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English Form 4

Yearly Plan 2016
SMK Batu Kawa
Week/ Date

Language For Interpersonal Use

Language For Informational Use





Level 1
- Reading a variety of texts
- Listening and ticking correct
differences between two weddings
- Writing a paragraph on weddings
-presenting a report in class
-Reporting information gathered
-Writing a composition

-The Living

Forms and

/I/ /i:/

Thinking skills

Week 1 & 2
[3rd-13th Jan]
*3rd, 4th, 5th &
6th Form 4

Level 1
- Writing and talking about
wedding customs and rituals
- Comparing and contrasting
between two weddings
- Making sentences to express
specific function

Chapter 1
Knowing Me
Knowing You

Level 2
- completing a mind map
- role playing using cue cards
-pronouncing words with /I/ and /i/
sounds in poem
Level 3
Problem solving and
decision making

Level 2
- listening and completing a mind
- Interviewing people
- Scanning for details by ticking true
or false statements
- Finding meaning of words using
contextual clues
Level 3
- predicting the outcomes of events

/eI/ /aI/

Preparation for
the real world

choosing the best answer Poem -The Living Photograph Language Forms and Functions Consonant Sounds Knowledge Acquisition /v/ /w/ Preparation for the real world Futures studies Thinking Skills Level 2 -Interviewing people on water crisis -Transferring information to a table -Writing a survey report -Writing meanings of phrases MI ICT Level 3 -Presenting information on a campaign -converting information in a passage to graphic form Level 1 -listening and ticking the correct answers -listening and sequencing the order of statements -using the internet to source for information -listening and noting important details.Writing argumentative composition -predicting the outcome of events -giving a talk on Alzheimer’s disease .Get meanings of words using dictionary Level 3 .sharing and recording past experiences -role playing to practice language functions Level 2 -Presenting a group report -Role playing to place an order for wheelchair Level 1 .listening and identifying true or false statements .Reading a newspaper report .Week 3 & 4 [16th -25th Jan] Chapter 2 Saving Every Drop (Environment) 26th-31st Jan CHINESE NEW YEAR HOLIDAY Week 5 & 6 [1st-10th Feb] Chapter 3 Reaching Out (Social Issues) Level 1 -Recalling past experiences on water shortage by completing a mind map -keeping a journal -role playing Level 2 -exchanging ideas -pronouncing words with /v/ and /w/ sounds in a poem -Brainstorming about organizing an event Level 3 -Giving opinions on water conservation -learning the format of a formal letter -completing a letter of complaint -responding to a letter of complaint Level 1 .taking notes . making inferences.listening and completing a mind map . moving beyond the Short Story .Tanjung Rhu The simple past tense Modals – ‘should’ and ‘need’ Sentence stress and intonation Knowledge Acquisition ICT MI Future studies Thinking Skills Level 3 -keep a discussion going text -writing report -writing a letter of appreciation UJIAN LISAN BAHASA INGGERIS MODEL 1 Level 2 .

Initiating and keeping a discussion going Level 1 .Tanjung Rhu Gerunds Gerunds after preposition s Infinitives Homophon es TS FS Preparation for the real world ICT KA .Week 7 & 8 [13th . moving beyond the text -Skimming and scanning to identify fact or opinion -Using thesaurus Short Story .sharing feelings Level 2 -Discussing organ donation -Planning a visit to an organization Level 3 . making inferences.reading about people’s experiences .24th Feb] Chapter 4 Checking Up on Health (Health) Level 1 .Listening to a conversation -Reading for details.Tanjung Rhu The present Perfect tense Stress on foursyllable words Revision on the simple past tense Thinking skills ICT Knowledge acquisition MI Level 2 -Listening for specific information and ticking the correct answer -listening for specific information to complete the flow chart UJIAN LISAN BAHASA INGGERIS MODEL 1 Week 9 [27th Feb–3rd March] Week 10 & 11 [7th – 17th March] Chapter 5 Deciding On Games (Values) SCHOOL EXAMINATION 1 Level 1 Sharing information on dams Reading and matching opinions Level 1 -Listening to a dialogue and answering true or false questions Level 2 Giving opinions on building dams -Matching expressions with their meanings -gathering information -Finding meanings of phrase using contextual clues Level 3 Problem solving and decision making Discussion consequences of landclearing UJIAN LISAN BAHASA INGGERIS MODEL 1 Level 2 -Responding to questions and comments -Completing a graphic organizer -Reading for details and making inferences -writing an article -writing summary -summarizing short passages -writing abbreviations Level 3 -Presenting a speech Short Story .

