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Church family,


In the process of creating this document I spend some time looking over our
social media feed, talking with some of you and looking back at all that God
has done throughout 2016.
One of the most repeated things that I have said both in conversation and
from the pulpit is that: God is at work in our lives, even when we
dont see it or feel it He is at work.
This is so true in our pursuit of Him both individually and corporately. God
has done some incredible things in our little church and our little town but
sometimes when we are immersed in the work, we dont always see it.

As a father I know this truth very well. I dont always see Micah growing up. I know he is, but when I am so close to him I
dont always see it but it is in those moments where he took that first step, said that new word or overnight grew 5
inches. Either way, what helps me see this is when I step back and look at the growth.
Let me remind you though that statistics arent about numbers and performance. Statistics are about people. And every
number and piece of data tells a story. Driving every statistic, in every ministry, is a realization that God is at work to make
all things new. He doesnt make us new so that we can boast in our accomplishments. He is at work in us so that He
might be glorified.
This year end report is a way for us to stop, reflect and celebrate what God has done this year and what
I pray He will do in the coming year. I hope that the stories and the information in this report
encourage you and challenge you to plug into community, to tell your story and to seek Jesus
relentlessly and live for Him passionately.
I love you! Pastor David


This year we have grown in attendance. Our
weekend average attendance was 84.
Adults: 70

Kids: 14


We spent 13 weeks in the book of
Ephesians, looking at the
importance of our identity in
We spent 8 weeks in the book of
Titus, learning to be a healthy
gospel-centered church that is
committed to discipleship.

During our worship series we took time in

our service to pray together and confess
sin to one another. This was a powerful
time that was both vulnerable and real.

We spent 7 weeks in the book of

Daniel, learning to remain
faithful and hold firm our beliefs
and convictions.
We spent 5 weeks looking at the
Five Solas of the reformation. We
learned 5 core and basic
doctrinal beliefs that are
important for the believer.

We dedicated 6 kids. Our church has

grown this past year just by new births
alone, and it continues to grow. We are
already scheduling dedications for 2017.

This year on Easter Sunday we had over

200 people attend our 3 services where
we baptized 4 people and celebrated
the resurrection of Jesus!

We spent 3 weeks looking at the

importance of worship: in the
corporate gathering, in the
individuals time and in the sending
out by God.
We wrapped up the year with 4
week series on Advent, learning to
look rightly at the birth of Jesus
and who He is.


This year we looked for ways to build community over the summer. We held a BBQ at the Bissons home, we had a family game
night at the church and we wrapped up the summer with a potluck & worship night and a potluck at the Cooks home.



One of the opportunities we have with the location of our building is being down town where all the parades are held and community
actives happen. Below is an overview along with photos from some of those events.
We reached out goal of having
2,000 water bottles donated
to provide to those attending
the parade.

We gave out over 500 pieces of
candy, saw over 600 people come
through our doors and provided a
warm and safe space for people on a
rather dark and unsafe holiday.

We served 350 cups of cocoa, had
over 700 people come through our
doors, we teamed up with the city this
year to provide face painters and
balloon makers and helped provide
space for the judges booth.


K Earl Long Jr
The last couple of years have been the best of
my life. But it wasnt always that way. I've been
on VA disability for 12 years, walked through a
difficult divorce and struggled with my identity
and purpose.
Years ago I began to travel in a RV just wandering and searching for
something. I returned home when my daughter asked me to return to
When I first came here I was isolated. I didn't interact with many
people and I still wrestled with identity and purpose.
Many were praying for me and supporting me in the idea of starting
a yarn group. I made excuses why I wasnt ready, but those close to
me kept encouraging me, and out of that sw_stichers was born.
2015 was a real turning point. I had always felt guilt that I didnt
work and I never knew how to respond if someone asked, what do
you do for work?
As Pastor David stepped in as our lead pastor God began to show me
things that needed to be done for our Sunday morning gatherings. I
made coffee, helped with programs, clean up and I started the
sw_stichers gathering at HomeTown Cafe across the street from our
new building.
In 2016 I grew in confidence and found my work. I knew my
purpose and my calling. Once I accepted this my life really started to
change. No longer embarrassed if someone would ask what do you
I'm a professional knitter and I help at my church. God took over
from there, putting me in the places I needed to be. This year was my
biggest for creating knitted gifts for new babies. A lot of love goes
into my knitting and I pray that all are blessed with each project I do.
God has spoken into my life so much this year and as it draws to a
close God has given me an incredible gift, my fiance (Sara Jane).

Below are just a few of the stories of people within our church. These stories
are an encouragement of what God has done and continues to do in His church.

