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Jim Dean and his
wife Ann can only
be described as the
closest couple I
have ever met.
Always together in
work and play in all
the years I have
known them I have
yet to see them
argue, which I
always found
strange considering
Jim’s lifestyle and
I guess if you ever
wanted to setup a
model for an ideal
My first French cup of tea
marriage you would
be hard pressed to find a more suitable couple. I never met
anyone that didn’t like them or was not glad to call them friends.
I first met Jim in the 70,s through work and liked him instantly.
We became close friends and I realised very quickly he was a
really keen angler. Now I had never been fishing in my life but he
made it sound so nice I decided to take up his offer of a
weekends fishing at a local lake. You can read about that under
the “Man at C and A” chapter. Following that we travelled the UK
and France fishing and Jim and Ann went on to fish all over
Europe and eventually even in the USA. I learnt so much from
Jim as did many others and although he hated any attention we
had some really memorable catches especially in France. I
moved to Belgium in the 90,s but the memories of those times
make me smile whenever I get low and I am really glad Jim

decided to write this book, and I will always be proud to call him
Tony Oliver.