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Computer Networking

File and Printer Sharing in Peer to Peer Workgroup Network
(Windows XP)
Configuring peer to peer workgroup network
Install XP , change the name of your computer and workgroup When you first install windows
assign itself a computer name something that looks like RAT12E2341, now would be a good
time to give your computer a descriptive name:
Right-click on My Computer and select Properties, or open the System applet in the Control

Select the Computer Name tab ==> click Change to open the Computer Name Changes dialog


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Computer Networking
Enter a new computer name in the Computer Name field and new workgroup name
in Workgroup field and click OK.

You will be prompted to restart your computer to complete the name change. Click yes to restart
your computer.

Note: To avoid future problem follow these simple rules in choosing name

Computer name should be unique in a workgroup.

Workgroup name should be same for all computers.

Workgroup names may be up to 15 characters long and may contain any alphanumeric
(a-z and 0-9) characters, as well as special characters except for ; : " < > * + = \ | ?.

Computer names can be up to 15 characters long and have the same naming restrictions
as workgroups. In addition, the computer name cannot be the same as the workgroup

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Install LAN card driver. 3 K.Computer Networking Next step is checking of LAN card that will be done first in Device manager and further in My network place ==> properties LAN card in device manager Right Click on My Computer ==> properties ==> Hardware ==> Device manager ==> Network Adaptor ==> Check here (also check under the other devices tag) Description: Installed and working properly Situation:-Showing with Yellow sign Description:.LAN card driver is corrupted Solution:. Seyoum 2012/13 .

LAN card is not detected yet (Check for physical installation) Solution:. Seyoum 2012/13 .Computer Networking Situation:.My network places ==> properties ==> local area connection ==> right click ==> Enable (Follow only if LAN card is disable ) Check whether network cable is plugged or not Situation:-Not Showing Description:.Showing with Red Cross Description:.Either cable is unplugged or LAN card is disabled Solution:.Open the cabinet and check for physical detection Check Bios ==> On bord Lan Option should be enable Checking LAN card in Network place How to show my network place on Desktop? Right click on the free space of desktop ==>Customize desktop ==>check mark on My network places ==> Apply ==> Ok My network place ==> properties ==>local area connection 4 K.

Solution:.Computer Networking Situation:. Seyoum 2012/13 .assign manually IP address Situation:-Showing with disable 5 K.Showing Description:.Installed and working properly Situation:-Showing with Red Cross Description:-cable is unplugged Solution:-Check whether network cable is plugged or not Situation:-Showing with Yellow sign Description:-LAN is working on Automatic private IP.

To turn off firewall My network place ==> properties ==>local area connection ==> properties ==>Aadvanced ==>Settings 6 K. Seyoum 2012/13 .Computer Networking Description:-LAN is disabled Solution:-My network places ==> Local area connection ==> Right click ==> Enable (Follow only if LAN card is disabled) Situation:-Showing with firewall Description:-LAN is firewall protected Solution:-There is no need to on firewall unless you are connecting with internet.

Computer Networking General==> Off Next step is to check for these 4 necessary things  LAN cards drives  Client for Microsoft network  File and printer sharing services  Internet protocols (TCP/IP) 7 K. Seyoum 2012/13 .

we will stick with it in all our descriptions. Select the View tab and scroll to the bottom of the options. and Windows XP Professional Edition uses it by default. If for some reason you are using Windows XP Professional Edition and it is turned off. Enable Windows XP Simple File Sharing Since Windows XP Home Edition always uses Simple File Sharing. Seyoum 2012/13 . you may enable it by going to the Tools menu in Windows Explorer and selecting Folder Options. 8 K.Computer Networking If you don't found any of these here and then install that by using install button before going further. Check the box next to Use Simple File Sharing Recommended).

how can we use special file sharing permission in workgroup ? Ans.Computer Networking Note :. Just uncheck these options To share files in Windows XP with Simple File Sharing enabled. follow these steps: Right-click the folder you wish to share and select Sharing And Security 9 K. Seyoum 2012/13 .

If you wish to allow users to change files. 10 K. but most steps of this wizard have been accomplished. Users can read them but not change them. click here. This folder is now set to share files with "read only" security. such as enabling file sharing are already done. Seyoum 2012/13 . The Network Setup Wizard can establish configurations that are not compatible with file sharing. you will see the following dialog box: Choose Just Enable File Sharing. and it is too easy to have it change something for the worse.Computer Networking Click "If you understand the security risks but want to share files without running the wizard. click the check box next to Allow Network Users To Change My Files. After clicking the preceding message." This will activate file and printer sharing on this computer. You might choose to run the Network Setup Wizard.

you will see a "sharing hand" under the folder Network users will see the following when they browse to your computer in My Network Places 11 K. Seyoum 2012/13 .Computer Networking After clicking OK.

 Local printer is the printer that is attached with system directly.Computer Networking Printer Sharing You should be familiar with network printer and local printer before you share printer. Installing local printer Attach physically and Start ==> Setting ==> printer and faxes If you don't see any printer here its mean printer drive has not been installed and you have to install it manually to do this Click on add a printer. 12 K. Seyoum 2012/13 .  Network printer is the printer that is attached with other system and we will use it via network.

Seyoum 2012/13 .Computer Networking This will launch add printer wizard Select Local printer attached to this computer Select the port on which you have attached the printer 13 K.

anything that is close to your specification 14 K. LabPrinter.Computer Networking Select the manufacturer and model of your printer. Seyoum 2012/13 . if you have printer driver CD then use have disk options Give any name to your printer for example OfficePrinter.

Computer Networking If you want to print test page then choose Yes otherwise select No Click on Finish to complete the Wizard 15 K. Seyoum 2012/13 .

Computer Networking Before sharing on network its best practice to test the printer. Right-click the printer you wish to share and select Sharing. Seyoum 2012/13 . Share Your Printer Sharing a printer is very similar to sharing your folder. 16 K. Do some printing.

...... Provide a name for the shared printer and Click OK 17 K.Computer Networking You will see the following dialog box....... Click on If you understand the security risks... Select Share This Printer. Seyoum 2012/13 ...

To install a network printer Start ==> Setting ==> printer and faxes ==> Add a printer ==> Select Network printer If you know the exact path of printer then type it otherwise Select Browse for a printer 18 K. Seyoum 2012/13 .Computer Networking sharing hand will appear under your printer Installing Network printer Network printer will be installed on all other computer.

Seyoum 2012/13 .Computer Networking Select the printer If you want to print test page then choose Yes otherwise select No 19 K.

Computer Networking Click on Finish to complete the Wizard 20 K. Seyoum 2012/13 .