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Sub name : Advances in Casting and Welding Processes
Sub Code : MF7003

Course : ME-Manufacturing Engineering

Answer all questions
PART-A (10x2=20 marks)
1) What are the effects of mould materials of fluid flow and heat transfer ?
2) Why is Bernoulli’s equation important in casting?
3) Define Chvorinev’srule.
4) What is the difference between the solidification of pure metals and metal alloys?
5) Why are cast irons easy to cast than steels?
6) Why risers are not used in the die casting?
7) What are the functions of a riser.
8) What is meant by degasification in metal casting process ?
9) Why risers are not used in the die casting?
10) What is meant by progressive solidification ?
PART – B (5 x 16= 80 marks)
11. (a) (i) What are the points to be considered while designing a casting ?


(ii) Explain the reasons why heat transfer and fluid flow are important in metal casting (06)
12. Explain about the design requirements of the gating system with neat sketches. (16)
13. (a) (i) A spoked handwheel is to be cast in gray iron. In order to prevent hot tearing of the
spokes would the spokes be insulated or chilled ? Explain.


(ii) Which of the following consideration is/are important for a riser to function properly? Must it.
(1) Have a surface area larger than the part being cast
(2) Be kept open to atmospheric pressure, and/or
(3) Solidify fast? Why ? Explain.
14. Explain the following terms
(i) Normal segregation

(ii) Gravity segregation

(iii) Micro segregation

(iv) Macro segregation (16)

15. Discuss the castability of the Aluminium and its alloy and steel