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Below please find a tentative timeline for the day:

7:00 AM

Staff assigned role of victim/wounded report to CMS auditorium

7:30 AM

Paraprofessionals begin signing in on True Time in Rm A407

8:00 AM

Everyone in their classroom-able to work on computer/iPad and use restrooms

9:00 AM

School Day begins

11:00 AM

End of drill-all staff return to CMS

11:15 AM

Staff report to new room assignments for reflection

and feedback
11:45 PM

Lunches provided in cafeteria and outside the auditorium

12:00 PM

Your choice:
Lunch and collegiality in CMS cafeteria or
Lunch and informational debriefing with Plymouth Police in CMS auditorium or
Lunch and discussion with Mental Health personnel in room A406

12:30 PM

All staffMental health professional development with Anne Gearity in CMS auditorium
2:00 PM

Staff dismissed

We are one month away from our upcoming Safety Drill, and we are excited about the new learning that will
come from your participation. You have been assigned the role of TEACHER. Please report to Central
Middle School, room C06, no later than 7:45 AM on Wednesday, October 19th. All staff must be onsite no
later than 8:00 AM. Vicksburg and nearby roads will be closed for a police perimeter after 8:00 AM. Parking
at Central Middle School may be limited. You are encouraged to carpool when possible. Staff members who
use True Time are encouraged to arrive as early as 7:30 AM to room A407 to sign in.
Your classroom will be made up of 10-20 other individuals playing the role of student and one classroom
paraprofessional who will help you lead the class in a lesson. You will be provided with a class list, the lesson
plan and all necessary materials for teaching the lesson, a map of CMS, district emergency procedures, and any
important announcements for the day of the safety drill. All staff will have some work time from 8:00-9:00
AM. Plan to bring your staff iPad, laptop, or other work items. The drill will commence sometime before
10:00 AM. While playing the teacher role, it will be important to keep in mind that you are being asked to use
your best judgment during the drill to select a course of action from the enhanced lockdown procedures we have
been trained in this summer/early fall. Please be assured that there is not one right way to respond. All
decisions made to maintain safety and security during a time of crisis are acceptable. Ear protection will be
provided to individuals who are interested.
After the drill has finished, you will be notified via the police or the public address system. You will report to
room C101 for reflection opportunities. At 11:30 AM, staff will meet in the CMS cafeteria at a box lunch and
will have options for a debriefing from the Plymouth Police. Plan to gather in the auditorium at 12:30 PM for a
mental health and resiliency presentation by Dr. Anne Gearity. Our intention during that time is to provide
some strategies and opportunity for reflection after a stressful event. Staff should plan to remain on campus
until 2:00 PM. Please register in My Learning Plan for Safety Drill and Training to receive credit for
your attendance.