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More men invest through Karvy as compared to women.

Most of the people choose Karvyas their broker because of its reputation in the market. 25%
of the people choose it because of its services and 23% of the people choose it because of its
low account opening charges.

Most of the customers are satisfied with the services provided by Karvy.

More than half of the Karvy's customers are dissatisfied because of high brokerage rate. 18%
of customers are dissatisfied due to high margin requirement, 10% have a doubt in transparency
in operations, 7% of customers have problems with relationship manager, 9% of customers
found that the maintenance charges are quiet high.

28% of customers' order are not executed on time, 25% of customers had a problem with the
software speed, 23% of customers faced a login problem, 18% of customers said that the
company had charged them and failed to explain why those charges were applied to them and
rest 6% of customers had faced other problems like trading without permission, ignorance of
operators etc.

38% of the Customers are not satisfied with solutions offered by Karvy for their problems
and the rest 62% were satisfied with the solutions.

Almost every Customer of Karvy is provided with the Demo of their trading software named

"Trade Tiger".
71% of Customers are happy with the timely updates provided by Karvy and rest 29% do not
find them satisfactory..

More than half i.e. 57% of the customers are satisfied by the sales executives and the rest
43% of the customers sees the scope of improvement in sales executive's behavioral and training

Terms and Conditions of account opening were effectively explained to 82% of the customers
and the rest 18% were not fully satisfied with the explanation of Terms and Conditions given to
them before opening their account.

Most of the customers are overall satisfied with Karvy and are willing to refer it to their

KARVY is one such place or organization where a customers are overall satisfied by the varied range of
services provided by them which includes De-mating of shares, stock broking, investments in equities,
derivatives, commodities, PMS, advisory services, mutual funds, IPO's, best research reports but there is still
some scope of improvement in the brokerage rates and the trading software (TRADE TIGER) which is
provided by the Karvy. It is a place which is providing various services all under one roof it is also known to
be a Karvy's Share Shops.
They help the customers by providing timely updates about the market and various services and products
available with them.
From this analysis it is seen that the satisfaction level about the overall service does not depend on response
time or price but depends on the level of satisfaction with quality. It is therefore clear that the customer's
perception about service level depends on their perception about quality.
It is also seen that satisfaction level with quality depends on the rejection rates experienced by the customers.
Therefore the company should make efforts to ensure that the rejection level at the customer end is minimized.
This will improve the customer's perception about quality as well as service level.
Since the period of response and price levels do not influence perception about service level, it is adequate if the
company maintains the present level but concentrate on its effort in reducing rejections experienced by the



Data and definitions aside, I learnt about what is most powerful in today’s world. I learnt
about money. I learnt how to manage money wisely. Investment is when surplus goods are
invested to create wealth to meet our financial goals. In this day and age, there is an
increasing disparity between the wealth owned by the rich and the poor in the developing
country of India. This is causing people (especially the poor) to increase their financial goals,
to keep in pace with time. They need to create more wealth for themselves, in order to send
their children to school, in order to survive old age, sickness etc. During this internship, I
learnt that a very organized system does exist, which has the potential of helping the people
of India be it in the form of fixed deposits, shares, MIPs, or insurance.
Besides this, I also came to know about a lot of interesting facts, some of which was quite
shocking! For example, of a population of over a billion, in India, only 18 million invest in
the stock market! Be it inexperience, uncertainty , lack of knowledge or the discouragement
of the people around them, majority of the people do not invest in investment products which
could have otherwise been potentially beneficial for them. To be fair though, I too would
have been clueless about the majority of the investment products which I came to know
about, in the course of this internship.
Today, while scanning through the newspaper, I came across an article about a seventeen year
old girl named Adrisha Sarkar. She is trying to make a difference, by educating household
helpers about banking (The Metro,Kolkata). However, the interesting part is that these people
want to know, and are also willing to listen. I want to make a similar change. Maybe not
today, or tomorrow, but someday when I have expertise in this area. But beginnings must be
made, and this is why, I agreed to do this internship from which I ended up learning such a
I believe the legendary investor Warren Buffett started investing when he was 11. I am a few
years late , may be I will be able to catch up.


In 2010, the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) decided it was time to
make a major improvement to its trading technology infrastructure.
Best Execution spoke to Cinnober, the Swedish technology firm that
won this challenging contract.


