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I, _______________________renter, residing at ________________________________
___________________________________ had agreed to the following:

No addict nor drunkard shall be allowed to live in the house or room.
No pets (animals) allowed unless allowed by the landlord.
The occupant is responsible to any damage or lost properties.
The occupant is responsible to clean the premises and maintain the orderliness
while occupying the said room or house.
5. The number of families will reside inside the house should be known to the
owner before transferring inside the house. Failure to give this information or
deceiving the owner will be ground for expulsion.
6. One (1) month advance and one (1) month deposit is consumable but not
7. Renter will pay the amount of ________________ per month as rental fee.
8. Renter is required to pay on time.
9. If the renter failed to pay the amount within the prescribed period of time, he or
she will be given ten (10) days grace to settle the account. If failed to comply,
the renter shall be automatically advice to vacate the premises.
10. It is also requested that all occupants should be understanding to other
occupants of other units to promote peace and order.
11. Putting nails on the wall or any breakage from any properties is not allowed
unless with the consent of the owner.



Date: Month:______ Day______, Year____________