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No part of this manual may be reproduced (by any means) without the expressed written permission of Travis Stoetzel. Copyright 2011 The Forged Athlete. LLC or Travis Stoetzel cannot be held responsible for any injury that may occur while participating in this program. Please consult your physician before starting this (or any) exercise program. This manual is being offered for education and information purposes only. The Forged Athlete.TESTDRIVE WORKOUT MANUAL All rights reserved. There is inherent risk with any physical activity. LLC .

and Bodyweight Training System . Bells. That’s just one example of how you could do it. take a day break in between then come back with workout 2 on a Wednesday. break again.TESTDRIVE WORKOUT MANUAL Thanks for downloading my FREE “Test Drive Workout Manual” for the Bags. go attack these workouts! Live Aggressive and Get Strong! Travis Creator – The Bags. Bells and Bodyweight Training System. I want YOU to go through them and see how they feel! Attack them and just let loose! This is a different type of training that will produce POWERFUL results! I’m 100% confident that after you go through these three workouts posted below that you’ll be hooked and you’ll want more! Why wouldn’t you want more? The best way to get results is by following a proven plan or “system”. Below you will find 3 of some of the most powerful and challenging workouts that I’ve taken straight from my system. and Bodyweight Training program is…. Bells. The second time you go through these workouts. then do workout 3 on Friday. make sure you trying to break your records from previous workouts! You should always be striving to get better and outperform yourself every time you train! No EXCUSES! Now. a Full SYSTEM! Now. don’t waste anymore time! Dig into this workout for the next few weeks! The best way to attack these would be to do workout 1 on a Monday. This will give you a day break in between each workout to allow yourself some recovery. That’s exactly what my Bags.

TESTDRIVE WORKOUT MANUAL Test Drive Workout #1 1A) Broad Jumps 5 x 5 ***Get as far as possible in 5 jumps ***Focus is on POWER not fatigue 2A) Density Challenge Set – 20mins – As Many Rounds As Possible a) b) c) d) e) Overhead Bodyweight Squats x 10 Push Up Variation x 10 Lunge Jumps x 10 (5/Leg) Pull Ups Variation x 6 OR Recline Row x 10 Full Burpee x 10 3A) Ab Circuit 3 Rounds x 3 Movements x 30 secs or 10 .15 reps a) Turkish Get Ups x 30secs/side b) Mountain Climber x 15 reps/side c) Plank Variation @ highest intensity x 30 secs 4A) Tire / Sled Drags – Moderate Weight x 3 rounds x 30 yards down and back = 1 Round IF NO SLED – 8 x 30 yard Sprints Sled Drags Will Get You SHREDDED and STRONG! .

TESTDRIVE WORKOUT MANUAL Test Drive Workout #2 1A) Single Leg Bounds For Distance x 5 jumps/leg x 4 rounds **Mark the distance traveled and try to beat every time 2A) HEAVY Bulgarian Squats w/ SB OR KB 5 x 5/leg 3A) KB 1 arm push press 4 x 6-8/arm 3B) KB 1 Arm swing 4 x 8/arm 4A) KB Renegade Rows 3 x 8/arm OR Bent 1 Arm KB Rows 3 x 8/arm 4B) Hip Extensions 3 x 15/leg 5A) Carry Density Set x 5 mins – 20 yards down and back for AMRAP. 1 rep = down and back 1 time a) Heavy KB Farmer Walks x Max distance Farmer Carries for SERIOUS Muscle Strength Gains!!! . set down weight when need to.

POWER. and LEAN MASS! .TESTDRIVE WORKOUT MANUAL Test Drive Workout #3 1A) 15/30 ALL OUT Goes 4 rounds of each of the following: a) Vertical Jumps b) Ice Skaters ***You’ll go ALL OUT for 15 secs then rest 30 secs for each exercise x 4 total rounds 2A) SUPER HEAVY SB Shouldering – 1 rep each shoulder every 20 secs x 5 mins 3A) 1A KB Clean Bottoms Up Press 4 x 5-8/arm – regress to regular press if need be 3B) 1A KB Clean 4 x 5-6 / arm 3B) 1A KB Bent Row 4 x 5-8/arm 3C) 1A KB Swing 4 x 8/arm ***Go thru entire circuit on one side then repeat on other side = 1 set 4A) HEAVY Sled Drags 4 x 50 yards (forwards x 25 yards then backwards x 25 yards) Kettlebell Circuits are a MUST for more STRENGTH.

com .TESTDRIVE WORKOUT MANUAL If you enjoyed these workouts. Grab the FULL System with 30+ Workouts and ALL of these special bonuses:        the bodyweight training guide the kettlebell training guide the sandbag training guide paleo ripped nutritional guide dumbbell domination the 7 supplements guide the strength coach audio series + BagsBellsandBodyweight.