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Powerful Frida

Briana Ortega
My weakness painted my sorrows, my tortures, and my pain
I am powerful, I still remain the same
I painted with my tears
I am powerful I still had no fear
I was a fighter and a lover
I fought for my health and my love for Diego
My first accident was the bus crash
It happened fast like a camera flash

Collarbone Broken, no words were spoken
My ribs were shattered, I am powerful it did not matter
My bed was my new friend, and art became my lover
But how long would it take me to recover?
They told me it was impossible for me to walk
I am powerful; I stood up and left them in shock
It did not take so long for me to face my second accident
Diego was my accident
Our love was more like fuego (fire in Spanish)
We played with fire, I loved him
He was my only desire
He slowly became my poison
Injecting me with his pigments of colors
His brush slowly painted pain for each other
I was a prisoner, love had me in chains
Despite the multiple women he was with
The words he told me “I love you” It was all a myth
Art was my sword, which pierced the flesh onto my canvas
I survived the deep wounds that the accidents had engraved onto my body
I am powerful
I am Frida Kahlo