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Nearby Seoul Area

Nami Island - Winter Sonata fliming site, scenery, photoshoot(?) *Need to
take ferry*
Dongdaemun Night Market - Pasar malam sibo, shopping
N Seoul Tower - First time go Korea must go see iconic
Siloam Fire Pot - Sauna Boyssss
Common Ground - Mini bugis street(?), photoshoot
Around 1hour away from Seoul, I think we should spend half a day there,
since we wake up usually also afternoon liao LOL
I recommend Bukhansan, since is near Seoul also more sun bian. Around
800m~ and take approx 4hours to traverse (Wah 4hours rabbak)
If we go Busan for 1day using KTX, most likely we buy the KORAIL PASS which
is 64000KRW(~80GD)
If we go Busan and stayover there for like maybe 2days or so, we buy the
KORAIL PASS which is 90000KRW(~110SGD)
The KTX takes approx 3hours to reach Busan from Seoul
What to do in Busan?
- Jalgachi Fish Market. Basically is the biggest fish market in Korea and there's
this restaurant housing two levels of eating and viewing spectacle. The
ground floor houses is a warehouse of vendor stalls, with tanks and live fish,
clams, crustaceans, where you can choose the food you want cooked for your
plate. The 2nd floor is a open restaurant
- Haeundae Beach / Dongbaekseom Island. Basically is scenery, can go to the
beach first then walk to the island.
-Mount Hwangnyeong. OP nightview but we all guys no grills accompany us
I think 1day Busan enough