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Survey of Human detection

Student Name: Nguyen The Manh
Supervisor: Dr. Vo Le Cuong

Content  Previous week:  Survey some aspects related to human detection  Tools and data sets for human detection and evaluation methods  Overview of HOG method  Work of current week  Study detail implementation of HOG method  Refer to some HOG implementations in MatLab  Learn basic OpenCV for image processing .

HOG Algorithm Gamma/Colour normalization Gradient Computation Orientation Binning Descriptor block Block normalization SVM classifer .

Gamma and colour normalization  As the authors of [2] point out. .1. because the subsequent descriptor normalization essentially achieves the same result. these normalizations have only a modest effect on performance.

0. Gradient Computation  The HOG uses 64x128 detection window  The gradient is computed for each pixel in 8x8 pixel cells  The most common method is to apply the 1-D centered. point discrete derivative mask in one or both of the horizontal and vertical directions: [-1. 1]T 64x128 pixel detection window 8x8 pixel cell .2. 0. 1] and [-1.

Orientation Binning  64 gradient vectors in each 8x8 pixel cells is put them into a 9-bin histogram ranges from 0 to 180 degrees.3.  The author [2] found that unsigned gradients with 9 histogram channel performed best in their experiment.  Each pixel calculates a weighted vote for an edge orientation histogram channel based on the orientation of the gradient element centered on it. .

 The final HOG descriptor is the concatenated vector of the components of the normalized cell histograms from all of the block regions. Descriptor Block  Grouping cells into larger spatial block and normalizing each block separately.  The block usually overlap so each cell response contributes more than once to the final descriptor.  The author [2] evaluated 2 classes of block geometries:  R-HOG: rectangular HOG  C-HOG: circular HOG .4.

 The author [2] evaluated four different block normalization schemes:  L2-norm  L2-Hys  L1-norm  L1-sqrt .5. Block normalization  Concatenating the histograms of the 4 cells within each block into a vector with 36 components (4 histograms x 9 bins per histogram) and normalize each block separately.

SVM Classifier  The author [2] tested 2 SVM classifiers:  Soft linear SVM  Gaussian kernel SVM: increase performance but higher run time .

.  Not have background knowledge of SVM to understand the classifier process. I have not implement HOG method successfully.Current problems  Have not understand clearly the implementation of computing and normalizing the block description.  Have not understand the evaluation method of the HOG method in [2]  Due to above problems.

.Future Work Work for next week:  Continue studying the HOG method to clarify unclear points  Implement HOG method in MatLab.

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