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#112 Washington state, U.S.

December 30, 2016 (no.3 in Dec.)



The Drip(WA, U.S.)

Witchmaster/Voidhanger (Poland)

Terrifier (Canada)

Demogoroth Satanum (South Africa)

three WA state bands coming to Everett, WA on Saturday, January 7th at Tony V's

A Flourishing Scourge (Seattle) Thou Shall Kill (Seattle)

Aethereus (Tacoma)

also in this issue:
Kald Kriger (Bellingham, WA)
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Metal Bulletin Zine
#21-26: (2009-2010): Texas
Washington state


Arch Enemy, Death, Pantera, In Flames,
Trivium and Kreator. The inspiration for the
texts found in the problems of the 21st
century, such as capitalism and globalization,
but also the philosophical themes.

(2006-2009): Wisconsin

All album reviews, news, updates below are
by MMB, unless stated otherwise.


Nemesis is an extreme metal band from Serbia
that has been working to get its name to the
world of metal music. They are a young band,
but they have been getting more and more
experienced and they have plans for the
future. They have a video for the song
“Vengeance” on YouTube and there they
also have a cover of Death’s “Pull the Plug.”
OFFICIAL: Nemesis is the only female melodic
death metal band in Serbia. It was founded in
late 2013 in Belgrade, modeled on the Arch
Enemy. During the first meeting realized that
the ideal solution would be to play in this allgirl band. Originally, the songs performed by
other bands, but now dealing exclusively
copyrighted work. The band has performed
several times in local clubs in Belgrade and
Belgrade Youth Centre, the Cultural Centre
"Božidarac". Besides the winners have Demo
Masters festival in 2014 in the category of
cover bands, organizing the festival "Women
play all" and participants of the festival "Let's
virimo" which was held in the hall Apolo in
In May 2016, published the video for their first
single "Vengeance" to be found on the EP,
along with songs Living Dead People,
Savages, and Divine Retribution. The plan is
that the EP issued during the year 2016, with
the end of the year will start recording their
first album. The bands that inspire them as

Nemesis - Vengeance (Official Video)
Nemesis - pull the plug

NEWS: The Drip (Washington state grind)

The Drip's brand new recording will be the
debut album The Haunting Fear of
Inevitability, which follows up on some three
EPs from before. The new album is planned for
January 13th, 2017 on Relapse Records. If you
would like to hear the new music, on
Bandcamp there are now a couple of songs
for listening.
OFFICIAL: Washington State quintet THE DRIP
announces their debut full-length of merciless,
grindcore ferocity, titled The Haunting Fear of
Inevitability. Fusing together the rawest
elements of crust, powerviolence, d-beat,
and grind, THE DRIP rips and ravages through
thirteen frenzied tracks, full of slaughterhouse
riffage, lightning fast blastbeats, and
pulverizing breakdowns. Produced by Joel
Grind of Toxic Holocaust and mastered by

Brad Boatright (Skeletonwitch, Gatecreeper,
Weekend Nachos), The Haunting Fear of
Inevitability is a new declaration of intensity
that is sure to set the underground ablaze.

Weapons of Thrash Destruction
Test Your Metal
release: 20 January 2017
"I'm sick and tired of people saying that we
put out 11 albums that sound exactly the
same. In fact, we've put out 12 albums that
sound exactly the same."--Angus Young, 2000.

The band commented on the impending
release, “The Haunting Fear of Inevitability
represents our progression, and continues to
blur genre lines, and define our sound. Laying
down the ground work for our future material
to come.” Formed in 2007, Washington State’s
audio-terrorists THE DRIP set out to transform
the legacy of Napalm Death, Terrorizer,
Rotten Sound, and Brutal Truth into a modern
and uncompromising grind assault of faceripping blasts and sonic brutality. Seizing the
attention of grind-advocates Grindcore
Karaoke, their self-titled debut EP and The
reputation as the Northwest’s fastest hatemongers. A series of high-octane live assaults
only furthered their infamy among grindfreaks
and led to their signing with legendary
extreme metal label Relapse Records. 2014
saw the release of A Presentation of
Gruesome Poetics, their debut EP for Relapse.
A vicious display of skull-crushing, barbaric
grind, the album was produced and
engineered by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust.

Oh, I can hear the complaining now. "Terrifier
is a good thrash band, but the new album is
eight songs that sound exactly the same."
Well, look it, you should have stopped at the
part, "Terrifier is a good thrash band," and
leave it at that. That's all that they care about,
really. They are fast, loud and they figure out
how to make a lot of noise. A lot. Mucho.
Terrifier makes all the songs fast thrash and if
someone accuses them of writing the same
song, what will they say? "Thank you!" What
else could they say? This is what they do and
this is what they are. I mean, c'mon, just look
at the title of the album. You see?

