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Exhaust measures like smoke vents for the whole interior shall be provided.

The control room will be having adequate area and will accommodate all control panels along
with specified numbers of future control & relay panels as per approved layout. Apart from
control room the battery room, PLCC room, ACDB room (for 220 KV), stair and toilet block
etc. shall be provided as per approved layout drawing and requirement.
Control panels & equipments shall be laid in control room keeping adequate clearance &
sufficient space for movement & maintenance. Minimum clearance from wall at the back of
panel will be 1200mm. Clearance between two adjacent panels will be decided during detailed
The planning of Integrated building shall be made in such a way that the entire switchyard is
made clearly visible from the control room for better supervision and control.
Generally, live loads shall be considered in accordance with IS:875. The design live load shall
be as per cl. No.10.11.02 (Live load).
The control room, conference room and PLCC room as per requirement shall be air conditioned
by installing suitable air conditioners. Exhaust fans of approved capacity shall be installed in
battery room and toilets of control building.
The work will also include sanitary, plumbing, Cable trench, Cable hangers, partition walls,
false ceiling, flooring, Stainless Steel stair railing, wall/ceiling finishing work, painting job,
plinth protection, surface drain, septic tank, soak pit, illumination, internal electrification, A.C.
& ventilation work and all other architectural and civil item of works required for completion
and successful commissioning of the Integrated building on turn-key basis.
Overhead P.V.C. water tank ( P4 international or equivalent) of 2 nos each having 1000 litres
capacity shall be provided for Integrated Building.
The GIS building shall be of pre-engineered steel structure with the provision of pressurized
ventilation. GIS building consists of GIS Hall, unloading platform and separate AHU room
etc. A corridor having minimum width of 1500 mm shall be provided all around GIS to
facilitate maintenance of equipments. Material specification and other details for construction
of Pre-engineered steel building shall be as described in subsequent paragraphs.
The base plate of steel columns shall be mounted on the RCC foundation by means of
foundation bolts. In order to facilitate inspection and maintenance, the structures shall be
provided with climbing devices. The built up frame shall be applied with a priming coat of red
oxide zinc chromate primmer before taken out of workshop. Separate fire escape door is to be
provided in the GIS Hall.
Walkway of width not less than 1.0m shall be provided at gantry girder level on the two longer
side of GIS hall along with climbing arrangement to facilitate maintenance of crane. All steel
work shall be painted with one coat of steel primer and two coats of synthetic enamel paint
after erection.
All the material required for Pre-engineered (steel) building shall be procured from TATA


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Sub-station Civil Tech. Specs

end wall wind columns and crane gantry girders and Frames at Rolling shutters & Door openings. ROOF SHEETING 50mm thick puff (density 40kg/cu. Secondary members for Purlins and Grits shall conform to the physical specification of ASTM A570 (Grade 50) or equivalent IS Standards having a minimum yield strength of 345MPa. Ltd. Total coat thickness (TCT) of sheets shall be minimum 0. All other miscellaneous secondary members shall have minimum yield strength of 250MPa. Complete material shall be offered for inspection before dispatch. columns. These sheets shall be made out of 0.5mm thick high tensile steel having min. These panels shall be made of puff insulation sandwiched between two number SMP coated galvalume steel sheets. Suitable wind bracings sag rods to be reckoned while designing the structure. base angles. corner columns. The minimum thickness of secondary members shall not be less than 2. flashings and other miscellaneous structural parts.55mm with base metal thickness. PURLINS: Purlins should be of Pre Galvanised steel of 345Mpa having a coating thickness of 275 gsm.) sandwiched panels shall be provided. DESCRIPTION PRIMARY MEMBERS: Primary structural framing shall include the transverse rigid frames. Specs . Approval of BOM and shop drawing from employer is not required. Manufacturing of various parts of the building shall start only after approval of “Manufacturing Quality Plan”. SECONDARY MEMBERS: Secondary structural framing shall include the purlins. eave struts. yield strength of 345 Mpa conforming to ASTM. Galvalume sheets shall conform to AZ 150 of AS 1397 or ASTM 792 with hot dip metallic coating of 55% Al and 45% Zn alloy having total coating mass of minimum 150gms/sq. or any other reputed manufacturer (approved by PGCIL) for which prior approval is to be obtained.m inclusive of both sides. Rod / ANGLE bracing shall conform to the physical specification IS 2062 of minimum 245Mpa Yield Strength All hot rolled sections shall conform to the physical specifications IS 2062. Wall Panels Wall panel material specifications shall be same as roof panels. flange bracing. clips. wind bracing. Soft copies of “BILL OF MATERIAL” & Shop drawing prepared by the Manufacturer and certified by the Contractor for its correctness is to be submitted to WBSETCL.54/87 Sub-station Civil Tech. SHEETING FASTENERS: Standard fasteners shall be self tapping zinc plated metal screws with EPDM bonded zinc WBSETCL Page .m.A446. Material Specification Primary members fabricated from plates and sections with minimum yield strength of 345Mpa or to suit design by continuous welding. girts.5mm.Blue Scope/ Era buildsys/ Vardhman/ Kirby building Systems/ Zamil Steels/ Phoenix Construction Technologies/ Interarch Building Products/ Aster Building Solutions Pvt.

