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Question Paper - 5
Q.I. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:
China’s rising power is based on its remarkable economic success. Shanghai’s overall
economy is currently growing at around 13% per year, thus doubling in size every five or six
years. Everywhere there are start-ups, innovations, and young entrepreneurs hungry for
profits. In a series of high level meetings between Chinese and African officials, the advice
that the African leaders received from the Chinese was sound, and more practical than they
typically get from the World Bank. Chinese officials stress the crucial role of public
investments, especially in agriculture and infrastructure, to lay the basis for private sector-led
growth. In a hungry and poor rural economy, as China was in the 1970s and as most of Africa
is today, a key starting point is to raise farm productivity. Farmers need the benefits of
fertilizer, irrigation and high-yield seeds, all of which were a core part of China’s economical
take off. Two other equally critical investments are also needed: roads and electricity, without
which there cannot be a modern economy. Farmers might be able to increase their output, but
it won’t be able to reach the cities, and the cities won’t be able to provide the countryside
with inputs.
The government has taken pains to ensure that the electricity grids and transportation
networks reach every village in China. China is prepared to help Africa in substantial ways in
agriculture, roads, power, health and education. And that is not an empty boast. Chinese
leaders are prepared to share new high yield rice varieties, with their African counterparts
and, all over Africa, China is financing and constructing basic infrastructure.
This illustrates what is wrong with the World Bank. The World Bank has often forgotten the
most basic lessons of development, preferring to lecture the poor and force them to privatise
basic infrastructure, which is untenable, rather than to help the poor to invest in infrastructure
and other crucial sectors. The Banks’ failure began in the early 1980s when under the
ideological sway of them American President and British Prime Minister it tried to get Africa
and other poor regions to cut back or close down government investments and services. For
25 years, the bank tries to get governments out of agriculture, leaving impoverished peasants
to fend for themselves. The result has been a disaster in Africa, with farm productivity
stagnant for decades. The bank also pushed for privatization of national health systems, water
utilities, and road and power networks, and has grossly underfinanced these critical sectors.
This extreme free-market ideology, also called “structural adjustment”, went against the
practical lessons of development successes in China and the rest or Asia.
Practical development strategy recognises that public investments - in agriculture, health,
education, and infrastructure- are necessary complements to private investments. The World
Bank has instead wrongly seen such vital public investments as an enemy of private sector
development. Whenever the banks’ ideology failed, it has blamed the poor for corruption,

The Apple iPhone 7 runs iOS 10 and is powered by a 1960mAh non removable _______7_______. Instead of focusing its attention on helping the poorest countries to improve their infrastructure. What effect has the World Bank policy had on African nations? 3. It measures 138. As far as the _______5_______ are concerned. 3G and 4G with support for Band 40 used by some LTE _______9_______ in India. Answer each question in about 25 – 30 words. The phone comes with a 4. The phone packs 32GB of internal storage. GPS. or lack of initiative.mismanagement. It is _______3_______ by quad-core Apple A10 Fusion processor and it _______4_______ with 2GB of RAM. NFC. It is clear the Bank can regain its relevance only if it becomes practical once again. agriculture modernistation. Bluetooth. and education.10 (height x width x thickness) and weighs 138. If that happens. The good news is that African governments are getting the message on how to spur economic growth and are getting crucial help from China and other partners that are less wedded to extreme free-market ideology than the world Bank. What is meant by structural adjustment? 4.II. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi.70-inch touchscreen display with a _______2_______ of 750 pixels by 1334 pixels at a PPI of 326 pixels per inch. 1. public health. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words: [light provides powered resolution clear launched single networks simcard comes started cameras battery built-in front] Apple iPhone 7 smartphone was _______1_______ in September 2016. Sensors on the phone include Compass 2 . Why is the author optimistic about Africa’s future? 5. there has been a crusade against corruption. What advice has the author given to the World Bank? Q. the Bank can still do justice to the bold vision of a world of shared prosperity that prompted its creation after World War II.10 x 7. by returning its focus to financing public investments in priority sectors.30 x 67. What is the main objective of the passage? 2. It is a _______8_______ SIM smartphone that accepts a Nano-SIM. the Apple iPhone 7 packs a 12megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 7-megapixel _______6_______ shooter for selfies.00 grams. They have declared their intention to invest in infrastructure.

