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Significant Incident Alert- FATALITY (involving MMG in the investigation

Incident Title: Catastrophic Split Rim Assembly Failure
Date of Incident: 20 March, 2011

Location: Sepon - Route 28A

FPe No:- NA
What Happened:
Last Sunday a contractor’s employee was fatally injured when attempting to inflate a wheel assembly on a
Caterpillar 936E front end loader at their offsite workshop.
The subsequent investigation revealed that the split rim assembly was in a poor state of repair due to being
exposed to an acidic and corrosive environment.
During pressurisation, there was a catastrophic failure of the split ring assembly. The subsequent impact resulted
in the individual sustaining fatal injuries.
Immediately following the incident the individual was evacuated from their workshop to the medical clinic on
site at Sepon but despite the efforts of the medical staff, the individual was unable to be revived.
At MMG our approach to safety extends to working with our contractors to assist them manage and operate
their activities in accordance with our Injury Prevention Principles. This death is a sombre warning that we all
need to STOP and THINK to assess the risks before undertaking work.

For further information contact: Rod Burgess Manager Mine Operations. and does not represent the final conclusions regarding the causes of the incident.Actions Taken or Planned: • Shut down all contract partner tyre maintenance areas immediately pending a review • All split rim assemblies to be inspected • Contractor ICAM investigation convened and facilitated by MMG • Cultural and community needs accommodated Key Learning’s: • Conduct regular. 0862632478 This incident report is distributed by MMG to ensure all sites are promptly alerted to the occurrence of a fatality. . The information provided in this alert is based on preliminary data. +61401147112. thorough equipment and workplace inspections • Always use the correct tool for the task at hand • Ensure that staff are adequately trained for the task • Always conduct a Risk Assessment prior to commencing high-risk activities. STOP & THINK Recommendations: • Ensure all split rim assemblies are thoroughly inspected • Develop a maintenance schedule to facilitate inspection of all vehicles with split rim assemblies • Inspect all tyre maintenance equipment & associated facilities to ensure fit for designed purpose • Review pre-start procedure with operators • Develop process to action issues raised from pre-starts (audit trail) • Review Safe Work Procedure (PRO-5160) • Competency based training to be implemented commencing with Safe Work Procedure (PRO-5160) • Introduce Risk Assessment & Management of Change processes for all contract partner equipment • Disseminate investigation findings and recommendations with wider mining community • Label all machines with mandated tyre pressure ranges as per manufacturers specifications • Ensure all contract partner staff follow Red Rules immediately after an incident or near miss Further details will follow on completion of the investigation.