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EASY ROUND. 10 questions. 5 points each. 10 seconds.

1.) GEN. INFO: Who occupies the Oval Office?

a. The Senate President of the US
b. The President of the United States
c. The Secretary of the Department of National Defense
d. The Secretary-General of the United Nations

2.) SCIENCE: What part of the cell is responsible for the production of energy in
the cell?
a. Mitochondria
b. Nucleus
c. Endoplasmic reticulum
d. Lysosome
3.) MATH: Dividing by 2/3 is the same as multiplying by:
a.) .33
b.) 1.25
c.) 1.5
d.) 3
4.) LITERATURE: Who is the author of the famous book, The Paradise Lost?
a. Charles Dickson
b. William Shakespeare
c. John Milton
d. F. Scotz Fitzgerald
5.) GEN. INFO: Who is the famous philosopher who termed the phrase Cogito
ergo sum or in English, I think, therefore, I am.
a.) Thomas Aquinas
b.) Socrates
c.) Jean Jacques-Rousseau
d.) Rene Descartes
6.) SCIENCE: What is the Latin name for the element Tungsten?
a.) Wolfrum
b.) Wolfram
c.) Wolfrium
d.) Wolfriam

7.) MATH: If a, b, c, d, and e are consecutive integers, and a=9, what is the
average of the 5 numbers?
a.) 9
b.) 10

c.) 11
d.) 12
8.) LITERATURE: In Victor Hugos famous book The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
who is the person that Quasimodo loves?
a.) Esmeralda
b.) Luciana
c.) Carolina
d.) Valentina
9.) GEN INFO: In recent news, what is the name of the Iglesia ni Cristo Minister
who filed an illegal detention case against the Sanggunian of the INC?
a.) Edwil Zabala
b.) Eduardo Manalo
c.) Isaias Samson Jr.
d.) Tenny Manalo
FILIPINO: Sino ang kinikilalang Ama ng Sarsuwelang Tagalog at mayakda ng sikat na Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang?
a.) Juan Abad
b.) Julian Balmaceda
c.) Aurelio Tolentino
d.) Severino Reyes

AVERAGE ROUND: 10 questions, 10 pts., 15 seconds

1.) SCIENCE: What term is used to name the electron found on the outermost
energy level of an atom?
a.) Magnetic Electron
b.) Valence Electron
c.) Electric electron
d.) Electrovalence Electron
2.) MATH: In a parallelogram ABCD, angle A is three times angle B. What is the
measure of angle B?
a.) 30
b.) 45
c.) 41
d.) 49

3.) LANGUAGE: Mikkel sent a secret message to the private investigator.

a.) DO
b.) SC
c.) OC
d.) OP

4.) FILIPINO: Ano ang ibang tawag sa aspekto ng Pandiwa na

a.) Perpektibo
b.) Imperpektibo
c.) Kontemplatibo
d.) Perpektibong katatapos

5.) ARALING PANLIPUNAN: Ano ang tawag sa ginawang pagtakas ni Muhammad

papunta sa Medina?
a.) Hashim
b.) Kaaba
c.) Hegira
d.) Ramadan

6.) GEN INFO: What is the capital of Sweden?

a.) Helsinki
b.) Dublin
c.) Luxembourg
d.) Sweden

7.) SCIENCE: What is the disease characterized by the inability to have normal
blood clotting?
a.) Hemophilia
b.) Syphilis
c.) Hepatitis
d.) Hemophobia

8.) MATH: If each bacterium divides into 4 bacteria every hour, how many
bacteria will be present at the end of 5 hours if there are 4 bacteria at the
a.) 64
b.) 256
c.) 1024
d.) 4096

9.) GEN. INFO: In which film would you find the word
a.) Mary Poppins
b.) Little Man Tate
c.) Home Alone
d.) My Girl

FILIPINO: Sino ang sikat na manunulat na kinilalang Makata ng
Pagibig, na isang tagahanga ni Francisco Baltazar?
a.) Amado V. Hernandez
b.) Francisco Balagtas
c.) Jose Corazon De Jesus
d.) Juan Abad

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