Ben & Jessica Bowlin

Hi my name is Benjamin "ben" Bowlin. My wife is Jessica. We
have been going to SWCTK for a few years. My work schedule
doesn't always allow me to attend regularly. When I have a
work schedule that allows me to attend I do.
My wife and I were raised up in various denominations. I went to
an Assembly of God (age 0-7, 1978-1985) Baptist church (age 7-12)
Methodist (Avon Allen 13-15) and then attended various forms of nondenominational churches (in Anacortes). Jessica and her family attended Anglican,
episcopal and Assembly of God (she doesn't remember the particular years).
It may seem a bit unorthodox to start off stating about our church history/
background. Especially in regards to what God has been doing in our life. I started
there so that people reading this would understand that Jessica and I are not
strangers to church and church settings. It also helps to give context to our story in
regards to what God has done in our life and what he continues to do. Jessica and I
were married 4 and a half years ago and we were blessed with 2 children. We reside
in Sedro-Woolley.
God is responsible for every facet of our life. I state that as a matter of fact. The part of
our story that I am focusing on is our marriage. When Jessica and I were married, we
were not both believers. I was believing, but Jessica was more in a place of
religiousness than belief. I had inside my beliefs accepted some things to be true
that were not. Jessica did not have a good concept of Jesus as our LORD and Savior
(meaning she had heard it, but wasn't believing it in her heart). God used this
situation for a lot of growth in both of us (there was also a lot of heartbreak involved).
I personally struggled with sin on a more internal level in my heart and how I
communicate, relate to people, trust and love. These things colored my relationship
with God and my spouse. Jessica struggled (in the past and previous years of our
marriage) with sin of her heart in a more physical way. Jessica came to be a believer
about 9 months ago. It was looking as though our marriage was going to end before
that time.
Now, as a result of what God has done in both of our hearts. Jessica and I have been
restored to God and our marriage. We had a vow renewal earlier this year that Pastor
David was gracious enough to officiate for us and thanks to what Jesus did on the
cross, Jessica and I are able to move forward hopefully (by the grace of God) always
closer to God and community.

Diane Berghuis
It all started Christmas 2015 when I was at a really low point
and searching for some much needed Christmas cheer. I
stumbled upon a Christian radio station playing holiday
music. Listening to the messages of hope and revisiting the
true meaning of the season was truly a blessing from God.
I continued listening after the new year and the worship music
helped so much, I decided to take the leap and return to church.
2016 was the year I returned to Christ, the year I could no longer deny that God
alone would fill the void I felt in my life.
Early Spring 2106, I stepped through to doors of SWCTK. It was like coming home.
Feel the Holy Spirit after so many years of a hardened heart was amazing! How could
I have forgotten what true love is? I realized I needed and craved God's love more
then I can put into words.
By late spring I started hanging around the church more and more, volunteering my
time where I could. I began to get to know people and began to feel comfortable
asking questions about the Bible and seeking guidance. The more I learned, the
more I wanted to change my life. I began I see things more clearly.
In the summer I brought my son to church and began reading the children's bible to
him at home. Watching him soak up the bible stories and learn to pray was so heart
warming. I wanted to raise my son in a Godly way! The importance of raising him up
right had a whole new meaning. Listening to my son sing worship songs at home
and talk about God has been one of the greatest gifts.God has made me a better
mother I also began meeting with a mentor. The Lord has blessed me with a very
loving, strong Christian women. Through her the Lord is taking me on an adventure
of discovery and learning the way of Christ.
Fall and winter brought a new calling for me, I could feel God moving me to help
with the children's ministry. I am learning right along with these beautiful children
and getting my own child involved in the church. It truly is a wonderful sight!
I began to reflect on how far I have come, but also how much I have to go. Accepting
Christ and learning the power of prayer is awesome! So many wonderful things have
changed in my life, and I can see all the blessing the Lord has giving me. I have
learned to trust in Him for everything I need, and he has delivered! Last winter I
started to give up my power to God, and now, I don't see how I could go back. With
God all things are possible. If you had told me that a year ago I would have been
skeptical. Today I know this to be true.
I am hopeful for what God has in store for me in 2017. I am learning how to live a
better Christian life. I pray the Lord will give me the strength and courage to make
the changes in my life that are holding me back from truly living for God. I thank you
God for all the blessing, changes, and clarity you have brought me this year. I thank
you for the love my son has shown for you, and loving us both unconditionally. I am
humbled and thankful for all the wonderful new friends I have made through You.
You are my Savior, my Father, teacher, and comforter. Amen.