Terrifier is not very good at multitasking, but
they are compulsive about the one task that
they have set for themselves: thrash. Their
album is for thrash fanatics, not for people
who like "some thrash, here and there." Terrifier
plays super tight, thrash with blasting in some

places, crazy street yelling, and shredding
solos. That's what they do on the first song and
it's what they do on the next song, and the
one after that. All day, every day. They don't
have songs with accordions and flutes and
they don't have keyboards and they don't
think it's funny to dress up and wear exotic
skirts. It's denim and leather, and that's it.
They drink beer, they burp in public, curse like
sailors and they dropped out of high school.
They can't read or write very well, but oh boy,
they can thrash like a bat out of hell. They get
arrested a lot, get fired from their day jobs a
lot, but it doesn't matter because it's not their
life mission to be the employee of the month.
The objective is clear: play fast thrash, show
the world that they can play fast and can
shred like nobody's business (They even have
a non-song track called "Riders of Doom" and
it's a quick little ditty of guitar melody and
shredding, just for fun and giggles). Once you
listen, there won't be an argument from you.
They will convince you, and if they do not, it's
probably because you are not an ultra
devoted zealot for thrash. It's not a crime to
dislike thrash (wait, it's not?!), but cynics,
skeptics and pessimists better get out of the
way of this Canadian shredding alley
The guitar tone is the quintessential, classicstyle razor-sharp sound, and speed is not a big
game in town, it is the only game in town.
Approach this music like you would approach
a mosh pit. This is what thrash is. Their name is
Terrifier and they play thrash like giants,
walking with their heads held high, strutting
their stuff.
You gotta strut like you own the place.


Razing the Shrines of Optimism
Third Eye temple
release: 20 January 2017

Warning: Politically correct people must stay
Listen to the first song from this release at the
second link below.
fanatics/collectors into these two filthy
Witchmaster is known for its black thrash filled
with the twisted views of people possessed
with disturbed ideas about the world around
them. The band is known for blasting speeds
and intensity. Even though speed is generally
fundamental to the sound, the thrashy riffs
make the music easy for headbanging. They
rant against so many things, it's more of a
question of what can you mention that they
don't already hate. Sick and furious are the
operative words with them. The last
Witchmaster album is from 2014 and if their
loyal supporters are looking for something to
hold them over until the next studio album, this
will help.
It's hard to say if Voidhanger's hatred of the
inhabitants of planet Earth is bigger than
Witchmaster's, but both bands are just
downright nihilistic criminal gangs and they
share a whole gamut of negative views about
life and humans. One thing is for sure, both
bands will offend politically correct people.
One of the members of the band calls himself
Zyklon and that right there will make the
uptight liberals all angry and if that wasn't
enough, another member calls himself
Warcrimer. This is music for those with spirits of
total ugliness. The last Voidhanger album is
from 2013. This EP will help to tide over the
band's insatiable, must-have-it-all followers
until the band releases another full-length

album. In short, this is misanthropy in the form
of extreme metal.

Demogoroth Satanum
Demogoroth Satanum is a black metal band
from South Africa. The band will be of interest
above all to the black metal fanatics,
especially those always searching for new
sounds. The band focuses on the traditional
aesthetics of genre and the music clearly
reflects that. Learn more about the band’s
activities and history below.
Biography: Demogoroth Satanum is a Black
Metal band from Soweto, Gauteng that was
formed by guitarist, Brian (Thronum) and
drummer, Martin (Funeral) in June of 2009.
Almost immediately there were problems that
resulted in the absence of vocals in the
band’s first demo, Flesh Viaticum to a Dying
God which was released in 2010. Band active
ceased after the demo’s release until mid2011, where the EP True Black began to
simmer. By late 2011, the Songs, Elizabeth
Bathory, Of Death and Destruction, and
Deathcrush had been recorded – By this time,
second guitarist; Modiba (Belgaroth) had
joined the band, bringing the total member
count to three. The Lineup grew at the dawn
of 2012 with the arrival of vocalist, Sabelo
(Lord Azazel) just in time to finish the True Black
album. For the duration of the year, the band
polished their sound and prepared to overrun
the South African Heavy Metal live circuit.
Finally at the beginning of 2013, the band’s
lineup was completed with the arrival of
bassist, Thapelo (Thane Bellicose). On the 1st
of February 2013, Demogoroth Satanum went

onto the stage for the first time alongside
bands Touched by Nausea and All of Eternity,
supporting Botswana Death Metal band,
Overthrust on their tour of South Africa. The
show’s success got Demogoroth Satanum
invited to The Death Corpse Explosion gig,
playing alongside South African Death Metal
giants Bloodbeast, Bleeding Spawn, Maximum
Carnage, Divine Plague, Scroll of Thoth and
Boargazm. On the 18th of May 2013,
Demogoroth Satanum once again got on the
stage at the Metal Mayhem party with bands
Death Pegasus and Casket, and once again
destroyed, earning the band an interview for
an upcoming book by Edward Banchs about
Heavy Metal in the Africa.
Currently, the band is working on polishing
their sound and spreading their message
through their music across the stages all over
South Africa.
Demogoroth Satanum - The Kingdom Ov Hell
Demogoroth Satanum Demonic Force Ov
Atomic Fire Rehearsal