Week 12 [20th.Reading short texts and transferring information into chart .Answering questions on short texts Level 3 -discussing ways to solve problem -initiating and keeping a discussion going UJIAN LISAN BAHASA INGGERIS MODEL 1 Level 1 -simulating shopping over the internet -Listening and completing a table -Listening and picking out specific words -using contents page and index -Reading an article and transferring information ontop a flowchart -scanning for information -preparing a graphic organizer on paper-making Level 2 -interviewing people about their jobs Level 3 -Writing a report -Presenting the report in class Short Story .Tanjung Rhu Passive constructio n Consonant clusters /sl/ and /kl/ PRW TS Logical connector Learning how to learn skills Sequence connectors ICT The prefix ‘pre’ MI .24th March] MID SEMESTER HOLIDAY Week 13 & 14 [27th March– 7th April] Level 1 -sharing experiences about internet shopping Chapter 6 Going High Tech (Science and Technology) Level 2 .

placing an order and giving feedback -making a verbal complaint about a product and responding to the complaint -giving opinions about using handphones Poem -The Charge of the Light Brigade Concord : Subjectverb Agreement Words from foreign languages KA ICT TS Adjectives and nouns Level 3 .Finding synonyms using thesaurus Poem -The Charge of the Light Brigade Verb and preposition combinatio ns Homograp hs TS ICT KA Adjectives and preposition combinatio n .Week 15 & 16 [10th – 21st April] Chapter 7 Looking Up Lifestyles (People) *11th & 12th Annual Sports Days *13th Cuti Peristiwa *14th Good Friday *17th Cuti Peristiwa -Easter Monday Week 17.writing a composition -writing a summary Level 3 Discussing using handphones UJIAN LISAN BAHASA INGGERIS MODEL 2 Level 1 -Sharing experiences on environmental damage Level 2 -exchanging ideas and opinions about the environment Level 1 -Reading short texts and scanning for information -Listening to a forum and completing a graphic organizer -Finding meanings of words Level 3 -Having discussion based on short text Level 2 -making predictions -forming words using a suffix -identifying main ideas and supporting details UJIAN LISAN BAHASA INGGERIS MODEL 2 Level 3 -identifying cause and effect -writing a composition on deforestation -Giving a speech -writing a summary *1st May Labour Day *10th Wesak Day Level 1 -finding the origins of foods. making inferences. moving beyond the text Level 2 . -listening and completing a table -Interviewing people on their lifestyles -writing an essay -reading an article -reading for details. 18 & 19 [24th April12th May] Chapter 8 Caring for the Environment (Environment) Level 1 -sharing experiences on eating foreign food -completing a conversation Level 2 -Role playing using cue cards -making inquiries.

hyphen. 3rd Hari Keputeraan SPB Agong Week 24 & 25 [12th–23rd June] Chapter 9 Facing Teenage Blues (Social Issues) Level 1 -Sharing experiences on problems -relating experiences and completing a table Level 2 -Making decisions and coming to a consensus Level 1 -Listening to problems and jotting down key points -Listening and answering true or false statements -Reading an article on depression -reading for details. moving beyond texts Level 2 -Matching meanings or expressions Short Story -Leaving Preposition s of direction Preposition s of purpose Consonant sounds /s/ /zem/ /sp/ ICT KA TS Futures studies . making inferences Level 3 -Agreeing of disagreeing with a speaker -suggesting ways to solve a problem -giving advice to teenagers Level 2 -Using contextual clues to find meanings of words -Reading and interpreting on nonlinear texts -interviewing a school counsellor UJIAN LISAN BAHASA INGGERIS MODEL 2 Level3 -writing a report Week 26 [26th –30th May] Week 27. making inferences.Writing a letter of complaint -Role playing buying a Product UJIAN LISAN BAHASA INGGERIS Level 1 -Listening and completing short passages -Watching a video advertisement and taking notes -Reading an articles on science and technology -Answering multiple choice questions -Reading for details. 28 & 29 [3rd–21st July] Chapter 10 Moving Ahead (Science and Technology) Short Story -Leaving Punctuation s – colon.Week 20 & 21 [15th –26th May] SCHOOL EXAMINATION 2 15th & 16th REVISION WEEK 22 & 23 [29th May-11th June] MID YEAR HOLIDAY *1st & 2nd Gawai Dayak Days. brackets Consonant sounds /kr/ /br/ /fl/ /bl/ TS ICT KA Revision – Present Perfect and simple past tenses MI PRW RAYA HOLIDAY Level 1 -Sharing experiences Level 2 -Completing a table Level 3 .

