Federal Bureau of Investigation

ID: LFG-2015-FBI-0019

Little Rock, Arkansas Division
24 Shackleford West Boulevard
Little Rock, AR 72211
Sent via: Electronic mail
November 18th, 2015
Re: Request for an investigation into Judge Joseph Boeckmann for child pornography, corruption,
misusing his official position in his official capacity and any other federal laws that he may be in
violation of
Federal Bureau of Investigation,
My name is Isaiah X. Smith and I am sending this letter for the purpose of requesting the Federal Bureau
of Investigation to conduct a thorough investigation into Judge Joseph Boeckmann and his office due to
allegations of corruption and “serious” misconduct. I urge you to read this letter and to respond
appropriately to this letter. All information listed in this letter is true and correct to the best of my

General information as to Judge Joseph Boeckmann and assertions that are being made
against him
Judge Joseph Boeckmann is a state district judge in Arkansas for Cross County. He is being
accused to being in the possession of child pornography. He is also accused of using his
official capacity as a judge to have sex with young men in exchange for reducing their
sentences on charges that have been filed against them. See Attachment A for the links to
the news stories regarding this and Attachment B for a copy of the ethics complaint filed
against Judge Joseph Boeckmann. The contact information for Mr. Joseph Boeckmann is as
Judge Joseph Boeckmann mailing address is as follows:
Honorable Joseph Boeckmann
P.O. Box 786
Wynne, Arkansas, 72396
The “possible” other address for Mr. Joseph Boeckmann is as follows:
Joseph Boeckmann
104 Wilson St,
Wynne, AR 72396


Holding officials accountable for their actions is extremely important because we live in
the United States of America
In some other countries in our world, foreign government officials may not be prosecuted
for the crimes that they have committed due to their social, political or economic power.
Under the law in the United States of America, all are equal and a person’s social, political
and economic status should be irrelevant to prosecution if a crime has occurred.
The United States of America is a unique country in which a government official who acts in
their official capacity has to be in compliance with the laws of our land. Officials are not
allowed to engage in any unconstitutional activity or to violate the laws of the United States.
Especially for a judicial position, it is extremely contradictory for a judicial official to “judge”
the actions of the accused while violating the same laws that they enforce.


In conclusion I am respectfully asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate
Judge Joseph Boeckmann for possession of child pornography, corruption and misusing his
official capacity as a judge to take advantage of people; plus any other violations of federal
law that he has committed. Also I would like the Federal Bureau of Investigation to
investigate “all” cases that Judge Boeckmann was in charge of to see if any misconduct took
place for “justice” purposes in those cases.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation to my knowledge does have the authority to start an
investigation into the aforementioned official. Under the law all are equal and officials have
to be accountable for their actions. I strongly urge the FBI to investigate Judge Boeckmann
because corruption and a misuse of a judicial official’s position cannot be tolerated. Please
also keep in mind that criminal charges have not been filed against Mr. Joseph Boeckmann.


Acknowledgment letter
An acknowledgement letter would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me via electronic
mail at: iscampaign@usa.com. You can also send me a letter by mail at the following mailing
Isaiah Smith Campaign
P.O Box 163411
Fort Worth, Texas, 76161

Isaiah X. Smith
Isaiah Smith Campaign
P.O Box 163411
Fort Worth, Texas, 76161

Attachment A
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