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Article 1: Allocation of Space:
The allocation of space in the Greenhouse and at the Garden Beds
is assigned by apartment on a first come basis. Residents who
are members may request space in either the Greenhouse or the
Garden Beds or both. When a member elects to discontinue use
of either, they should inform the Chairperson so that the space
may be reassigned. Space assignments will be posted in the
Greenhouse and sheds.
When there are unassigned spaces, members may request
additional ones for temporary use for the remainder of the
season. Outside temporary assignments are to be made as early
as February 1 with a final confirmation by March 01. Because
there are two growing seasons here, there is a risk of losing a
temporary space by mid July to a new member. A member may
request more than one temporary space.
There is a weight and height limit to plants placed in the
Greenhouse. Consult with your Chairperson when in doubt
concerning these limits. See Article 4 below.
Article 2: Property Identification
Private tools and plants are to be adequately marked. Privately
owned items must be stored within the assigned space. No
private items are to be stored in the sheds. Tools and materials
may be donated to the Garden Club for common use. Clean and
return all tools to their proper location after use.
Article 3: Plant Care
Plants are to be cared for only by the owner. However, when
absent from the campus the owner may delegate another person
to care for their plants. Owners of neglected plants will be

notified to remove such plants. The Chairperson may remove the
plant one week after notifying the owner.
Article 4: Common Space/Items
The sheds, outside walkways, sinks, potting surfaces, and open
space at either end of the Greenhouse are for common use.
Plants must be less than four feet tall to be placed on shelves.
The total weight of the plant and container may not exceed the
strength of the surface assigned. Some tools and materials are
available to all members.
Article 5: Operating Rules
The Chairpersons are responsible for managing the club activities.
There will be a set of operating rules posted in each shed and in
the Greenhouse. These rules may change as we gain experience
on what is more efficient, safe, and/or less troublesome. Changes
will be presented at a regular meeting and will be approved by a
simple majority vote of those present.
Article 6: Conservation
The Garden Club will cooperate with General Services and
Resident Life objectives for composting, waste disposal, recycling
and other measures of conservation.
Article 7: Amendments
Amendments to these By-Laws may be made with a simple
majority of the membership voting at a regular (or special)
scheduled meeting.


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