the airplane pulsated wildly before taking off. and they searched for more efficient methods to control the balance of airborne vehicles. and it flew one hundred twenty feet. The brothers' inability to obtain enough lift power for the gliders almost led them to abandon their efforts. however. Q. but the Wright brothers were the first to build a full-size machine that could fly under its own power. Lilienthal. 3 . The invention of the airplane was no exception. In 1900 and 1901. Negative reactions. the old tables were repealed in time and replaced by the first reliable figures for air pressure on curved surfaces. By 1905 the Wrights had perfected the first airplane that could turn. Gyroscope and Barometer. After further study. In 1896. and operated a bicycle-repair shop. circle. They set up a wind tunnel and began a series of experiments with model wings. III. in turn. made it possible for them to design a machine that would fly. however. This idea was repellent to the Wright brothers. The idea of flying an aircraft was repulsive to some people. a pioneer in hang-gliding. and remain airborne for half an hour at a time. This work. Orville and Wilbur Wright had always had a compelling interest in aeronautics and mechanics. Accelerometer. As young boys they earned money by making and selling kites and mechanical toys. Proximity sensor.a lightweight gasoline engine. Others had flown in balloons or in hang gliders.Magnetometer. which cost less than one thousand dollars. when they read about the death of Otto Lilienthal. were excited and impressed. In 1903 the Wrights built their first airplane. The plane managed to stay aloft for twelve seconds. others reacted with peals of laughter. did not stop the Wrights. the brother's interest in flight grew into a compulsion. Read the given passage and match the words given in column A with those in column B Many great inventions are greeted with ridicule and disbelief. the Wrights tested numerous gliders and developed control techniques. Because of their efforts. Ambient _______10_______ sensor. had controlled his gliders by shifting his body in the desired direction. they designed a newspaper-folding machine. When they started the engine on December 17. built a printing press. Although many people who heard about the first powered flight on December 17. Later. They even designed and built their own source of propulsion. however. the Wright brothers concluded that the published tables of air pressure on curved surfaces must be wrong. 1903. they continued their experiments in aviation. Impelled by their desire to succeed.

Paul Allen dropped out of Washington College to work on computers at Honeywell Corporation and convinced Gates to drop out of Harvard and join 4 . a private school. William Henry Gates III (Bill) was born on October 28. the Wright brothers are accurately called the fathers of aviation. in Seattle. who became CEO of Microsoft after Bill retired. Reliable 8. Later he created a computer version of Risk. At Lakeside. Impelled 4. Aloft COLUMN B - founder dependable loyal motivated vibrated dwindle independent disgusting. In early 1973.As the contributors of one of the most outstanding engineering achievements in history. Pulsated 10. Glider 6. one of the first computer languages. where he excelled in math and science and did well in drama and English. He enjoyed playing games with the family and was very competitive. Gates wrote a tic-tac-toe program using BASIC. Pioneer 5. Ridicule 2. Washington.000 for a program called Traf-O-Data that was used to count traffic. Meanwhile. Bill met Paul Allen.S. Gates became fascinated in computer programming when he was 13. Steve Ballmer. At age 17. His school held a fund-raiser to purchase a teletype terminal so students could use computer time that was donated by General Electric. Using this time. 1955. Bill Gates served as a congressional page in the U. was also a Harvard student. COLUMN A 1. give up beyond force in the air Q. Gates and Allen were paid $20. House of Representatives. Propulsion 9. IV. Read the following passage and match Column A with Column B. He also loved to read. sickening a small aircraft discard mockery discontinue. Bill was the second of three children in an upper-middle class family. Abandon 7. Bill became bored in public school so his family sent him to Lakeside School. who shared his interest in computers. Repulsive 3. a board game he liked in which the goal is world domination. during the era of giant mainframe computers. He scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT and was accepted by Harvard University.

and they moved their company to Bellevue. and later by all the other companies that made PC computers. S6. But it has its own disadvantages. ABDC 4. the IBM PC.000 today. Paragraph II 3. A. asked Microsoft to write software to run their new personal computer. Microsoft kept the licensing rights for the operating system (MS-DOS) so that they earned money for every computer sold first by IBM. The diesel engine is an increasingly popular engine in automobiles. 1. Washington. His $61 billion dollars in assets made him the world's second richest man according to Forbes Magazine. In 1980. Microsoft developed many new technologies and some of the world’s most popular software and products such as Word and Power Point. Over the years. Paragraph I 2. DCBA 3. DACB 2. plugs are available to preheat the engine to start it easily. Microsoft grew quickly from 25 employees in 1978 to over 90. Another disadvantage is that diesel engines are difficult to start in cold weather. the engines are known for the emission of heavy smoke. V. the leading software company Contribution of Steve Ballmer Gates’ interest in computer programming Starting of Micro-Soft by Gates Gates’ love for the software company Birth and schooling of Bill Gates Assets of Bill Gates Q. the higher compression makes the diesel more efficient and thus necessitates the use of heavier engine components. Sentences S1 and S6 are in the correct position. one of the largest technology companies of the era. because the price of diesel is comparatively less than the price of petrol. However the popularity of diesel engine still continues. Rearrange sentences ABCD in the logical order. Paragraph III 4. CDBA ---------------------- 5 . New Mexico. This was soon changed to Microsoft. IBM. Finally. Column A Column B 1. C. They called it MicroSoft.him in starting a new software company in Albuquerque. Pick the right answer from the given options. Paragraph IV Growth of the software company Microsoft IBM. But. B. S1. For one. D.