MODEL 2 -listening for main details -writing an articles -Finding meanings to words using contextual clues and dictionary Level 3 -Carrying out an interview -writing a summary -Predicting the cause and effect of actions and decisions -writing a descriptive composition Week 30. making inferences TS Level 2 -Writing an essay -choosing the most suitable word Level 3 -Comparing reasons Week 33 & 34 [14th – 25th Aug] SCHOOL EXAMINATION 3 14th & 15th REVISION Week 35 [28th Aug—1st Sep] MID SEMESTER HOLIDAY *31st August Hari Kebangsaan *1st Hari Raya Haji/ Qurban Week 36 & 37 [4th – 15th Sept] Chapter 12 Loving Our Country Level 1 -talking about patriotism Level 2 -Agreeing or disagreeing with opinions Level 1 -Listening to short texts and answering true or false questions -dictation -reading an article on the Twin Towers -Completing a fact sheet Drama -The Right Thing to Do The past perfect tense Adverbs of degreethoroughly. 31 & 32 [24th July – 11th August] Chapter 11 Healthy Living (Health) Level 1 -Completing a table on meals -Role playing Level 2 -Reading food labels and exchanging ideas -giving advice to health problems -making decision UJIAN LISAN BAHASA INGGERIS MODEL 2 Level 1 -Listening to a conversation and completing an exercise -listening for specific information -Discussing a meal plan Short Story -Leaving Preposition s of time Consonant sounds /k/ /ks/ /kz/ Preposition s of association FS MI ICT -Searching for information on health topics -reading for details. Sentence stress in statements and questions PRW KA ICT TS .

nearly MI Level 2 -Finding words with the same meaning -Completing a crossword puzzle with antonyms Level 3 -Writing a descriptive essay -Writing a summary -Writing one’s opinion Week 38 & 39 [18th – 29th Sept] Chapter 13 Preserving Nature (Environment) *21st Awal Muharram Level 1 -sharing information on wetlands -Discussing activities in a wetlands Level 2 -planning a trip to a wetland Level 3 -initiating and continuing a discussion on wetlands activities -discussing aspects of a brochures and making decisions Level 1 -Listening and completing a chart -carrying out experiment on peat -stating true or false statements -reading a text on a wetland site -Answering true or false questions -designing a brochure for a wetland Drama -The Right Thing to Do Conjunction s– ‘either….or’ . complex sentence The /e/ and /ʌ/ KA Mi . making inferences completely. however Level 2 -Finding words with the same meaning -scanning for words to complete a table Contractio ns ‘d and ‘m KA ICT Silent ‘g’/n/.Writing a paragraph on experiences shared -reading about lotus shoes -reading for details. /lm/. compound sentence.(Values) Level 3 -Initiating and keeping a discussion going -reading for details. silent ‘I’ /m/. /r/ sounds MI The diphthong sound /ǝu/ TS Level 3 -Drawing a food web -writing a summary Week 40 [2nd – 6th Oct] Chapter 14 Promoting Our Crafts (People) *6th PS4 Level 1 -sharing ideas about crafts -sharing experiences about arts or crafts Level 2 -Reading short excerpts to give opinion -Brainstorming and making decisions Level 3 Initiating and keeping a discussion going Level 1 .n or’ Conjunction s– although. making inferences Level 2 -Finding synonyms -listening and completing a graphic organizer Level 3 -writing a summary Drama -The Right Thing to Do Types of sentences: simple sentence. ‘neither….

24th Nov] Language Activities/ Language Game/ NST/ EIP/ Nilam SPM starts (7th Nov) * YEAR END HOLIDAY STARTS ( 25th Nov 2016 – 1st Jan 2017) .27th Oct] Hari Kecemerlangan Koko (24th Oct) Returning of textbooks Week 44 [30th Oct—3rd Nov] Returning of textbooks Distribution of textbooks Week 45 [6th—11th Nov] Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan (10th Nov) Week 46 & 47 [13th .-Writing a description Week 41 [10th .13th Oct] *14th PS4 SCHOOL EXAMINATION 4 Week 42 [16th – 20th Oct] DEEPAVALI HOLIDAY 2017 Week 43 [23rd .

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