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Sasha Daygames


Quick Approach-Anxiety Annihilation Exercises

First congratulations on grabbing this, and thank you for taking

this seriously. Now lets begin to destroy your approach anxiety.


Before anything else HAVE FUN! This is supposed to make you

be laughing (inside your head if you can)

Get a reaction ANY reaction. The goal is not to get a number,

walk away with people liking you, or even get them to smile or
laugh (although thats great if you do.) The point is to get a
reaction, even if its negative. In fact, negative reactions teach
you MORE about what you can get away with than positive ones.

Persist and push further than whatever is comfortable. Once

you are putting yourself into awkward situations, for god sake
make the most of them! If youre thinking how much more
uncomfortable can I make this? the whole time, then the more
hilarity will follow. And how easy is it to approach a hot girl once
youve done a few of THESE babies? ;)

Ok lets get started.. Heres 3 Approach Anxiety Annihilation

Wind-Ups and Pranks:

1. The Window Stare

Find any plate glass window in front of a caf, bar or restaurant.
Ideally you want a bunch of people to be sitting pretty close to
the window. Walk over and put your face almost touching the
glass, and stare through, focusing on the back wall. Stare for at
least 2-3 minutes, like youre really high or really retarded (or
both!) without making any movement, making eye contact or
reacting in any way to anybody. People will stare at you! Try to
get into a zen state where you soak up all the pressure of people
thinking youre a fucking weirdo. Theres nothing they can
actually DO to you though, is there? ;)


2. Nose pick
Walk up to any person, stop them (you can say excuse me with
a smile this time). Once they are stopped and you have their
attention, then place your right index finger FULLY inside your
nostril and begin picking as you ask them directions to the
nearest subway / bus stop / whatever you want. KEEP PICKING as
they give you the directions, and say thanks and walk off.

3. Chlamydia
Walk up to anybody (although try to look for a cute girl at this
point if you can), and stop them and get their attention with a
smile and a hi. Then explain you dont know the area that well
but that youre looking for somewhere you can get a chlamydia
test (or STD test if you dont know what that is!)

Whatever they tell you, look directly into their eyes and stare
awkwardly for a few seconds, then end with because it REALLY
burns. And then STARE until they break the tension by saying
something or running away.


Now.. Dont be scared. Be a do-er! Take these as a start and go

out there. Do it, and dont forget to leave your comment on
Video 1 with how these exercises worked for you. Tell me your
interesting stories and reactions and I shall speak to you soon.

See you on the other side,

- Sasha