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Precision Rectifiers

dit.Precision Rectifier Circuits The power-supply rectifiers do not work with very small . Precision rectifier has ideal Vi-Vo properties. Superdiode precision half-wave rectifier www.electronics.

Improved version of the precision half-wave rectifier .dit.Precision Rectifier Circuits Precision rectifier has ideal Vi-Vo properties.electronics.

ie .Precision Rectifier Circuits An Application: Measuring AC voltage www.dit.electronics.

the output of the half-wave rectifier is a half sine wave with peak Vp R2/R1. Hence the output is: V p R2 R4 V0 = − π R1 R3 . This half-wave has the following DC component: V1 = − V p R2 1 π = − V ( R / R ) sin tdt p 2 1 π ∫0 π R1 The first order low pass filter can pick up the DC component with the gain R4/R3.Precision Rectifier Circuits An Application: Measuring AC voltage For a sine wave input with peak value Vp.electronics.dit.

ie .Precision Full-Wave Rectifier www.electronics.dit.

dit.Precision Full-Wave Rectifier .electronics.

electronics.dit.A Precision bridge Rectifier for Instrumentation Applications .

so the op amp is negative saturated. When Vi goes over its peak and drops. and D will cut .electronics. www.dit. Therefore after some time the output will be the peak input. D will conduct and make Vo follow Vi.Precision Peak Rectifiers When vi exceed Vo. C will be charged. This will keep Vo at the peak value (if the discharge is slow). Vi < Vo.

A Buffered Precision Peak Detector .electronics.

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