Operating in an increasingly competitive and fast-moving global market – and with its sights
fixed on becoming the regional centre for the ASEAN capital markets – SET knew it required
an upgraded trading platform to support the growth of the Thai Capital Market.
The exchange launched a five-year technology master plan to create an infrastructure capable
of boosting the efficiency and vitality of the Thai capital market and supporting its long-term
growth. Four years on, with its new state-of-the art trading system SET CONNECT now in
place, it is a key mission accomplished.
Back in 2010, SET’s trading infrastructure was based on a mix of systems developed both inhouse and by third parties, with cash equities and derivatives traded on different platforms.
The goal was to replace its existing trading, market data dissemination and surveillance
systems for both asset classes with a pioneering solution centred on a single platform.
The exchange needed an architecture capable of achieving higher levels of efficiency and
throughput, lower latency and greater functionality. It also wanted to connect smoothly to the
trading systems of foreign markets via standard industry interfaces in order to attract more
liquidity, as well as reaching a higher level of compliance with international standards. With
speed of the essence in global trading, SET was after a platform where new products and
services could be introduced quickly and with the superior transaction times to support highfrequency and algorithmic trading.
First step in the process was to find a technology vendor with the expertise to deliver the core
systems required. All the major exchange technology suppliers bid for the project, and the
Swedish-firm Cinnober carried off the prize in June 2011 – marking the first time the
company had undertaken a project in South East Asia.
What singled Cinnober out? “We were able to offer a complete and proven solution compliant
with international standards and encompassing all SET’s needs on a single platform,” says
Cinnober CEO, Veronica Augustsson.
In addition to multi-asset trading, SET was looking for an integrated index calculation
engine, connected to the trading engine’s business logic so as to be able to calculate real-time
indexes on their listed stocks, sophisticated data dissemination functionality, and multi-asset
market surveillance.
“Our delivery project model offered a high degree of transparency, interaction, and flexibility,
all of which was attractive to SET in implementing an internationally- recognised solution
that would also meet the specific needs of the Thai market.”
Going live
Working in tandem with local brokerages, SET CONNECT was launched in two phases,
reflecting the fact that the previous infrastructure consisted of two separate systems with
different structures, memberships and member communities.
Cash equities went first, as the asset class with the most pressing need for an upgrade. Its new
system launched in September 2012 and the derivatives market followed suit in May 2014.
On the very first day of trading on the derivatives platform, SET experienced their second`68

highest daily number of contracts traded ever, and on June 10th, the old record was beaten by
as much as 19%.
The system is based on Cinnober’s high-performance TRADExpress Trading System, a
multi-asset execution system that delivers powerful functionality, speed and throughput
capacity, easily extendable and scaled up on demand. This runs alongside a new market
dissemination system, TRADEexpress Information Manager, the TRADExpress Index
Engine and Cinnober’s market surveillance system.
“For the first time, investors in SET can now trade both equities and derivatives on the same
platform,” says Augustsson. “The new infrastructure enables multi-currency trading and, by
incorporating the use of international industry standard interfaces (FIX 5), will attract the
wider international trading community and is easy to link with other marketplaces to attract
further liquidity to the Thai exchange.”
Accomplishing the migration to a global trading platform was always going to bring its own
set of challenges. The deadline for the project was tight, particularly in the first phase,
covering cash equities trading, index calculations, market surveillance and information
dissemination services.
“It was a very ambitious target and in order to deliver, we had to quickly establish a very
close working relationship with SET,” explains Augustsson. Client and supplier also had to
manage a five hour time difference between their respective headquarters, something
Cinnober is, however, used to, through its dealings with its large international client base.
“The majority of our project team was based in Stockholm, with some members also on site
at SET. We focused on making partial deliveries to SET as early and frequently as possible to
meet the timescale. SET had a highly skilled requirement and test organisation which tested
the deliveries at every stage to confirm that we had understood and fulfilled their
requirements. That close cooperation allowed us detect and solve any misunderstandings very
early on, enabling us to deliver the various stages of the project at speed – in the case of the
equities systems, in around ten months – and to meet all the specifications of the plan.”
Since implementing the new platform, SET has strengthened its market position in Asia. In
October 2012, it became connected with the Bursa Malaysia and Singapore Exchange
through the ASEAN Trading link, representing the first time investors have had a single entry
point to three of the largest ASEAN equity markets. In Q3 2013, SET overtook the Singapore
Exchange with about thirty five per cent higher trading volume and grown to have the highest
trading volume in the region. In addition, SET has set out a plan to grow the market
capitalization of listed companies and to enhance its product offerings to meet demands of
both local and foreign investors.
“Markets everywhere today must be able to act quickly on changes and maintain their ability
to shape their own destiny,” says Augustsson. “A trading venue’s technology is now more
important than ever. Cinnober is proud to have worked in close partnership with SET to
deliver SET CONNECT to the Thai capital market, enabling it to perform to the very highest
standards at both regional and global level


Article on Stock Market

1. Investing in Stocks Is Just Like Gambling.
This reasoning causes many people to shy away from the stock market. To understand
why investing in stocks is inherently different from gambling, we need to review what it
means to buy stocks. A share of common stock is ownership in a company. It entitles the
holder to a claim on assets as well as a fraction of the profits that the company
generates. Too often, investors think of shares as simply a trading vehicle, and they
forget that stock represents the ownership of a company.
In the stock market, investors are constantly trying to assess the profit that will be left
over for shareholders. This is why stock prices fluctuate. The outlook for business
conditions is always changing, and so are the future earnings of a company.
Assessing the value of a company isn't an easy practice. There are so many variables
involved that the short-term price movements appear to be random (academics call this
the Random Walk Theory); however, over the long term, a company is supposed to
worth the present value of the profits it will make. In the short term, a company can
survive without profits because of the expectations of future earnings, but no company
can fool investors forever - eventually a company's stock price can be expected to show
the true value of the firm.
Gambling, on the contrary, is a zero-sum game. It merely takes money from a loser and
gives it to a winner. No value is ever created. By investing, we increase the overall wealth
of an economy. As companies compete, they increase productivity and develop products
that can make our lives better. Don't confuse investing and creating wealth with
gambling's zero-sum game.


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