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OBSERVATION SERIES - Exercises in Vision DOES NIGHT EXIST ? ARE YOU SURE ? Proof - or at least evidence - that 3D Life is a Dream
♥ This video complete On YouTube here ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ Blip.tv channel :) ♥ Animated gif of solar system proportions I woke to my own voice, singing. Neat trick, that. Yeah, I’d set the journals playing, last night*, even some that are unpublished, which included a songfest I’d indulged in after my posted song to the Internet. Get those song fires burning, and they don’t stop, easily. Just as well these weren’t published, as I was way too natural with them, often stopping in the middle, where I found the lyrics did not suit. Oh well. It is strange to be awakened by your own singing. The pain has eased up somewhat, today. Oh, it is still present - I awoke in the night to take an unscheduled pill - but I can at least sit up and write. Perhaps I can have a more useful day, today - or what I would call more useful. Who knows, really? It may be, that in the midst of the worst of our suffering, sometimes, great things are happening, in ways we don’t yet perceive. When one lives in heart space, one retains what could be called a positive attitude about everything. It is not really that, for those words express ideas of mind about this state, rather than the state, itself. Always remember, though, that you can arc from your heart to mine, and get the direct, or the more direct sensing of what I am trying to put words around.

This can be done, anyone to anyone, by imagining an arc, i.e., a part of a circle - not a straight line - emanating from your heart to that which you desire to connect with. It creates a link-up over which, if you are sensitive, you can perceive a return flow, and a joining of energies. Remember, we are all energy beings. The solidity of our world is no more real than the seeming solidity of the dream state - or just as real, perhaps. Each state, level, or dimension has its own, internal reality, its seeming solidity. None, however, are probably as solid seeming as our 3D realm - though I admit, I do not know. Unlike some others, I have not traveled the dimensions in conscious awareness very widely. All of us, however, are at least aware of the dream state and the waking one, in addition to that which we contact in our meditations, so we have all done some limited journeying. Isn’t it rather strange how we, in our conscious, waking state, can be told of the atom’s structure - of the fact that it is 99.99999% empty, and yet still continue to experience this dimension as so solid? I find that quite strange. To me, it is a measure of proof that our waking state is actually a form of dreaming. Come on - how can every single item and element of our physical dimension be only .000001 % solid, and yet not even be translucent, much less transparent? What’s with that? And how is it that we accept that, and just go on, even though it makes no sense, has no real correlation with our conscious experience of life? Talk about cognitive dissonance! That’s it. Yet, we just say yeah, and then go on. And what part of this is not dreaming behavior? I ask you - sit with that a few moments. Go into your heart with it, and just be. See what arises... if anything. We actually know that our world is made of light, you know. There are amazing experiments, too, where DNA material is put together with photons of light, and the photons arrange themselves along the shape and form of the double helix, congruent with it. Then, when the DNA material is removed, those photons still retain

that double-helix shape for quite some time. We’re not talking just seconds, minutes, or hours, here; were talking much longer. What’s with that? What is light, to begin with? We think of the sun as so hot, yet it’s only our atmosphere that it’s heating. As we leave Earth’s atmosphere and approach the sun, closer and closer, it is cold beyond cold, much closer to it than here. So, the sun is not what our logical mind wants to believe of it. All of this that we’ve accepted as real is simply more of our living on the surface of life, accepting the apparent - it’s dream-walking, sleep walking, not being awake to Truth, to reality. Like ghosts, we should be able to pass right through one another, through walls, and all seemingly solid objects, if our atoms are so widely spaced as they actually are, in that 99/99999% emptiness. Think about that. Grapple with it. Just sit with it, and let it sink in. Why can’t we do that? What is preventing? Could it be our beliefs? I think it could be. At the base of everything it is at least sensible, in some way. I won’t call it logical, because that is so much a term of mind - but there is an obvious structure and coherence to creation that can’t be gain said. It makes sense, at least on some level. I don’t see that it does, on the 3D level, at least the way we’re living life here on Gaia, right now. I don’t know that I’m on 4D, or anything like that, but I do know that, in some manner, I am above certain of the seeming dichotomies that seem so much a part of 3D life, here. I see much more of the union, the unity of polarities, of seeming opposites, now. All sense and reason for any kind of fighting or even argument is gone out of me, quite. I so see the right of every being to its own way of being, its own life, and how it is no business of mine to try to control that in any way. I see that as nonsense, the concept of controlling another. Yes, I still want my puppy to obey me. But my Kismet, my puppy, exists in my world, in my domain. That is the difference. Each one

