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7:00 PM
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Daniel J. Ruzick.
The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was given.
Board Members Present: Bruce Cutting, Ronald Derhammer, Virg Hendrickson, Bonnie Osborne and
Daniel J. Ruzick.
Board Member Absent: None
Also Present:

Nine guests.

Motion by Osborne, second by Hendrickson to approve the agenda as presented with the addition under New
Business – b. Lawton Fire Department report on fire truck and under Correspondence – d. Lake View
All voted in favor. Motion carried.
Motion by Cutting, second by Osborne to approve the minutes of the November 13, 2001 meeting as
All voted in favor.
Motion carried.
Action on Planning Commission Recommendations:
Motion by Derhammer, second by Osborne, on recommendation from Linda Anderson, Planner
and the Planning Commission, to deny Jack H. Mihelich request for rezoning to Commercial/Med
and High Density Residential to construct a subdivision to the south side of the Commercial Zoning
on the property. Property address is (vacant) Red Arrow Highway, Paw Paw MI, 49079. Property
is adjacent and immediately west of Paw Paw Christian Reformed Church. Property number is 8002-008-008-02, plate number is 120 and is currently zoned Commercial/Ag.
Roll call vote:
Hendrickson-yes, Osborne-yes, Ruzick-yes, Cutting-yes and Derhammer-yes. Motion carried.
Pending Business:
As above the Mihelich request.
New Business:
a. Discussion on Van Buren County Library addition of 3000 square feet. The cost would be around
$270,000. No decision at this time just in the pre-planning stage.
b. The Lawton Fire Truck, “Pierce Custom Commercial Pumper,” will be in this Friday. Antwerp
Township Contribution will be $78,955.40.
a. Information letter from Van Buren County Road Commission reports the final cost on our seal
coating program for the year 2001 shows approximately $75,000 more expenditures than income
based on uniform unit cost. The pothole patching program has been reduced. The new unit per
mile seal coat cost for 2002 will increase to $7,250 per mile. They noted they might have to cut one
or two Heavy Primary Maintenance projects in 2002.
b. Information letter from Michigan Department of Liquor Control Commission states that Toyim
Kim has applied for an “SDM” -Specially Designated Merchant license, for the sale of alcoholic
liquor other than beer and wine under 21 per cent alcohol by volume.
c. Information letter from Village of Paw Paw – Paw Paw Fire Department Agreement showing the
changes that they discussed at their meeting for our review. They are hoping to approve any
changes and sign the agreement in December.
d. Lake View Community Hospital Memorandum stating that Lake View Authority Board has voted
upon the request from Lawrence Township to be allowed to withdraw from the Hospital Authority.
The request was approved in a 15-2 vote at their November 15, 2001 meeting.
Any other business/on going.

Reports given:
Attorney Harold Schuitmaker: report is attached.
Treasurer – Osborne, reports $125,019.48 in the general account.
Building Activity – Hendrickson, reports no report.
Sunshine Branch Library – Osborne, reports they had 400 attend the American Girl Tea Party, story hour is
going very well again this year and one baby-sitting class has ended and another is about to start.
Lawton Fire Department – Cutting, reports that the new pumper truck is in and will be delivered Friday.
Mattawan Fire Department – Hendrickson, reports very short meeting.
Cemeteries – Hendrickson, reports two burials in the month of November.
Mattawan Quick Response – Osborne, reports there was no meeting.
Planning Commission – Derhammer, reports as discussed earlier in the meeting.
Zoning Board of Appeals – Osborne, reports there was no meeting.
Recommendation from the committee on Antwerp Township, Antwerp Sunshine Library and Mattawan Fire
Department Bills. Motion by Cutting, second by Derhammer to accept bills for payment in the amount of
Roll call vote: Hendrickson-yes, Osborne-yes, Ruzick-yes, Cutting-yes and Derhammer-yes.
Motion carried.
Motion by Osborne, second by Hendrickson to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.
Respectfully submitted by,

Virg Hendrickson/Clerk
Minute’s taken/transcribed by: Linda Kruizenga