A Flourishing Scourge (WA state)

Pacific Northwest progressive extreme metal
band A Flourishing Scourge has been busy in
the recent period. They have been recording
an album that will be available in 2017. The
album will follow up the band's 2015 EP As
Beauty Fades Away. The band also went on
the road to live the life of rock and roll and
came back alive to tell about it. In addition,
they have been straightening out some
personnel issues.
They will be starting the year with a show in
Everett on January 7th at Tony V's: Thou Shall
Kill // A Flourishing Scourge // Aethereus.

This publication wanted to catch up on the
details of the latest band happenings and this
is what bassist Kevin reported about the
upcoming album and the band's plans.
"The album is in final mixing in NY at Gojira's
Silver Cord Studio. When that's complete,
around the first of the year, it will go to
mastering at Fascination Street in Sweden, to
be mastered by Jens Bogren who also did
some of my fave Opeth albums and a few of
the Swedish classics.
From there we're going to do a couple
months of promo, with a release date
sometime in the March timeframe. We're
currently planning on releasing it under our
own inprint, Begotten Records, and pushing it
out to labels etc., at that time. It's really turned
out well, so we're hoping it will gain some
The drums on the album were recorded by
Samus Paulicelli of Decrepit Birth. Since then,
Portland super-drummer Elijah Losch has
permanently taken over the drum throne. He's
easily one of the best extreme metal
drummers in the PNW, so we feel pretty stoked
about scooping up such a great rising talent.
With Elijah on board, we did a 12 date West
Coast tour in October, along with Seattle's
Rhine. It was our first venture out of the state,
and we played shows in Oregon, California,
Arizona, Nevada and Utah. The turnouts were
hit or miss, largely depending on the local
support to draw, but the shows all went very
well, we learned a ton about the rigors of life
on the road and, most importantly, we met
some amazing people and bands creating
great art everywhere we stopped."

Thou Shall Kill (WA state)

Thou Shall Kill is an extreme metal band with

horns pointing in the direction of early 90s
death metal. The bio says that in 2006 they
released demo Penance of Death and in
2008 "Feeding Christians To Lions" and in 2009
"True Evil" promo songs. In 2011 they had the
EP From the North. Now, they plan to let loose
a new album upon the fanatics: Death King
Enthroned. Guitarist/vocalist Dragonis Khan
sent back answers to questions about the
Your band has been playing live recently and
seems to have scheduled more shows. What is
behind this recent uptick in Thou Shall Kill
Hailz! Well, first of all, we have been playing
out live quite a bit. We are a band that enjoys
playing live and seeing our fans. As a musician
the best thing is to present our art to the
audience. To see the energy between us and
the crowd. New record to be released in 2017
also is a reason on shows. We also love
playing out as much as possible.
Who are the members of the band now?
Dragonis Khan, vocals and guitar
Maddy Demonia Hebard, lead guitar
Frank Freak Kattner, bass guitar
Dillion Depoe, drums
Does your band have new music planned for
2017? Is it correct that you have not recorded
new music since 2012?
Yes, new music is already been recorded and
will be released in 2017. Death King Enthroned
is our new full-length. 2012 was the last EP we
recorded which was From the North. We went
on tour and played countless shows and the
band went on hiatus for a year. Sometimes
you need to recharge the soul and that’s
what we had to do.
What other plans do you have for 2017?
Release the new album and spread it like the
plague to the world. We are very proud and

full of pride with our new record. No one in
Seattle is doing what were doing. Europe is in
our sights for next year.

they seem to have a much more
underground local mentality, so maybe that'll
help rally the fans.

