, CEO and President of (True-Sail Production & Motion
Pictures Inc.), and was nominated and won the best movie producer at the
2015 African Entertainment Awards (AE-Awards, 2015). Among its many success, Saving
Dreams Movie received a distribution deal with Silverbird Film Distribution WA, the largest
film distribution company in West Africa and in Nigeria. Saving Dreams Movie is schedule to be
release in Theaters all over Nigerian with a scheduled release date set at January 20 th, 2017.
Saving Dreams will be coming to other parts of Africa as well.

Karen Simpson
Award winning Actress Karen Simpson born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. Karen
has always had a love for the arts both visual and theatrical. Karen started her first stage
play as Physique in the stage play Heads & Tails, and continue to land roles in several
different plays such as "The Role Model, A Gift For Mom." A year ago, Karen took a
leap of faith, quit her job and decided to take acting full time. This landed her, her very
first role as (Brenda Jackson) in the multiple award winning movie "Saving Dreams."
which saw Karen winning 2 Best Lead Actress at the 2016 RTIOFF held in Australia and CINEVIEW
Festival, held in Toronto, Canada.

Nosa Obaseki

Nosa Obaseki is a Toronto based actor who grew up in Nigeria. In 1998, Nosa started a film
career as a Production Assistant." Aspiring to become an actor, Nosa took a leap of faith, and
in 2001 Nosa got his first role in a film titled Brave Soldier. Subsequently, as a Nollywood
actors, Nosa landed roles in films like: Love Missing Angel 2 Sleep Walker Emerald
Agbawu Okina Obama. And in 2015 he got a lead role staring as (Bayo Franklyn) in the
multiple award winning movie "Saving Dreams." Nosa is a 2 times award winner and recently
won the Best Actor at the DEA Awards held in Maryland ,USA.

Martin Lindquist
Martin Lindquist is a Toronto based Actor who grew up in the Rocky Mountains of BC,
Canada. Martin began his Professional Acting journey in September of 2001. After moving
to Toronto in 2005 Martin has gained a wide range of experiences within Theatre, Film and
TV. Martin most recently appeared on Suits, Rogue, Surviving Evil, and played Lead
role in the multiple award winning movie "Saving Dreams." which saw Martin winning Best
Lead Actor at the 2016 RTIOFF held in Australia.

Cai Gallant
Cai Gallant is a Canadian-born actress and singer, starting her career during high school with
many theatre and improvisational programs, as well as the production of several songs. Cai
enrolled in the Musical Theatre Programs, where she appeared in several musical productions,
including Little Women and Oklahoma. And in 2015, she landed a role in the multiple
award winning movie "Saving Dreams." Written and Directed by Isioro T. Jaboro.

Sound Designer

JD Oppen is an audio post professional and AVID Pro Tools ACI at Sound 4 Picture.
As Supervising Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixer on such films as Vincent
Bugliosis Prosecution of an American President, and Osean Pictures 5.1 SciFi
Comedy, Rex Kyro - Mission to Marry, JD has edited dialogue, music and effects
for many features, documentaries and shorts, as well as commercial material for the
web and television. He is an affiliate of SOCAN - Society of Composers, Authors
and Music Publishers of Canada and proud member of MPSE - Motion Picture
Sound Editors. JD is also an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker.

Film Composer
Mike Freedman is a professional film composer and guitarist, based out of
Toronto, Canada. Mike has been the principal composer for several feature
films including, The Limits, Bolly Double and most recently the critically
acclaimed film, Saving Dreams. He has also scored many short films,
including the award winning film, The Golden Pin. Mikes scores are
known for their emotional depth and highly supportive lyrical feel. He is a
current member of SOCAN, and the Screen Composer Guild of Canada.