John & Lisa Hillman

2016 has been quite a year. We have been just
floating along thru life just kind of living. God has
different ideas for our lives. He allowed some very
difficult circumstances to come up to challenge the
status quo. There were times I felt like giving up and
getting up and going to work took everything in my
being. No matter what I did or tried it just got worse. I was full of anger,
frustration and helplessness. My wife and her bible study prayed for me
a lot. She gently reminded to seek God and she also left scriptures next
to my chair at home. Sometimes it would be weeks before I would read
them. It also amazed me how many people I didnt even know were
praying for me.
God reminded me who is in control and it is certainly not me. I cannot
do this on my own, I need help from my family and the church (family as
well). God has shown me what is important and his plan and his timing
are his not mine. I am learning to have faith and patience as I wait for
him to move. I am learning to give up the anger and frustration. I have
asked myself many times this year why we lack faith and worry and fret
over things big or small. God is in control and he loves us. I have asked
so many times this year for forgiveness and thanked him for his
patience. When I come to church after a particularly rough week and
Gods presence and love washes over me, sometimes it just overcomes
me and the tears just roll and I know he loves us. It has been a slow
painful process but as I reflect back there has been progress and growth.
There have been some victories this year. I have found a brother in
Christ at work and we pray every morning. God put me in the right place
and time as someone was trying to commit suicide and thru his strength
and spirit his life was saved not only physically but he became saved as
well. I have been able to minister to people at work. I would have never
been able to do these things before. I know God is working in me. He is
not done and I have a long way to go but he has me in his hands. I have
come to appreciate my wife more for her gentle sprit and inner beauty.
God has truly blessed me with committed partner and someone with the
patience of Job.
I would like to thank all the ladies at my wifes bible study that have
never stopped praying for me this year. Thank you all for the gracious
spirit as my mom called it when she visited. Thank you David for all you
do. It is noticed and appreciated. We wish everyone a safe and Happy
New Year. God bless!

Dianne Helton
Feeling blessed to be a part of SWCTK. There
was a time when I felt I was getting too old
to be active in the church anymore and
would just pass any of my responsibilities on
to the next generation. But then God spoke to
me through Beth Moore how God used so many in the Bible in
their later years, like Moses and Abraham and many more and I
thought Oh goodness, I can't use 'getting old' as an excuse. So
I got back into volunteering as one of the preschool teachers on
Sunday morning and I absolutely love being with the little ones
and talking with them about Jesus. It is a blessing to listen to
them and watch them grow.
And then The Lord called me to lead a small group on
Wednesdays at noon to pray and I knew I had to say Yes. But
little did I know how small that small group would be. I was
imagining that He would fill the sanctuary with people from all
over Sedro-Woolley but instead He has been gracious enough to
make sure except for once that there is always at least one other
person to pray with. And He has taught me that where two or
more are gathered in His Name, there He is in the midst of them
and what a blessing that has been.
I know the time is not the most convenient for most people and
so I would ask that if anyone else hears the call to pray (And He
does call ALL His children to be intercessory prayer warriors) that
you would set a designated time apart to meet with the Lord to
pray for others beginning with praise and confession. We pray for
1 hr. but if that is too hard, set a more feasible goal for you. If
you would let me know that you are on our team and praying
with us, just not at the same place it would be a great
encouragement to me.
God is working at SWCTK and I love watching Him work, making
us one no matter what the age gap may be, filling us with His
love for one another and using us for His glory to make a
difference in this community and for His Kingdom and I am
blessed to be a part of it. Maranatha!


Human beings are natural-born storytellers. We love to share our lives
and our stories. But why do we tell stories at CTK? We tell stories to speak
the truth about the way things are and proclaim the gospel.
God is reconciling all things back to Himself, and stories help tell this
greater story. They testify to who God is and what He has done and is
doing in Christ, reaching past mere intellect to stir and shape our
The gospel of Jesus Christ transforms hearts and lives. It may be
seemingly radical, like Sauls conversion on the road to Damascus, or it
may be a slow, gradual awakening. Whatever the case, its always
miraculous and amazing that God would save sinners like us and use
stories like ours.
Share your story via a Connection Card on a Sunday morning or go to to use the digital form. Wed love to hear what God did
in your life this year!




In the month of August last year (2015) Pastor David shared with us that God had
blessed us with a building and that it was through the grace of God and support of
Fountain Community Church in Bellingham (who own the building we are now in).
We are grateful for Fountain Community who welcomed us into their building and
made it a priority of doing the work of the ministry.
One of the things that Pastor David said about the building was that as we got in:
this building is going to be a space for us to put our stuff so that we can
begin to focus on and do the real work of the ministry. God has been faithful
in this focus as we continue to grow and expand.

In September of this year (2016) we renewed our lease with Fountain Community
Church for a 3 year lease believing that God was not done with us here and that
the best is to come both in our church and in our community!
This fall we had the opportunity to remodel the building to fit our needs and make
it feel more warm and welcoming. This remodel was financially possible through a
grant given by our CTK Network. *This remodel was done at no cost to SWCTK.
Check out the images from the next page that show the transformation the building
has undergone since we got in the space back in 2015.