For people who are new to your music, what is
the best place to hear your music?
Our music will be up on all the social networks
soon. ReverbNation, Youtube for our videos as
of now. We are revamping all our sites as we
speak. And you can buy direct from us at
shows or via

When did you form the band? What is the
relation between this band and the band
Seker? Was there a change in musical style or
personnel changes?
Aethereus was officially "formed" in mid 2014. I
say formed in quotes because it's essentially
just a re-branding of our former band, Seker. I
started Seker in 2008 when I was in high school
and we played several shows from 2008-2011
in varying lineups. Ben (our other guitarist) and
myself were the only consistent members until
about 2010 when Shaun Hansen (of Terra
Morta) joined. After several drummer issues,
we decided to end Seker in 2011. After a year
of jamming with various other bands and
projects, we decided that we may as well
rerecord all of our old material (plus 2 new
songs) with programmed drums and selfrelease an album. After about a year or so of
working at it, the three of us released
Transcendence. It got some pretty positive
feedback and that sort of reignited the spark.
At the same time, all of the songs on
Transcendence were anywhere between 4 or
5 years old by the time the album was
released, so none of the material really
reflected where we were at as musicians, let
alone the tracks we were working at the time.
So we decided that if we're going to keep this
thing going, rather than keep using the Seker
name, we would rebrand ourselves and
basically start over from scratch with a new
project (despite having the same members).
That project was Aethereus.

What’s next for your band?
Thanks for the time to spread our message of
the left hand path. Through our music you will
find strength and power to call upon your
inner demons. We look forward to sharing the
stage with our brothers and sisters of metal.
Seeing our fans destroy in the pit to as we give
them hell. We can’t wait to unleash our new
music to the world!! See you on the road.

Aethereus (Washington state)

Aethereus is technical extreme metal from
Tacoma, a city to the south of Seattle. They
will bring their metal to Everett (to the north of
Seattle) on January 7th, 2017. Listen to their
2015 EP Ego Futurus in its entirety at the first link
below. This publication wrote to them to find
out more about the band and Kyle
Chapman, who does guitars and backing
vocals, provided these responses.
Can you tell us how life is for a metal band like
yours in the city of Tacoma?
The metal scene in Tacoma is a little peculiar.
There are several metal bands in the area, but
it's not as pervasive or unified as it was several
years ago or like you see in larger areas such
as Seattle. That's probably due to how few live
music venues we have in Tacoma that cater
to local acts. That being said, Real Art opened
up in South Tacoma not too long ago and

Who are the current members of the band?
The band currently consists of myself [Kyle
Chapman] on guitar/backup vocals, Ben
Gassman on guitar, Matt Behner on drums,
and Vance Bratcher on vocals. We are
currently looking for a bass player.

Does your band have new music planned for
2017? You have a 2015. What has the band
been doing since the EP? Do you play in
Seattle? Have you ever played in Everett?
Yes, we do have new music planned for 2017.
Things got a little derailed after we released
the EP. As many in the scene know, Shaun
passed away earlier this year. That brought
everything to an indefinite stop for awhile. He
had been such an integral part of the band
and the writing process for the upcoming fulllength that Ben and I weren't sure if we
wanted to continue. Thankfully, Matt joined
the band and helped kick our asses back into
high gear.
We've been hard at work on material for the
full-length. At this point I believe we're about
80% done with writing. We made our live
debut this month (December 2016). Our next
show we have is actually in Everett at Tony V's
with Thou Shall Kill and A Flourishing Scourge
on January 7th. After that, we're playing with
Alterbeast, Depths of Hatred, Aenimus, and
Aethere at Studio 7 on February 19th. We're
planning on getting some more shows
booked for the rest of 2017.
What other news do you have for 2017?
Right now our focus is on playing some shows
and finishing the full-length. I'm hoping that by
April or May, we'll be able to start doing some
of the final tracking. Only time will tell.

Kald Kriger
A Season of Pagan Sorrow
release date: December 25th, 2016
label: independent

This is a new album of black metal from the
city of Bellingham, which is located to the

north of Seattle/Everett in the state of
Washington. "Vredensdal" is the code name
of the mastermind behind this project and he
takes care of just about everything, from
vocals to the recording phases and artwork
components. According to Bandcamp,
where you can hear the entire album now,
only the drums were done by somebody else,
namely, Lord Mortkin. The themes that the
lyrics cover are: "the horrors of war, memoirs of
death, the personal sorrows of a modern
Norse pagan and taking revenge on the
christian menace." As previously stated, this is
a very new recording, so black metal
supporters feel to free investigate and find out
for yourself.
A Season of Pagan Sorrow:
1.Úlfhéðnar 06:38
2.The Doom of the Gods 04:38
3.Smite the Cross 09:34
4.Heaven Impaled
5.Let the Ravens Fly!
6.This Storm Travels North 07:30
7.A Season of Pagan Sorrow 07:04
total time 47:32
Dark Fields EP
Heaven Impaled Single 2016
A Season of Pagan Sorrow full-length 2016

metal programs in Washington (Pacific Times)
Excuse All the Blood (Olympia, WA): Friday
night 11pm-1am
Metal Shop (Seattle, WA): Saturday 11pm3am KISW 99.9fm

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