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Introduction :
Extended 3D analysis of Building System (ETABS) is finite element software
specially designed for building frame system. Dating back more than 30 years to
the original development of ETABS, structural analysis for buildings is easy and
simple for both lateral and gravity loads. In this chapter, a brief description about
planning, modeling, analysis and design of the fourteen storied residential building is

Methodology :
Selection of the Architectural plan of the building.

Modeling of the building.

Analysis of the building.

Design of the building.

Detailed drawing of different structural elements.

increase our confidence level against disastrous events Advanced design can be achieved through the selection of an appropriate structure configuration and the careful detailing of structural members. But over design is also harmful for such kind of structures at times. To design the building structure considering all types of loads and show detailed structural drawing of different structural elements Possible outcomes of Thesis : Structural design is an important thing for a building. it is our responsibility to make advanced design in order to achieve desirable building strength against the earthquake load and therefore. Pile foundation will reduce possibility of settlement.Background of the Thesis : Earthquakes can cause great loss of life and property by destroying structures such as buildings. . implementation of our project in such a crowded city like Dhaka is highly beneficial to community. and columns and beam-column connections. As our country is densely populated and shelter is one of the main problems our authority faces. For the safety of the buildings during earthquake shaking. In this seismic design concept. This optimistic design is the possible outcome of the study as given below : i) ii) iii) Safe and economic design of all structural elements. earthquake resilient building structure with seismic detailing is recommended to absorb energy induced by strong earthquake shaking. Thus. The main target in designing against seismic load is to keep safe the structures to improve their safety provision. By providing a proper design of structural thing an economic building could be built. Under design is very harmful for any kind of structure in which animals are dwelling in. bridges and dams on its way. The most destructive earthquakes are caused by seismic waves that reach to the earth surface at areas where man-made structures are located. So it is mandatory to design any building optimistically. A safe foundation may be found by providing pile foundation. the philosophy of strong column weak beam has widely been accepted by the structural designers and the researchers. it is assumed that yielding of all beams in flexure will occur prior to possible yielding of columns which is considered to be the preferable failure mode. such as shear walls. Because of high rise category of structure. beams. Objectives of the Thesis :   To analyze the selected building plan. So.