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True Blue
Seeing Red
Gray Area
Purple Passion
Yellow Streak
White Collar Worker
Red Neck
Tickled Pink

emotion and our sense of well-being! Fashion designers and interior decorators know and use the power of color. .Color affects mood.

COLORS INFLUENCE Blue suppresses appetite Red stimulates appetite .

Cold Distant. tender Orange . royalty Blue violet . tasteful Light Blue .quiet. coolness Maroon . bold.sober. cheer. cold. slow Red .fragrant. luxurious. weathered. intense.twilight.innocent. mild. moody Light Purple . spacious Pink . feminine. quiet Deep purple .Excitement.dainty. stability.Cool. tender Gray .Light Green . vivid White .exclusiveness. delicate Black . dramatic . appetizing.warmth. aged.clean.mellow. noble Brown . stimulating Dark Blue .

. White is the presence of all color wavelengths. Black is the absence of all color wavelengths.Color is Energy Color is light and produced by how our vision responds to different wavelengths of light.

Green is being reflected causing the viewer to see green wavelengths of energy.Things appear to be a particular color because they absorb certain wavelengths and reflect others. The apple is not actually green. The apple is absorbing every color but green. .

COLOR BLINDNESS Humans see different wavelengths of light than insects or animals. . Some people are not able to recognized the same wavelengths and are called colorblind.

The Color Wheel The color wheel is an important tool used by artists and designers around the world. . Always place yellow at the top and violet at the bottom of your color wheel.

The Color Wheel was invented by Sir Isaac Newton.The Color Wheel has many uses. It helps artists and designers understand predictable outcomes for Color Values Mixing Colors Color Placement Color Schemes .

PRIMARY: Yellow. . Green & Violet TERTIARY: Yellow Orange Red Orange Red Violet Blue Violet Blue Green Yellow Green All colors can be mixed from the three Primary Colors. Red & Blue SECONDARY: Orange.Correctly label the colors of the color wheel.

Colors have value The gray color wheel shows how each color relates to a gray value scale. The colors on the bottom of the color wheel are used for shadows. . The colors on the top of the color wheel are used for highlights.

Create interest .COLOR SCHEME A Color Scheme is the artist’s choice of colors. Artists use color schemes to 1. Set a mood 2. Draw attention 3.

WARM & COOL COLORS Draw a line to separate WARM COLORS Yellow GreenYellow Yellow Orange Orange Red Orange Red COOL COLORS Green Blue Green Blue Blue Violet Violet Red Violet .

WARM COLORS •Are colors of fire & heat •Appear to come forward toward the viewer •Are used to create highlights •Increase heart rate .

.Artwork can be produce using only warm colors.

COOL COLORS •Are colors of cold & water •Appear to retreat from the viewer •Are used for shadows •Calm heart rate .

.Cool Colors can also be used to create artwork.

COLOR SCHEME The same images done in different color schemes create different moods. .

Complementary Colors Complementary Colors are opposite each other on the color wheel When complementary colors are placed next to each other they are attention getting and appear to vibrate When complementary colors are mixed together they neutralize to a gray or darker version of color. .

Since complementary colors share no color properties. . they stand out when used next to each other.

.Complementary colors use warm and cool next to each other.

they dull the original colors and create realistic shadows. Most educated artists use complementary color blends to create shadows and never mix in black paint to darken colors.When you mix complementary colors together. .

.Neutralizing complementary colors creates a more subtle mood.

will see the complementary color appear in what is called an afterimage. .AFTERIMAGE Artists and Scientists have discovered that someone who stares at a color for 30 seconds then looks at a white space.

.HARMONIOUS/ANALOGOUS COLORS Harmonious Colors are next to each other on the color wheel When harmonious colors are placed next to each other they have little contrast and blur together. When harmonious colors are mixed together they brighten.

Since harmonious colors share color properties. they blur together when used next to each other. .

Monochromatic Color Monochromatic Color Schemes are one color combined with white and/or black only. .

. our feelings and some think our bodies are all tied to colors.Our universe.