Movie Trailer Editor

Movie trailer editor Gergely Laszlo-Zwickl was trained in the broadcast television industry as
trailer editor creating jaw-dropping film trailers for HBO, Cinemax, Sony Pictures Television
Networks and MGM classic movies. His passion for films and visual story telling guided him to
new adventures in 2012 when he founded Monoplane Movie Trailer Production
Ltd. a small trailer house uniting a talented post-production team for movie
trailer and on-air promo production.
Great stories and true heros matter for Monoplane when creating the trailer for an
indie film or a Hollywood blockbuster. In the past years Gergely created movie
trailers with international recognition including the Cannes Corporate Media &
TV Awards and Academy Award-Qualification. Find more about Gergely's
works at

Piratheep Kanagasaba

Piratheep Kanagasabai is a Canadian independent filmmaker who is born and raised in

Toronto, Ontario. In 2015, he graduated with a diploma in Film Production
attained from the Toronto Film School. He has a strong passion for directing and
cinematography He has artistically worked on independent music videos and
short films using his creativity skills to translate great concepts into engaging
films. Piratheep is also known for music videos and independent short films like
Formula Rush, Red Secrets, and One Bad Night. Piratheep Kanagasabais recent
student Film entitled Red Secrets, which he produced and directed, received
the Award of Excellence at the 2016 Canada International Film Festival. He is
currently working with independent film production companies, True Sail Production and Selfish

Kelsey L. Harris

Kelsey L. Harris is the Casting Director and Production Coordinator for Saving Dreams.
Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Harris settled in Toronto in 2015, just in time for
preproduction on Saving Dreams. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from the University
of Manitoba and has spent time studying screenwriting in Los Angeles, and acting
in Vancouver. Passionate about film from a young age, Harris attended the
National Screen Institute of Canadas Movie Camp during summers from 20002002. Since being in Toronto she has also written, directed and produced a web
series, E.S.P. and has been a production assistant on upcoming documentaries.

One-Sheet Art Fliers & Festivals


One-Sheet Art Posters


True-Sail Production & Motion Pictures Inc. Presents

Project Title
Saving Dreams

Written , Directed & Produced

Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro

Victoria Kayode Jaboro
Roger Singh

Executive producer
Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro
Victoria Kayode Jaboro

Co-Executive Producer
Wendy Bimbo Thomas

Director of photography
Roger Singh

Production designer
Karen Anderson

Edited by
Christopher Wilson

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Jennifer Jackson
Karen Anderson
Laura Menheere

Music by
Mike Freedman

True-Sail Production & Motion Pictures Inc.



Lead Cast
Karen Simpson
Martin Lindquist
Nosa Obaseki

Cai Gallant
Beverley McMillan
Olivia Gaskin
Nicole Ertl -- Carol
Steve Slavi Kasan -- Minister
Emily Johnson
Tony Nashed-- M.C
Jesse Omonudo-- Hotel Concierge
Chantria Tram-- Wanda

Chris Alexander-- Guest Couple #4

Joanna Heath-- Guest Couple #3
Omar Amin-- Drunk Party Man (BBQ)
Tony Nashed
Christopher T.A. Hall-- Doctor
Lia Scott -- Nurse Cathy
Peter Hodgins-- Alan
Emily Johnson-- Female Doctor

Casting by
Chantel Whitter-- Casting Director
Kelsey L. Harris -- Casting - Extras
Victoria Kayode Jaboro-- Casting associate

Music Supervisor
Isioro T. Jaboro

Sound Editor / Designer

JD Oppen, MPSE

Trailer Editor:
Gergely Laszlo-Zwickl

Developed by
True-Sail Production & Motion Pictures Inc.

In association with
Wayward Films

Statement by the Director

Directors Statement from Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro, director of Saving Dreams
As a director, i am always interested in all types of media. I believe that by incorporating
different forms of art which includes: audio, visuals, storytelling, etc. you equip yourself with the
ability to create a more powerful piece of work than by using a single art form alone. I intend to
make each project I make different, and believe strongly in challenging myself to become a
better director. The world is becoming more and more diverse, which is a good thing and a
reason why my focus is to make movies that are more diverse, while sticking within the subject
matter. Creating films that have something positive to say, and one that is able to reflect on reallife events is my immediate focus. The film I made (Saving Dreams) has been accepted in over
23 film festivals, in the UK, Australia, multiple states in the US, Nigeria and Canada, and has
already won 15 Awards. I feel honored by the acceptances and awards and i am very excited that
the film will reach many audiences and share a story they may not have known before. Saving
Dreams Movie recently got a distribution deal with Silverbird Film Distribution WA, the largest
Film distribution company in West Africa and Nigeria, and will be release in all major Cinemas
in Nigeria January 20th, 2017. As a writer and producer in addition to being a director which is
my main focus, my goal is to make movies that inspires people, one that torches people in many
positive ways.

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