Our staff are made up of the team members that work to lead ministries, encourage and engage volunteers and help do the day to day work. We
have gone through several changes and this past year we were excited to welcome two new members to our staff: Lueree Acero (Kids Director) and
Brianne Pittis (Admin Support).

Katie Lyon
Worship and
Creative Director

Matthew Williams
Program Director

Lueree Acero
Kids Director

Brianne Pittis
Admin Support

Back in 2015 we established an advisory council. These men serve as a covering and support to both our Pastor and our congregation. This council
was formed using biblical guidelines for elders. If youd like to learn more about the guidelines and requirements for our elders and even listen to
messages taught by Pastor David about our council and how they operate as elders you can find more on our website at





My story is one of Jesus faithfulness to provide for our needs, beyond what we could ever ask or understand. When I started in my role as Worship
Director here at SWCTK, my volunteers were two faithful young men who had been serving at the church for years, they served tirelessly, coming in
each Sunday, setting up the stage at the community center, and did so with servant hearts that took joy in caring for our community while exercising
their gifts. They served as people came and went, they served as we transitioned buildings, and they served when no one else would.
Then God called them elsewhere, and boy was I unsure of what I would do The week that our bass player left to serve another community with
YWAM, God provided two more. Two weeks before our drummer left for boot camp, again, God provided two more. Our ministry has grown from two,
servant-hearted, faithful young men, to a ministry of over a dozen men and women getting to exercise their gifts to serve our congregation and honor
Jesus by leading us in praise each week. I am blessed by Gods provision always coming in unexpected, beautiful ways. Jesus has continued to teach
me what it is to trust Him with all the details and to know Hes much better at providing for our needs than I could ever be.
Katie Lyon
Worship and Creative Director

Since August our kids have gone through two teaching series and we are finishing our third As a church we went through the series Together We
Believe with the adults where we learned about the pillars that make up our faith. We also went through an Advent series, learning about Jesus
great love for humanity by coming as a baby to save the world through His sacrifice as an adult. Our students began their new curriculum in the
Picture Smart Bible, starting in the book of John, which we will be finishing in the new year.
This past year has been a season of growing and learning. Our main focus has been health which has been an incredible focus as we are working to
build healthy teams of volunteers and teachers that are teaching and modeling the gospel to these kids and their families.
Lueree Acero
Kids Director


As I look back on this year it has been amazing, difficult and incredible. We have made building changes, staff changes and I myself have gone
through a couple of transitions. Two of the parts of this year that were particularly difficult for me was 1) my pastoral transition from being full
time to becoming bi-vocational and 2) us going from two service to one.
This year has had many transitions and in the midst of them you have been faithful and encouraging. The summer was a difficult one for me
because I felt pulled in two completely different directions. On one end I was learning to make coffee and serve in an industry that was
unfamiliar to me, and yet it was important because I was there to support my family. In the fall I quit my Starbucks job to take on a part time role
in our CTK Network as the Creative Director where I could be on site here full time while using my gifts in our Network part time.
The second part that was difficult was when we went from two services to one. I say this was difficult because what I believed that said about me
and our little church was that we werent growing and it was my fault. As we transitioned to one service our community of believers began to
grow. Not just spiritually but numerically. God has done some incredible things in our time. I fought
not going to one service, remaining at two because thats what successful churches do but its
Its incredible how God
incredible how God removes one thing from us in order to make space for something better. I was
removes one thing from
honestly afraid that we would get stuck in our ways and want our little church gathering rather than a
us in order to make space
desire to see God work beyond us and our space. But despite my worry: you grew, you welcomed
for something better.
others in and you continue to do these things with grace and with faithfulness.

Back in June when I wrote my letter of transition explaining me being bi-vocational I said, I pray that God continues to grow us and work in us
through this season of transition. Well God has done these things and I am grateful for your commitment to this church. I love you so much
and I thank God for you!

My hope for us in 2017 is that: 1) we would walk in a DEEPER INTIMACY WITH GOD where (through the help of the Holy Spirit) He would
grow us deeply and direct us towards Him and the truth of His Word 2) that we would have a deeper desire and right understanding of what it
means to SERVE ONE ANOTHER as Christ has modeled for us and called us to, and 3) that we would GIVE BIG.

David Lawler, Lead Pastor


1 That we would walk in a DEEPER INTIMACY WITH GOD where
(through the help of the Holy Spirit) He would grow us deeply and direct
us towards Him and the truth of His Word.
2 That we would have a deeper desire and right understanding of what it
means to SERVE ONE ANOTHER as Christ has modeled for us and called
us to, both in the church and in our community.
3 That we would GIVE BIG. In our finances, our gifts, our time and in any
other way that God shows us. But we wont do this to try and out give God
(that is not possible). We will do this to give because we have been given.




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