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Interviewee: Sivan A/L Koran (SK)


8 April 2016


10.00 – 10.10 a.m.


Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Sungai Long


Good morning, Mr Sivan.




Good morning, Miss Josephine.

How are you this morning?

I am fine, thank you. And how are you?

I’m fine too. Thank you for accepting my invitation for this interview,
Mr Sivan. Today, arrr… I would like to ask you about the factors or reasons for
your PhD. First of all, could you introduce yourself briefly?

Oh sure. Arr..My name is Sivan and I’m 49 years old and currently
arr… lecturing at arr… Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. Arr… Located at
Sungai Long, Kajang. And I’m attached to Early Childhood Department and I’m
teaching arr… psychology and counseling related subjects
since I’m majoring in arr… in counseling related subject arr… in my Masters.

And arr… arr… Let me tell you one by one.yes.Interviewer: SK: 12years. And arr… pursuing in PhD in the field of counseling and arr… specially I’m focusing on family counseling. I still remember my father in law used to say that arr… he wants to proudly tell his family …and arr… his family friends about his son in law is a PhD candidate and so he going to complete PhD and I’m going to call him as a Doctor Sivan. come out with alternative choice... arr… you are pursuing your PhD at the moment. That’s very… good. Arr. Ms Josephine May I know in which university are you doing it and in what field? SK: Ohh. And arr… these are the reasons. it is my childhood dream and second reason is. So first of all. Interviewer: Oh I see. Alright. Arr… especially I want to become a doctor a Medical doctor as a doctor but unfortunately I didn’t do well in my STPM so I have to ermm.. Mr Sivan? Arr…in total. ermm… my family and arr… my arr. arr… it is my childhood dream and arr… to be... a PhD doctor. parents in law too want me to become arr. am I right? SK: Interviewer: Arr. the main reasons in pursuing my PhD. Interviewer: How long have you been teaching. it is a pride of family too. So again. .. there could be many factors. now what are the factors of doing your PhD? SK: Oh.. I think in the university itself arr…I’m teaching around Oh I see. at least become arr… a doctor. I’m attached to Asia E University. arr… a doctor.. So it is for my pride and at the same time. Currently.. ermm… I like to be seen as an educated person since I’m a lecturer so I want to give a good image to my students arr… so that so arr… to encouraging them in future to pursue their studies at least arr… up to Masters level and arr… PhD thereafter and arr… another reason is. continue my PhD and they want to see me as a PhD holder. Mr Sivan.

Ms Josephine . SK: You’re most welcome. Alright. Mr Sivan. thank you very much for your time and responses.Interviewer: Oh I see.

ok sama – sama Cik Juhaidah...Nabihah: eh... ...tak menganggu pun.tak apa......