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May lose ground
May lose his/her


Correlated with Juvenile
-gang use

-lose wages
Juvenile Delinquency

-drug involvement

-health care
-psychological care

-alcohol abuse
-sexual behavior

Reasons for Delinquency
-may be acting out
-may be believing that there is
no future for them
-may be expressing anger or

Topic Outline

1. Suffer of the victims
 Incur expenses related to:
-lost wages
-health care
-psychological care
2. Juvenile may suffer effects such as:
 He/She lose freedom
 Lose ground academically
3. Juvenile Delinquency correlates with:
 Drug use
 Gang involvement
 Alcohol abuse
 Sexual behavior
4. Reasons for Juvenile Delinquency
 Acting out to protest perceived abuses
 They believe that there is no future for them
 Expressing anger or frustration

Sentence Outline

1. The most obvious people affected by Juvenile Delinquency are the
 The victims may incur expenses related to lost wages,
health care, or psychological care in addition to the cost of
replacing damaged or destroyed items.
2. The Juvenile who commits a crime also suffers effects that he/she
is probably unable to predict.
 He or She may lose his or her freedom while incarcerated or
placed on probation.
 The juvenile may lose ground academically as well.
 Placing Juvenile to residential detention center also put him
or her in relationships with other delinquents.
3. Young people who commit serious crimes before they are 18 years
old challenge the future for everyone involved.
 They may be acting out to protest perceived abuses that
have been penetrated against them.
 They may believe that there is no future for them outside of
a life of crime.
 They may be expressing anger or frustration directed
against another person or group or looking for approval of a