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Find the right word:

2.There is /there are
Sofas/food/trees/cars/a bed

1.They are on Windows.
2.It is on the floor.
3.You put your head on it.
4.It isn´t dark with it.

1._________________ ___________in the garage.
2.__________________________in the bedroom.

5. You wash your hands in this.

3.__________________________in the living

5.You sleep in this.

4. __________________________in the fridge.

6.You wash your body in this.

5.___________________________ in the garden.

7.People often sleep in this.
8.You prepare food with this.
9.You put clothes in this.
10.There is cold food in this.

3. A /an/some /any/the
1. Our car is in ________ garage.
2. Is there ___________orange sofa in your living room?
3. There are ____________ bottles in the fridge.
4. Are there __________ nice houses in your town?
5. There is _____________ big garden.

4. Complete with a/an/the/some/any
a. It is very tall. There are ______________ big flats and there are ________small flats in
it.There is ______ wide door to enter the building.
b. This is ________ old house. t´s very big and there aren´t _______________ other
houses near it. There are __________ famous people in __________house.
c. Are there ____________permanent residents in this house ?No, there aren´t , but
there are many visitors every day. It has got ____________unusual balconies . On top of
the house , there are ________________ beautiful sculptures.