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The Academy of Media Professionals (AMPed) at Key Code

Media is one of only a few Avid Learning Partners (ALP) in
Southern California that can offer Avid-certified courses.
All Avid-certified courses are taught by Avid-certified
Instructors (ACIs).
AMPed instructors are all working editing professionals who
also happen to teach.
Each course includes Avid-certified courseware available only
at an ALP, that includes the course book and a disc with all the
footage and projects for participants future practice and study.
Class time is divided between instructor-led demonstration
and guided hands-on practice time, with ample time for
experiementation with engaging, professional sample media.

10 1 M E D I A C O M P O S E R E D I T I N G
Introduces the concepts of nonlinear editing and progresses
through the basic features and functions of the Media
Composer system. Includes digitizing and organizing source
footage, editing sync and non-sync material, trimming
sequences, editing audio, adding effects, creating titles,
transitions, timeline editing, project & bin management,
and backing up and saving. And more. Participants will
edit several different types of footage including narrative
film, news, and corporate. This class allows editors and
assistant editors to acquire, quickly and efficiently, the skills
necessary to operate Media Composer.

The 5 Avid-certified courses form one of the two

foundations for the TV & Film Editing program (the other
foundation is in Real-Life-Production courses. Each Avidcertified course serves as the technical, substantive core
for each of the first five quarters/modules in the TV & Film
Editing program.

Each Avid-certified course is typically offered in 8-hrs /day

classes, spanning 2-, 3-, or 4- days.
Most AMPed Avid-certified classes are offered on weekends
from 9am-6pm.
Each Avid-certified course is offered at least bi-monthly inperson, in-classroom at the AMPed Burbank facility.

110 M E D I A
Topics include creating
multilayered effects and
compositing, keyframing
effects, mattes, creating effect
templates, creating motion
effects and time warps, nesting
layers, tracking, stabilization,
various retiming methods, and
basic color-grading techniques.
And more.

201 M E D I A C O M P O S E R P R O F E S S I O N A L P I C T U R E


Designed for the user who wants to enhance their productivity and
creativity by taking full advantage of sophisticated features that the
Media Composer offers. Media Composers more advanced editing
features as well as many timesaving shortcuts and tips are examined.
Students learn advanced techniques to help streamline system, media
and project management. Topics include editing features (such as Sync
Point Editing and Replace Edit), advanced trimming, editing and viewing
options, sync audio methods, keyboard shortcuts, user settings and
digitizing and re-digitizing tips. Project, media and system management
topics include improving Avid Media Composer performance and
moving/deleting media.

205 M E D I A C O M P O S E R P R O F E S S I O N A L E F F E C T S
Learn to design multi-layered and multi-nested effects on Media
Composer for maximum quality and optimal render time. Hands-on
exercises help students create and combine effects to achieve realworld results. Topics include effect shortcuts and tips, advanced nesting
and keying, advanced title features, render time reduction and effects
media management.

239 C O L O R G R A D I N G W I T H M E D I A C O M P O S E R
Designed for the intermediate user. Learn how to color correct a sequence.
Participants also learn how to color correct each shot in a sequence, use
internal video scopes, make sure the color and luminance are within safe
broadcast limits, and create a treatment for the entire sequence. Samples
from ESPN are used for some demonstrations.

There are 5 total Avid-certified courses.

The first two courses in the series (the 100-level courses) lead towards an Avid Certified User certification.
The next 3 courses (the 200-level courses) lead towards an Avid Certified Professional certification.
Avid-certified courses are only available at Avid Learning Partners.

The 5 Avid-certified courses can be taken

collectively as a discounted package, the
Avid-certified Track.

The 5 Avid-certified courses can be taken

collectively as a discounted package along
with the other Avid-classes as part of the
Avid Track.

The 5 Avid-certified courses can be taken

collectively as part of the TV & Film Editing program.

Each Avid-certified course can be taken a

la carte.