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Journal Entry #20
Can you explain how precipitation affects
salinity in oceans?

Can you explain how evaporation affects
salinity in oceans?

OCEAN CURRENTS NOTES­p7sxHQl2XcAY0JtlzaQGkLGGqi6L2eLPro/htmlpresent?hl=en

1/11­p7sxHQl2XcAY0JtlzaQGkLGGqi6L2eLPro/htmlpresent?hl=en 2/11 .5/12/2016 OCEAN CURRENTS NOTES.ppt ­ Google Slides SWBAT­ Explain the differences between deep currents and surface currents by completing the Ocean Currents T­map Water Current:  A stream of water flowing in a common direction.

5/12/2016 OCEAN CURRENTS­p7sxHQl2XcAY0JtlzaQGkLGGqi6L2eLPro/htmlpresent?hl=en 3/11 . ocean currents are https://docs. Deep Currents Deep .ppt ­ Google Slides 2 Types of Currents:  Deep Currents  Surface Currents

Warm ● water goes up ocean.5/12/2016 OCEAN CURRENTS NOTES.ppt ­ Google Slides caused by differences in water temperature and salinity. Fresh water goes up https://docs. Warm water with As you dive low salinity deeper into the­p7sxHQl2XcAY0JtlzaQGkLGGqi6L2eLPro/htmlpresent?hl=en 4/11 . Deeper into the Cold water goes down. the temperature As you dive decreases. the salinity Cold water with high increases. salinity -Salty water goes down.

 what happens to the water’s temperature and salinity? B and D Reply by saying: As you increase in depth. the water’s temperature ______ and its salinity _________. C ask D As you increase in depth. Surface Currents   Driven by prevailing wind mainly effect the upper few hundred meters of the ocean.ppt ­ Google Slides CFU #1 A ask B.­p7sxHQl2XcAY0JtlzaQGkLGGqi6L2eLPro/htmlpresent?hl=en 5/11 .google.5/12/2016 OCEAN CURRENTS NOTES. 2.

 Air Currents 3. CFU #2 B ask­p7sxHQl2XcAY0JtlzaQGkLGGqi6L2eLPro/htmlpresent?hl=en 6/11 .ppt ­ Google Slides SURFACE CURRENTS are controlled by 3 main factors: 1. D ask C What 3 factors affect surface currents? A and C Reply by Saying: https://docs.5/12/2016 OCEAN CURRENTS NOTES. Earth’s Rotation 2. The location of the

ppt ­ Google Slides The 3 factors that affect surface currents are:­p7sxHQl2XcAY0JtlzaQGkLGGqi6L2eLPro/htmlpresent?hl=en 7/11 . https://docs. Prevailing Wind moving across the surface of the ocean causes the water to move and flow creating currents Due to the continents.5/12/2016 OCEAN CURRENTS NOTES. the currents are deflected to the North and South to create circular currents called

5/12/2016 OCEAN CURRENTS­p7sxHQl2XcAY0JtlzaQGkLGGqi6L2eLPro/htmlpresent?hl=en 8/11 .ppt ­ Google Slides The gyres spin:  clockwise in the Northern hemisphere   because of the Coriolis effect counter­clockwise in the Southern hemisphere

google. C ask D What direction do ocean currents move in the northern hemisphere and in the southern hemisphere? C and D Reply by Saying: Ocean currents move _______ in the northern hemisphere and _____ in the southern­p7sxHQl2XcAY0JtlzaQGkLGGqi6L2eLPro/htmlpresent?hl=en 9/11 . Warm water Cold water https://docs.5/12/2016 OCEAN CURRENTS NOTES. Surface currents can carry warm or cold water which can impact the climate in that area.ppt ­ Google Slides CFU #3 A ask B.

google.ppt ­ Google Slides COLD CALIFORNIA CURRENT WARM KUROSHIO WARM GULF STREAM CURRENT Cold California Current CURRENT WARM South EQUATORIAL CURRENT OCEAN CURRENTS T­MAP OCEAN CURRENTS DEEP CURRENTS SURFACE CURRENTS _________________ __________________ _________________ __________________ __________________ __________________­p7sxHQl2XcAY0JtlzaQGkLGGqi6L2eLPro/htmlpresent?hl=en 10/11 .5/12/2016 OCEAN CURRENTS NOTES.

As you increase in ocean depth. The first ones are called ___________________ they are caused by _____________________ ________________________. https://docs. and ________________________.5/12/2016 OCEAN CURRENTS­p7sxHQl2XcAY0JtlzaQGkLGGqi6L2eLPro/htmlpresent?hl=en 11/11 . temperature_________ and The second type of ocean currents are ________________. They are driven by the ___________ and are controlled by _______________. ________________.ppt ­ Google Slides There are ___ main types of ocean currents.