plated washers. washers conforming to the specifications of grade 4. Material shall be same as that of sheeting.8 of IS 1367. IS -819. FLOORING WBSETCL Page . non-shrinking and non toxic and shall be superior adhesive metals. washers. Sealer shall be pressure sensitive elastomeric Butyl tapes. rake and other locations specified on drawings.6 of IS 1367. Colour shall be matching with the colour of wall. IS1024.55/87 Sub-station Civil Tech. nuts conforming to specifications of grade 8. corners. Weld material should have strength more than the parent metal. IS: 1261. The Webs should be welded on to the flanges at both the faces at top and bottom for columns. SHOP CONNECTIONS All shop connections shall be welded with appropriate arc welding process and welding shall be in accordance with IS: 816. The sealer shall be nonasphaltic. FIXED GLASS WINDOW: Fixed Glass windows of approved size & thickness are to be provided in wall panels. All screws shall be colour coated to match roof and wall sheeting. IS-9595 as appropriate. FLASHING AND TRIM: Flashing and / or trim shall be furnished at the rake. and framed openings and wherever necessary to provide weather tightness and finished appearance. GUTTERS AND DOWN SPOUTS: Gutters and downspouts shall be adequately designed to ensure proper roof drainage system. SEALER: This is to be applied at all side laps and end laps of roof panels and around self flashing windows. eaves. IS1323. CONNECTIONS: SITE CONNECTIONS a) All primary bolted connections shall be provided with galvanized high strength bolts. beams and crane girders. b) All secondary bolted connections shall be furnished with bolts. nuts. ROOF & WALL BRACINGS Roof and wall bracings shall have minimum yield strength of 250Mpa and shall conform to the specifications IS 2062. Material shall be 26 gauge thick conforming to the physical specifications of sheeting. plastics and painted at temperatures from 51°C to + 104°C. CLOSURES: Solid or closed cell closures matching the profiles of the panel shall be installed along the eaves. Specs . INTERNAL FINISH SCHEDULE Internal finishes shall be as per specification/finishing schedule of control room building.

fasteners. shall be anodized in a bath of sulphuric acid to provide a clear coating of minimum 20 micron thickness. woolpile Locks.Floor finish which will be 62 mm thick cement concrete (1:2:4) flooring with metallic hardener topping. All welds shall be dressed flush on all exposed and contact surfaces. Floor spring (HD). All windows shall be outside glazed. Aluminium sections for fabricating doors. handle.5 m (approx. and key shall be non-interchangeable WBSETCL Page . ROOF 50mm thick puff (density 40kg/cu. frames. shall be standard rolled steel sections specified in IS:1038 and IS:1361 or as specified in approved drawing. Specs .m. 50mm thick puff sandwiched panels shall be provided above brick wall. Glazing clips. 10. windows etc. All coupling mullions. transom etc. For Collapsible Gate with (20x10x2)mm vertical channel 100mm center to center in fully stretched position (20x5)mm flats as collapsible bracing properly riveted and washered including 38mm steel rollers. Hardware and fixtures shall be of adequate strength and of best quality and from approved manufacturers. The anodized material shall then be sealed by immersing in boiling water for 15 minutes. shall be supplied in adequate number. shall engage positively. etc. EXTERNAL PLASTER AND PAINTING Other external finishes shall be as per specification/finishing schedule of control room building. weathering gasket. EPDM gasket.14. Steel Sections used for fabrication of doors. frames. transoms. Aluminium glazing beads shall be snap fit type without visible screws and shall be of sizes to accommodate thickness of glazing.56/87 Sub-station Civil Tech. partitions etc. A protective transparent coating shall be applied to the sections at shop. fixing devices etc.01 DOORS. etc. fixed with putty or metal glazing beads as shown on the drawings. windows. WINDOWS AND COLLAPSIBLE GATE : The Contractor shall supply and install doors and windows. Prior to the execution of the work. with adjustable ‘tee’ at top and bottom as guide rail including locking arrangements. mullions.) sandwiched panels shall be provided. Doors. shall be extruded sections conforming to IS:1948 and 1949 and of approved standard make and shall be of approved thickness.). WALLS In GIS Hall 250mm thick brick wall shall be provided up to 3. Glazing beads shall be cut with mired corners. in contact with adjacent steel other members shall be bedded in mastic cement and caulking done properly as per drawing and instruction of the Engineer. the contractor shall prepare and submit drawings to Engineer for approval. according to the approved drawings.