gets to control or rule her own domain, to a large extent. [The plants and pets; not the people, lol.] It is the boundaries of that domain that are to be established, however, and in most people there is not even the concept of this, much less the great reality it has in my experience. (By great I mean strong.) It is like I am one with certain laws, if you will. They not only exist for me, they somehow exist in me, or one with me, so they find their own expression through me; we are one. This understanding of the right of each one to rule is that. It is not a mental thing, at all. It arises much deeper in the being than that. This is heart stuff, not mind stuff, and it’s more different than day and night. I have a good one for you that I’ll close with, more evidence, if not proof, of our dreaming state. I want you to envision our solar system, only in its proper dimensions, with the earth being the tiniest part of the size of the sun; truly tiny. I’ll provide a link to both an image and an animation that shows these true proportions. For now, just realize the earth as a pea, next to the size of a watermelon, and you’ll be about right. Now, place those in proper distance in space, in imagination. 3rd rock from the sun, as they say. Okay, so we have this huge sun, and pretty close by, this little small planet, right? Okay, now, I’m about to prove to you that there should be no night as we know it. Are you ready? Okay, now turn the sun on. Imagine it the lamp that it is, radiating its brilliance in every direction, every degree all around. Keep imagining its great size. Okay, now, just imagine this tiny pea planet, there fairly close, relatively, to this huge sun. Now, see the earth spinning around on its axis, right? Do you see that? Now, I challenge you to set any experiment up in which you keep all these proportions true to reality, and produce our experience of night. Think about it. On our tiny planet, with the sun’s light reaching as far out into space as it does. Remember, the sun never

dims its light. It always shines brightly. Now, as our planet spins, there will be a tiny portion of it in some darkness, but the brilliant light of the sun will wrap around the tiny ball of our planet, shining right around and beyond it, right? How could the sun cease to shine beyond our earth? How could the whole night sky EVER appear to be black? We should be able to look left and right, back and forth, and still see the light there. Perform an experiment in your mind. Take a very very bight and large light of some sort, and place it somewhere. Now, take a little small pea of our planet, and get the right relative distance and so on. Then, put some spin on our planet while that light is beaming, shining. You will see that the radiance of the light easily expands well beyond the small pea thing. Why should the light stop there? What’s with that?! Yet it seems as if the brilliant, blazing light of our sun just stops at our planet, come nightfall. Well, I challenge that. Put together the science experiment that is faithful to the proportions, the lumens and so on, and show me how that light just stops, to make the whole night sky black. No such thing, is what I say. Can’t be done. Doesn’t even make mind sense, my friends. Thus, I don’t care what the senses of this body report. I know this is a hologram, and though it has rules, we don’t even begin to comprehend them. The rules that we’ve got in our heads are probably about 99% wrong, I am guessing. [Wasn’t the Earth once flat?] That’s why I’m in love with the phrase, “I don’t know,” and how I can say it with such meaning. As long as I can say, “I don’t know,” then I’m open to knowledge. Once I’m convinced that I know something, then the door to knowledge just closes. Maybe I know something true, maybe I don’t, but one thing is certain - my knowledge is static, in that nothing that disagrees with it is allowed to exist. How can it? I know its opposite, its contrary. Thus, I “know” it right out of existence. No thanks. So, I’ll just close with, I don’t know.

See ya later. :) * For those wondering why I’d be listening to my own journals at night, or at all, please do consider - they come through me, not from me. Thus, I have as much to learn from them as anyone ;) PS Don’t bother to ask a scientist, as most of them are so firmly convinced of the great depth and expanse of their knowing, they can’t explore with us here. Just think of what the possibility of such a knowing would do to their whole world. Their whole ego structure might crack, their whole belief in themselves. Do your own experiment with this. It’s not so difficult. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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