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Guidelines for Spelling and Vocabulary Sentences

Number of Sentences
   5 sentences for each assignment
   Use a minimum of 10 different words
o 5 current spelling words and
o 5 current vocabulary words
o You may exceed these minimums
Due Date
   Due on Thursdays
Please . . . .
1. use a full sheet of lined paper
2. put your name at the top of the page
3. put the spelling list number and book chapter number for vocabulary at the top of the
4. underline your spelling and vocabulary words
5. using at least 2 currently assigned words per sentence
6. use different words in each sentence - do not repeat words
7. skip lines between sentences for readability
There are multiple goals for writing these sentences. I read each paper looking for the
following . . . .
1. words spelled correctly - prior spelling words should not be misspelled
2. words used correctly - think about their meanings and parts of speech
3. sentences following the 5 requirements
1. starts with a capital letter
2. has an end mark
3. has a subject
4. has a verb
5. makes complete sense
b. neat penmanship, easy to read, words spaced for readability
c. try writing in cursive - letters formed correctly, good slant, good spacing, all letters the
same size, letters on or between the correct lines
d. interesting word choices - use good synonyms
e. include current “dress ups”
I do enjoy a good, entertaining sentence. You could try to make me laugh, tell me a good story,
or write about something that you are learning at school.
Please use thought and care as you complete your homework. Take pride in all of your work. It
should be neat and presentable.