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Mid-Year and End-of-Year Evaluation

Site Supervisor/Internal Coach Instructions
Performance Evaluations at the midpoint and endpoint of a member’s year of
service are an important way for members to receive formal and professional
coaching from their Internal Coach/Site Supervisor. This coaching will help
your member to grow professionally and in their role at your site. Evaluations
provide the member with objective, timely, and relevant affirmations and
feedback regarding their performance. It is important to provide honest
feedback with specific examples, as these will be reviewed and followed up
on by your site’s Program Manager. AmeriCorps funding also requires that
each tutor has performance evaluations completed each year.
After you complete the evaluations, the evaluations will be made available to
your member in OnCorps for their review and acknowledgement. You should
plan to have an in-person conversation with your member regarding their
evaluation including affirmations and areas for improvements. Note that
there should never be surprises for the member in their performance
evaluation. If you have concerns or affirmations, you should already be
communicating them to your member and your Program Manager so that
they can be dealt with as they arise.
Evaluations will be completed in OnCorps Reports, where you approve your
members’ timesheets. The below instructions will guide you through this
1. Navigate to in the address bar of your web
2. Ensure that the program year is set to 2016-17, and press Choose.
3. Select Internal Coach/Site Supervisor under the appropriate grant logo.
4. Enter your login credentials to login to the system.
5. In the menu bar choose Reporting, then Submit Reports, and you will select
the Evaluations.
6. You will select Review on the member’s evaluation that you are completing.
The due date will be also listed based on the member’s start date with the

Instructions last updated on 10/31/2016

7. You will be able to save and return to the evaluation if you choose.
8. After the instructions section, you will be directed to the “Progress Meeting
Program Requirements” section. In this section you will see figures related to
the member’s hours and any outstanding timesheets. Talk with your member
about a plan for how they will complete their hours and write it in this
section. (Employment Navigators will be asked the number of one-time and
on-going volunteers they have recruited.)
9. If your member needs to serve a high average number of hours for the
remainder of the year then a “Make-up Hours Planning” section will show.

10.Typically, we want to encourage great members to continue for an additional
year of service. The “Potential to Serve Another Term” section allows you the
opportunity to talk with your member about their interest in returning. If your
member is not a good fit for returning to serve, there should be concrete
documentation in the mid-year performance evaluation. In addition, your
Program Manager and the member should already be aware of these
concerns. You and your member should also discuss and write up an
improvement plan to support the member in improving their performance.
11.The “General Member Performance” must be completed for all members
regardless of their program. These questions are related specifically to the
member’s performance at the site. All questions are required.

12.The next section will vary depending on the position of the member (i.e.
Employment Navigator, Elementary Literacy Tutor, Math Enrichment Tutor,
etc.). These questions are related to the specific program requirements of
the member's’ position. All listed questions are required.

Instructions last updated on 10/31/2016

13.Finally, please add additional comments or notes for the member and/or the
Program Manager to review. This is a great opportunity to provide concrete
examples to support what you have submitted.

14.The evaluation can be saved, submitted, or you can cancel out of the form
without saving. After you submit, the form will be immediately available for
your member to review (this should be done with you). You and the member
should plan to talk through and review the evaluation together. The member
must then approve the evaluation. The member can reject the form if you
both feel that changes need to be made.

Instructions last updated on 10/31/2016