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AREVA Pump Test Loop

Qualication of pumps according to ISO 9906

and at accident operation conditions fast thermal transients, particle loaded water
The challenge
Qualication of pumps at accident conditions like
fast thermal transients or during operation with
particle loaded water following a LOCA in addition
to standard conditions like described in ISO 9906
The solution
Set up of a test facility which is able to perform
standard pump performance tests according
ISO 9906 but special tests as well without changing
test loop components. For the operation of pumps
in nuclear power plants a qualication at standard
conditions like dened in ISO 9906 is often not
sucient. Special operating boundary conditions
like thermal transients or pump operation with
particle loaded water have to be taken into account

as well as endurance tests. The APPEL facility

shows maximum exibility regarding the kind of
qualication requested.
Measurements by default are:
Flow rate
System pressure
Pump discharge head
Vibration behavior of pump and motor
Fluid temperature
Temperature of pump and motor components
Motor power
Pump rotation frequency

Vessel circuit
Main circuit
Cooling circuit

APPEL Pump Test Facility

AREVA Pump Test Loop APPEL

During the pump operation at fast thermal transients the pump can be thermally shocked with a
temperature dierence of 165 K in less than 30 s,
the shocks can be applied cold/hot or even hot/cold.
Pump endurance tests even at elevated temperatures can be performed for several hundred hours
combined with frequent switch on/switch o
operations of the pump.
The pump operation with particle loaded water can
be performed during long term, the debris mixture
can be prepared and supplied by AREVA.
APPEL Applications
Qualication test series have been performed for:
Standard Chemical Pumps (EN 9906)
Single stage / multi stage Vertical Pumps
(EN 9906)
LHSI pumps for EPR (EN 9906, Thermal
transients and debris tests)
EVU pumps for EPR (EN 9906, Thermal
transients and debris tests)
LHSI pumps for other NPPs (EN 9906,
Thermal transients and debris tests)

APPEL Test Facility Specication:

Test Facility material:
Stainless steel
Max. Pressure:
40 bar pump suction side
Max. Pressure:
100 bar pump discharge side
Max. System temperature:
200 C
Max. Flowrate:
1000 m/h
Max. Drive power:
450 kW

Test Facility specications

One Pump Test Facility to

satisfy all your needs

Your benets at a glance

Pump test facility with maximum exibility combining standard EN 9906 application
and special tests
Integration and access to AREVAs thermal-hydraulic platform
Accredited test and inspection body
Open to external costumers

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