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PSM Term Paper Proposal

Lifebuoy: New Bottle, Old Story and a journey ahead

Guide: Prof. Ramesh Venkateswaran
Group 10: VINIT KUMAR (1511442), RAHUL SARKAR (1511221),
BERA (1511128)
It was another hot and humid afternoon in August 2014. Mr. Sahil Makkar, a fresh
graduate from IIM Bangalore, just joined the marketing department of lifebuoy and
was introduced to Mr. Sanjay Dube, Marketing Head of Lifebuoy division of HLL, also
known as the man behind Llifebuoy rejuvenation. Filled with pride Mr Dube narrated
his experience and contribution in revamping the image of the bright red soap
amidst dwindling sales in 2002. They had come a long way since then, Lifebuoy was
the market leader in soaps with 14% share in 2014, source reference as the latest
entrant to his team listened in awe and total admiration.
After establishing itself in the soap market, Lifebuoy ventured into a new product
category- Liquid Hand wash. The market is of about 300 Crores INR and RBs expand
Dettol is leading the race with a whopping 53% market share whereas we are at a
distant second with just 30% share sighed Mr. Dube. His aim now was to repeat the
magic of 2002 as he saw huge potential in this product. But he knew that the road
ahead would be tricky as the challenge was to develop not only the brand but the
category as a whole. Having high expectations from the IIM graduate, he assigned
him the job of studying the various initiatives undertaken by Lifebuoy in the last
decade and assess the viability of extending the product to rural markets. ?? This
presupposes a solution without any back up data to substantiate it.
You are also suggesting two issues to tackle how Lifebuoy regained position in the
toilet soap segment and what they need to do for liquid hand wash. These are
unrelated studies.
Suggest focus on only one the liquid hand wash category whats happening and
what Lifebuoy can do.
If this is done well you have the possibility of converting this into a good
contemporary case study.

Change the problem statement to indicate current situation and then

define scope and purpose of paper.

Scope of Study: In our term paper, we plan to study the Product Life Cycle of
Lifebuoy soap and Hand wash separately, keeping in mind the various strategic
initiatives undertaken by Lifebuoy to promote its brand. The scope of study will be
as follows- scope is too large see comments above

1. The study of positioning and repositioning strategy of Lifebuoy and detailed

analysis of their marketing initiatives taken by the brand for revival.
2. Discuss the advent of lifebuoy in hand wash category and reasoning for
development and subsequent measure to establish the category till 2016.
3. Learning from application of product management frameworks in different
phases of Lifebuoy product life cycle till 2016. (For example, Change in consumer
behavior like in Swasthya Chetna campaign, Success factors for new product,
Promotion, and customer relation strategies)
4. Finally, try to find the ways in which we can implement these learning into the
future course of action which can help Lifebuoy liquid hand wash to become the
number one in the market position.
Reasons for selection: Lifebuoy is one of the brands through which we can
learn several aspect of product strategy. Its journey is comprised of all possible
stages of a product lifecycle traveling through various highs and lows and yet
they stand as one of the strongest brands in India. How they leveraged their
association with Indian people promoting their brand identity will be ideal for
exhibiting the basic learning obtained from this course.