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7:00 PM
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Daniel J. Ruzick.
The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was given.
Board Members Present: Bruce Cutting, Ronald Derhammer, Virg Hendrickson, Bonnie Osborne and
Daniel J. Ruzick.
Board Member Absent: NONE
Also Present:

Five guests.

Motion by Osborne, second by Cutting to approve the agenda as presented.

All voted in favor. Motion

Motion by Osborne, second by Ruzick to approve the minutes of the January 8, 2002 meeting as presented.
Action on Planning Commission Recommendations:
Pending Business:



Motion by Derhammer, second by Hendrickson and with the blessing of the Planning Commission
they have given approval that Mr. Jack Mehelich will be allowed to re-apply one time for a new rezoning request free of charge and come before the Planning Commission and the Township Board at
any previously set scheduled meeting in this current year.
Roll call vote:
Cutting-yes, Ruzick-yes, Osborne-yes and Hendrickson-yes.
Motion carried.
Antwerp Sunshine Library discussion on new addition. Informed members of the prints and quotes
that have been gathered at this point and stated that it is going back for further quotes. Areas on
plans need to be changed and re-quoted.
Letter from Van Buren Historical Society request for $100.00 contribution to help with a grant for
the museum to help with repairs and updates that are needed. Not being sure on the legalities of a
Township Board making a contribution, each member selected to give $20.00 personally to make up
the $100.00 needed.

New Business:
May have to make some changes on the Transfer Station. Will know more at March meeting.
Any other business/on going.
Reports given:
Attorney Harold Schuitmaker: report is attached.
Treasurer – Osborne, reports $134,166.70 in the general account.
Building Activity – Hendrickson, reports 12 new building permits.
Sunshine Branch Library – Osborne, reports there were ten kids in the reading program; April is National
Library week and summer reading program will start in March.
Lawton Fire Department – Cutting, reports new pumper is very nice and will need some small item, they will
discuss at the budget meeting on March 7, 2002. Would like to have an open house when done.
Mattawan Fire Department – Hendrickson, reports good meeting, they had seven calls, elected one new
member and they are working on up-grading a couple of trucks.
Cemeteries – Hendrickson, reports four burials in the month of January.
Mattawan Quick Response – Osborne, reports the meeting is Friday February 15 at 3:30.

Planning Commission – Derhammer, reports as discussed.
Zoning Board of Appeals – Osborne, reports no meeting in January.
Recommendation from the committee on Antwerp Township, Antwerp Sunshine Library and Mattawan Fire
Department Bills. Motion by Cutting, second by Derhammer to accept bills for payment in the amount of
Roll call vote: Cutting-yes, Derhammer-yes, Osborne-yes and Hendrickson-yes.
Motion carried.
Motion by Osborne, second by Hendrickson to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM
Respectfully submitted by,

Virg Hendrickson/Clerk
Minute’s taken/transcribed by: Linda Kruizenga