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Will there be color coding
- yes but not in the near future
Will there be autocomplete
- yes but not in the near future
The tree is buggy
- we will be fixing that soon
Mission briefings dont work
- they aren't meant to work yet
When I clicked on save nothing happened
- click on the checkmark compile triggers button instead...
I found a bug
-thats the point of a beta, report it
It crashed
-send us the save dump and the map and tell us what you were trying to do

Syntax: all stuff is subject to change ....
Preserve Trigger()
Pause Game()
Unpause Game()
Transmission(display always, string, unit, location A, nummod, duration 2, WAV s
tring, duration)
Play WAV(WAV string, duration)
Display Text Message(string)
Center View(location A)
Create Unit with Properties(player, unit, quantity, location A, properties)
Set Mission Objectives(string)
Set Switch(switch, switchstate)
Set Countdown Timer(nummod, duration)
Run AI Script(aiscript)

unit) Kill Unit At Location(player. location A. unit. location B) Move Unit(player. unit) Leader Board Points(string. unit) Remove Unit At Location(player. location A) Set Deaths(player. unitcount. quantity 2) Leaderboard Goal Points(string. quantity 2) Leaderboard Goal Control At Location(string. points) Kill Unit(player. actstate) Create Unit(player. quantity 2. unit. quantity 2) . resource type) Leaderboard Goal Kills(string. resource type) Leader Board Kills(string. location A) Remove Unit(player. unit. unit. unit. nummod. unitcount. unit. unit. quantity 2. location B) Leaderboard Greed(quantity 2) Set Next Scenario(string) Set Doodad State(player. unitcount. unit. unit. duration) Mute Unit Speech() Unmute Unit Speech() Leaderboard Computer Players(actstate) Leaderboard Goal Control(string. resource type) Set Score(player. location A) Leader Board Control(string.Run AI Script At Location(aiscript. score) Minimap Ping(location A) Talking Portrait(unit. location A) Leader Board Resources(string. nummod. quantity 2. unit) Leader Board Control At Location(string. unit. location A) Leaderboard Goal Resources(string. location A. unit. unit. location A. unit. location A. unit. quantity 2. nummod. location A) Set Resources(player. quantity 2. actstate) Set Invincibility(player. quantity 2) Move Location(player.

location) Most Kills(unit) Highest Score(score) Most Resources(restype) Switch(switch. count) Accumulate(player. comparison. switchstate) Elapsed Time(comparison. percent. unit. quantity 2. unit. count) Command the Least(unit) . comparison. comparison. location A. comparison. location A) Pause Timer() Unpause Timer() Draw() Set Alliance Status(player. quantity 2.Order(player. count) Command the Most(unit) Commands the Most At(unit. quantity 2. player 2. unit. count) Deaths(player. location. restype) Kill(player. unit. quantity 2. quantity 2. ally state) Conditions: Countdown Timer(comparison. unitcount. order) Comment(string) Give Units to Player(player. comparison. percent. location A) Modify Unit Hanger Count(player. unit. comparison. percent. location A) Modify Unit Hit Points(player. location A) Modify Unit Energy(player. unit. count. unit. location A) Modify Unit Shield Points(player. location A) Modify Unit Resource Amount(player. unit. Conditions are N/A() Opponents(player. unit. count) Bring(player. count) Data is a Mission Briefing. location B. unit. percent. count) Command(player. percent.

comparison. count) Always() Never() . location) Least Kills(unit) Lowest Score(score) Least Resources(restype) Score(player.Command the Least At(unit. score.