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Thoracic Cavity Dissection Lab

Date: 12/13/16
Recorded By: Makhiya
1. Mrs. Gilbert went over the lab, answered questions.
2. Keala finished the lab roles sheet.
3. Stacy got the lab aprons.
4. Makhiya got the lab safety equipment.
5. The group moved back to our lab table.
6. Makayla and Keala took Chet out if his inner and outer bags, and put him on the
dissection tray..
7. Makhiya took a picture of the thoracic cavity.
8. Keala and Stacy removed the muscle from around the outside of the ribs.
9. Stacy cut the diaphragm loose from the thoracic wall.
10. Makayla spread the sides of the thoracic wall outward, and using a scalpel made
a longitudinal cut along each side of the inner wall of the rib cage to waken the ribs, with
the help of Stacy and Keala.
11. Stacy continued to spread the thoracic wall laterally to break the ribs so that the
flaps of the wall would remain open.
12. Makhiya took a picture of the open thoracic cavity.
13. Makayla dabbed the inside of the thoracic cavity with a paper towel to soak up
excess fluid.
14. Stacy took of the sternum.
15. Makhiya took a picture of the external nares.
16. Makhiya took a picture of the exposed trachea.
17. Keala and Stacy cut the lungs and heart out of the thoracic cavity.
18. Makhiya took a picture of the esophagus and trachea.
19. Makhiya took a video of Mrs. Gilbert inflating the lungs.
20. Each group member got a picture holding the heart/lung combo.
21. Stacy put the heart/lung combo in a liplock back, so the group can view it
22. Makayla put the cat back into its bags,
23. Stacy cleaned the lab instruments and cleaning buckets. Makayla cleaned the
dissection tray.
24. Makhiya cleaned the lab table.
25. The group put our lab safety tools away.