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Garden-bed Operating

1. All tools, supplies, and materials in the sheds are for
exclusive use of HS Garden Club members and are
owned in common. No private items are to be stored
there. Tools with names on them will be shared by all
and will be regarded as a donation.
2. The graveled walkways are to be kept free of weeds
and other plant growth. Do not leave any items on
them or the grass once you have finished your work.
Clean and return all items to their designated
location for the next user to find.
3. Do not plant anything that grows taller than 12
inches closer than one foot from your bed divider.
Take measures to prevent your plantings from
hanging outside your garden.
4. Clear the graveled pathway bordering your bed from
all types of growth. Note that the grass area
bordering the beds will be treated for weeds (on a
windy day this process may affect your plantings).
5. One permanent bed will be assigned to each
apartment. It behooves you to visit your bed weekly
to check what the wind and birds have changed.
Turn off the water at the base of the hose after you

are through watering. Nozzles and hoses are
supplied by HS.
1. Beds number 14 and 42 are reserved for compost
which will be replenished as needed.
2. Once a year, after the first fall frost, the contract
landscaper will till the beds at no cost to the
gardener. Anyone wanting their bed(s) tilled should
contact their respective Garden Manager who will get
it scheduled.
3. Waste removal will be made on a weekly basis by
Highland Springs. First fill the bag in the container.
Secondly move the full bag to the curb side for pickup and thirdly replace it in the container for further
use. Weight is the more important criteria for a full
bag because it must be lifted onto a vehicle bed by
one person. Large plants and roots must be cut up
before stuffing the bag.
4. A broom and dust pan is available in each shed. If
you track-in dirt and debris, please sweep the floor
clean before you leave the site.