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Yu­Kym's Blog: Face Reading: Is he as rich as he claims?

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Face Reading: Is he as rich as he claims?


Posted by Yu-Kym - 4/23/2012 10:50:00 PM - Life

According to 3 girls, this is the alleged picture of a man who
drives a BMW 5-series, claims to be a business owner and
claimed to be able to offer a monthly allowance of $x per
month for a sugarbabe. He got 2 girls into bed and molested



[Get $10 Redmart credit for
your groceries]
[Get $10 uber credit for your
first ride]
[I got the best deals at

the third.
I mentioned that I am able to tell from his picture that he isn't
rich. How do I know that?

[I got PAID to do Surveys!]

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Guangzhou: 2226 June 2013

Does size
- Nose: According to the Chinese art of Face Reading, the
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bulbous, fleshy nose-tip a good for accumulating wealth and
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front view.
- Eyebrows: His eyes brows are thin, incomplete and appears
to be rounded. This indicates a weak and emotional character.


Cheekbones: He has no visible cheekbones (completely flat).this means he is not very convincing and people don't really listen to what he­reading­is­he­as­rich­as­he­claims.12/30/2016 Yu­Kym's Blog: Face Reading: Is he as rich as he claims? People who have angled (see Carlos Slim Hel's and Mukesh Curved penis: Ambani's pictures below) or straight eyebrows (see Warren blessing or Buffet's picture) are better suited for business. curse? . In all. Singapore indicate that he has the potential to accumulate wealth. Bulbous nose with barely visible nostrils indicate that he has the potential to accumulate wealth. This means he will have difficulty obtaining support from Pubic hair people.Part 2 How do women masturbate? Buy My Book Bill Gates Carlos Slim Helú: His angled eyebrows indicate good business sense. My Articles in Men's http://yu­kym. My visits to farms in Lim Take a look at these picture of famously rich people below. Bill Gates: His straight eyebrows indicate a strong sense of determination.Lips: He has a rounded upper-lip pout (like "M" in the McDonald's logo). Miri: 22-24 September 2009 Does size matter? . People who have Is Akira TV pointy pout (like "M" in the BMW logo) tend to be more reliable? convincing (see Mukesh Ambani and Lee Kuan Yew).html 2/7 . he does not have the face of wealthy man or a leader. styles . Bulbous nose with barely visible nostrils Chu Kang.blogspot.

html I use cruelty-free beauty products. India's second­largest Indian company by turnover Warren Buffett: His straight eyebrows indicate a strong sense of determination. http://yu­kym. 3/7 .in/2012/04/face­reading­is­he­as­rich­as­he­claims.12/30/2016 Yu­Kym's Blog: Face Reading: Is he as rich as he claims? Health Magazine The Sex Toy You're Not Using Pleasure’s All Hers Let Her Take the Control in Bed Ace Your First Night With Her Michelin-Star Seduction Friends with Benefits . Bulbous nose with barely visible nostrils indicate that he has the potential to accumulate wealth. Animals shouldn't have to suffer for the sake of our beauty. Dangerous Sex Get Familiar with Her Erogenous Zones 6 Secrets for Sizzling First Time Sex Followers Followers (95) Next Mukesh Ambani ­ chairman and MD of Indian energy and materials conglomerate Reliance Group.More Pain Than Pleasure? 6 Bedroom Habits Killing Your Sex Life 5 Foreplay Mistakes Guys Make Carlos Slim Helú ­ Chairman and chief executive of telecommunications companies Telmex and América Móvil The Scientific Truth Behind What Women Want 5 Sex Positions for the Lazy Man Mukesh Ambani: His angled eyebrows indicate good business sense and his lips indicate that he's able to influence people with his words.blogspot.

POSTS COMMENTS Who Am I? My­reading­is­he­as­rich­as­he­claims.html 4/7 . media mentions and photos. Orgasms and Oral Sex..blogspot. Warren Buffett Author of Penis Matters.12/30/2016 Yu­Kym's Blog: Face Reading: Is he as rich as he claims? SUBSCRIBE TO THE FEED. http://yu­kym. Lee Kuan Yew: His angled eyebrows indicate good business sense and his lips indicate that he's able to influence people with his words.

let's look at the BMW man's picture again. notice that his eyebrows and lips are­reading­is­he­as­rich­as­he­claims. Lee Kuan Yew.12/30/2016 Yu­Kym's Blog: Face Reading: Is he as rich as he claims? Lee Kuan Yew ­ SG's first prime minister Lee Hsien Loong: While he resembles his father. [Click here for more images of richest people in the world] So now. and his nose has more bulbous shape. http://yu­kym.blogspot.html 5/7 .

html 6/7 . April 26. 2012 at 7:05 PM Anonymous said. The facial features show only one aspect the potential. Care to share your self-interpretation? David April 24. 2012 at 5:46 AM http://yu­kym. I'm referring to his wealth and his broken nose!). After plastic surgery.. E. eyebrows become less­reading­is­he­as­rich­as­he­claims. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. A most interesting post. evaluating your face for your readers would be an interesting post to read. He had a huge nose before plastic surgery. Reality is determined by other factors including the actions that the person take.g. Note that time changes the face as well. Can plastic surgery change your fortune? Many girls go for plastic surgery to make their nose-tips small and pointy. he went broke soon after (yes.. 2012 at 8:25 PM Anonymous said. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.. April 28. It might not be the reality.. lips become thinner as we age. Yu-Kym.blogspot.. (Maybe that's why they have to sell themselves for money?) I'm sure you remember Michael Jackson. The purpose of posting this picture isn't so much to catch the guy but to provide a few tips on making a better guess on whether a guy is as rich as he claims to be. Have any other studies been done a larger sampling of the population? BTW.. Do pass this article on to your friends to help them make a better guess as to whether people are likely to be as rich as they claim to be! Recommend this on Google 6 comments: David said.12/30/2016 Yu­Kym's Blog: Face Reading: Is he as rich as he claims? Does he have the face of a rich man? More likely a Ronald McDonald clown.

http://yu­kym.12/30/2016 Yu­Kym's Blog: Face Reading: Is he as rich as he claims? Anonymous said. he has lips that seem to be good at BJ! April 29. very good analysis...blogspot. Geewiz. 2012 at 3:20 AM Mister Leaf said...html Contact Me 7/7 .. April 28. 2012 at 5:49 AM Anonymous said.Template by SoraTemplates. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.. 2012 at 8:51 PM Post a Comment Newer Post Home Older Post Copyright © 2013 Yu-Kym's Blog .in/2012/04/face­reading­is­he­as­rich­as­he­claims. May 9.

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